Friday, 15 March 2013

February: Things to Trash and Rejects!

Finally a break! The next whole week maybe just the only solid week of break I'll be having in the next wish me luck. I got off school today, was walking around and saw booths selling some skincare and make up at great discounted prices!

Then, I saw the NYX booth which belongs to a seller in Singapore called 'Smoochiez', she brings in cosmetics, nail polish and some accessories that aren't easily found in Singapore or which can be found like OPI but sells them a lot cheaper!

I've held off some many times from buying things from her booths but today I cracked and picked up a bunch! Anyway....enjoy checking out my empties and things to trash!

Continue below to see the things I've trashed!
Old and unused products! Time to trash them all out for good!

The maybelline trio and quad with the red and gray I've had for more than 5 years! The loose pigments are not very good quality and aren't shade I'd use...the pencils below are old and unused!

All these things I've held on to because I've been thinking that someday I'll get around to using them but I've come clean to myself and know I won't be using them!

Diaso brush detergent (amazing at cleaning foundation out from brushes), holy grail pantene conditioner and HE conditioner!
A common sight, my used up ZA powder in shade 22 (OC10), my very often used Nivea liquid deo and HE raspberry shampoo (this smells sooo good and sweet!)
Trashing my half used green tea toner, used up the Pure Beauty cleansing water from cleaning sponges and the l'oreal make up remover for my waterproof mascara!
Nivea white sparkling cleanser (used for washing brushes), Aqua label white foam cleanser (second tube, my review here!), Ducray gel cleanser (exfoliation face wash which worked really well for me, my review here!)

I will be back very soon with a post on my blogger meet up with Pamela from Jade in the Palace! As well as food, reviews on new products I've been using and my most recent haul!

Thanks for coming by!


  1. Your post reminds me that even I've got a pretty good lot to trash away!
    Looking forward to the post on the blogger meetup!

  2. I want to try the L'Oreal makeup remover. Even i have lots of stuff half used!

  3. Oh I also have to do vanity cleaning!!! I have for sure too many 'expired' make up on my vanity table, especially mascaras..
    but I have no time and no interest yet to do the cleaning for now ;//

  4. ow..must be sad to throw away those unused stuff...=( i do have some cleaning to do..but i guess i will always ended up being a
    thanks for the comment..i agree with the waterproof and smudge-proof..i also have oily eye lids, hehe..=D

  5. Kudos on emptying stuff on your vanity! And so excited with your next post with Pam ^_~

  6. It feels so good to chuck out things that you never use anymore. Recently I gave a whole bag of makeup away haha. And you can fit new things in! :D x

  7. I find I am pretty bad with hanging on to makeup items that didn't really work for me in the first place. I actually just recently did the same thing as you, tossing out a bunch of old stuff, and it feels so much better!




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