Saturday, 6 August 2011

Grandma's 77th birthday BBQ! (All Photos! Food & Family!)

This may be my last post for a few weeks, school starts on monday and it's going to be a heck of a year..the last year of highschool and so I will be very busy! I'll continue taking photos and will try to post once a week or a fortnight!

Enjoy these photos from my grandma's birthday BBQ table grill! 

NOTE: Please respect my photos, DO NOT copy and use them as your own. Think about the time, effort and money put in.

Made from boxed mix, I used a fancy mould, the bottom was messed up!

Lemon frosting! Adding extra icing sugar and margerine to cove the cake!

Frosted up with a silicone spatula! Any would do!

Close up, the frosting looks lovely, always frost after the cake is cooled and then keep it in the fridge!

Weapon of choice!

Sliced beef and chicken marinated with teriyaki and garlic!

Thai chilli sauce w/lemon juice, soya sauce w/garlic, olive oil w/pepper,salt,garlic...

Prawns, portabellos, onions and cabbage!

Squid and scallops! 2 kgs of frozen scallops at $36 dollars, it's very affordable!

Marinated pork ribs with dark sauce...

Olive oil for the grill and korean chilli paste...

Salmon and Mackerel...more scallops!

The entire get up...our new Tefal table's so easy and fabulous to use! It was $129 SGD at Tangs Orchard

Lis and Pebbles sleeping while we dined!

Live prawns, steamed for appetizer!

Grilling away!

Birthday girl!

My dad scolding me for being clumsy! (i'd just picked up my chopstick and it some how knocked a bowl which them caused the metal tongs to fall on the floor!)


The main candle! The flame is suppose to be the same color as the candle! (blue is my grandma's favorite)

Ha...looks like a bomb doesn't it?

Completed birthday cake! Completely home made!

A little rainbow sprinkles hurt no one!

She really knows how to pose!

Blue flame as promised!

Mom and grandma!

Myself, grandma and mom!

Dad, grandma and mom!
Mochi dessert for me! Yes, even after cake...from NTUC Fairprice for about $6 or $7...

Cool box...

Mango flavoured...even frozen it's so easy to eat and just right...

Grandma the next day after her free Shiseido make over at Taka down town...They did a smoky metallic green, peach cheek and coral-pink lips...

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Wow, your grandma does NOT look 77!!!!!! :D Happy Birthday to her! The food looks fabulous! I love grilling meat and seafood. And the cake is SO SO pretty! Like a giant fancy donut :)

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes

    She's always taken great care of her skin and being a little self-concious she says helps too. We always prefer home grills, cheaper and you pick everything yourself. yep! the 'donut' cake had to be 'filled' up with fruits because mom said 'no holes' in a bday cake, bad lucky...even though she okayed the cake mould!

  3. Yummm...looking at all the food makes me hungry :P Your grandma and your mom looks so adorable :) The cake looks delicious too! My sister usually bake cakes for us and she does really nice chocolate cake but she's in India right now...





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