Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March haul: Peplum and casual tops craze! (Forever 21, Cotton on)

Peplum mayhem! I recently got a chance to run through Forever 21 and Cotton on during my term break and I ended up getting all these casual, comfortable and easy to wear and match peplum and simple tops! Been clothes shopping the last three weeks too much! I really must hold back next month and I think I will because I'll be starting my internship soon with little spare time!

Any spare time will go to blogging, cooking, gardening and spending time with my boyfriend!

Continue below for the haul!
Overdone shopping! Got a bunch of easy to wear stretch cotton peplum tops! All from Forever 21 and Cotton On!
Stretchy free sized padded bra top and boy short panties! There were so many colors and they came with matching bottoms. They all came in 'free size' for the tops and bottoms, the panties fit very well, same size as the boyshorts from La Senza in Medium. The bra top is a tad bit small for me but still wearable at home, I'm a 36 D.
Soooo happy to get this press button faded jean long sleeved top! So easy to wear!
Favorite top! Ruched sleeve peplum!
Thin stretchy grey top with studded sleeves
My favorite buy of all! In size L and the shade bubble gum/cream!
Absolutely love the stripes and the ruched detail on the sleeves!
Forever 21 Ruched sleeve stripped peplum top in bubble gum/ cream!
Stud detailing on the sleeves! Very delicate though!
Knit top with short sleeves, its a bit on the longer side in terms of tops! I wanted Small but they only had Medium left!
Forever 21 Heather gray knit cotton top with stud detailing on the sleeves!
Forever 21 Heather gray knit cotton top with stud detailing on the sleeves! So soft and comfy! It's a bit long so I'd tuck it in!
Woven faded jean long sleeved tops! On the more pricey side but I can't wait to wear this!
Woven faded jean long sleeved top with press stud buttons!
Woven faded jean long sleeved top with press stud buttons! The buttons are a bit hard to click but it's so easy and lovely to wear!
Finally, a new pair of easy to wear blue jean shorts!
Nice and thick and heavy, I love the blue color!
Capped short sleeved peplum top from Forever 21! There was a beautiful bright orange but I needed a bigger size!
Bright chilli red long sleeved stretch cotton peplum top from Cotton On! I got size Small even though I wear Medium! They were sold out everywhere!
Cream milk stretch cotton peplum top from Cotton On!
Plain black stretch cotton peplum top!
Pure white with micro dots stretch cotton peplum top! They had this in black with white dots too!
Stripy cotton top with boat neck and 3/4 sleeves! So comfy, casual and easy to pair!
I guess I've been in a shopping mood, I feel quite justified as I actually quite rarely go out for entire days just to look around and shop since I've been busy and will be even more busy and tired very soon with the start of my intership!

Even though I've always been a T-shirt loving girl and I feel and look great in T-shirts I was eager to get these casual tops to wear instead as they look a bit more mature, polished and at the same time are so comfy. I don't want to look like that sloppy university girl when I'm finish work, I want to go home in comfort and some style!

Have you been shopping recently? 
Do you like peplum like me?
 let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Ohh great buys, I love peplums too! I really like all of the basic peplums you have, so versatile! The red is particularly a very nice colour on you. xx

  2. Loving the stripes!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Trench coat Giveaway on my blog!
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  3. I'm really liking peplum as time goes on, but I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it! Looks good on you though. :)

  4. i loved the peplum! I've never tried anything like it and it looks great on you! ^_~




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