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Overview: Scrubs and cleansers! (photos!)

I meant to post this a loooong time ago, so apologies to myself (mostly) for not doing so. My facial regime has changed quite a bit since I took these photos but I use them. 

My skin is sensitive and is combination (oily and dry) Hence after doing a lot of research and looking around, I've come to realize the importance of moisturizing and using products with no alcohol for more sensitive areas of my face (eg above lips, cheeks, around eyes) Alcohol strips skin of too much oil sometimes and even causes pimples/acne to get worse, which I've experienced.

Here's a round up of things I've used/use!

NOTE: It's actually 'theblackmentosbeautybox.blogspot'!

All in a tub! Yep...I came up with the sign in  a moment's notice, and that's a 'blackmentos' you see there!

Introducing my holy grail tool! A silicone scrubber that comes with the L'oreal face can easily buy this at Sasa outlets and watsons in Singapore!

Refreshing in the morning...I don't use this all the time as it's astringent abilities can be a bit much first thing in the morning! I love the smell and thin consistency!

One of my FAVS! It looks tacky because I bought this when I lived in Cambodia...there was sticker in Thai on the front...this was sadly not available in S'pore until recently. It smell amazing! Lovely foaming and just the right tightness. I don't think it really whitens but I don't care much for that claim!

This was okay but a bad choice in the end...I ignore it a lot due to my preference for other cleansers...this is for normal skin I'd's not that tightening but it's really great...skip the large sizes, the tomato and cucumber one is better!

Another FAV, that cannot be found in S'pore! I also got this at the pharmacy in's a fine textured scrub/cleasner, useless against blackheads actually but it smells like apples!

That's how much I loved it! Sadly it finished a month ago!

Tiny blue beads that exfoliate very lightly...
I've never used their foaming cleansers but this scrub is great for 'lighter' days...when my skin isn't as icky feeling...

Smells nice, a mousy textured paste with little beads...

Everyone's familiar with her! I love St.Ives scrubs of course! But I'm currently using this on and off...when I don't want to use it on my face, it's my body exfoliator!

Same, same! A smell amount and a light hand works wonders!

One of the better Eversoft products I've tried. This scrub is really a 'scrub''s a lot like St.Ives scrub for blemishes, same smell and texture...except slightly finer...

Beads are rougher than they appear! It's like a lighter version of St. Ives scrubs...I like! This is better for sensitive/oily's not as rough on the skin!
After seeing so much of it on the internet I decided to get myself the 'Perfect clean in exfoliating'...I love the scent!! So peachy and fresh, the beads are small and good for normal skin days...the scrub is a god!

Transparent with crushed peach/apricot/walnut seeds as the beads...just like st.ives this ensures a good scrub although not as thorough as st.ives heavy pastey formula.

Finally, Skin Food's Black sugar scrub! AMAZING! 5 mins, and you have a new face! I believe it retails for about $25 SGD here but it's soooo worth it. Sugary, refreshing and it melts right into the skin!

Go easy at first, rubbing slowly! Like any sugar/salt scrub, it will melt into your skin, leave it on for a bit and then wash off with cold water...your skin is renewed!

That's all for my run down of scrubs and cleansers! I will update the things I use hopefully in the next few weeks (if I ever get around to it) I typically have several scrubs and cleanser to switch around...I don't try new things very often since I buy back ups of my favorites.

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