Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Review on Rubbish: Bourjois Elastic Mascara!

I bought this a little bit before june at BHG...I'm a lover of plastic wands because I crave definition and length more than super volume. I haven't really looked into this mascara online, there weren't many reviews and unfortunately this wasn't such a great one! I was very disappointed!!

This is  review on "Bourjois Paris Elastic Mascara!"

The tube is kindly enough but errr...dildo-ish handle?? 0.o

Nice packaging (except the handle)...I like the font and claim of 130% longer lashes (although NOT true!)

Nothing really to say. I like the sliver on black color and everything looked nice enough. Besides the slightly uncomfortable sex-toy looking handle on the wand I had no issues with the packaging...there's really nothing much to it!

The brush is has lovely points but they are too soft! The thin mascara just saturates the wand too easily!


Now, the mascara itself was a wholly different issue! Firstly, by my experience and definition...it was lousy! The formulation is too thin, too watery, too runny, to the point that layering is near impossible...

Even coats were hard even with the plastic wand. The wand also didn't really help...I liked the multiple rows of spiky combs but they were all too soft and flexible the mascara couldn't spread onto the lashes! 

I was really upset...I thought this would be a legitimate product...for the price, this mascara honestly is crap. I've already thrown it out but kept the brush.

This is like a dupe for Maybelline's overhyped 'Greatlash'...the original Greatlash with the tiny comb with huge spaces and the so watery formula is exactly what this is!
I've seen this work for girls with long, thick lashes say ( it just gives their lashes a thin glossy coat) but for asian ladies with thin and short lashes...this is a no-no. The thin consistency does not curl, define, lengthen or coat evenly...why bother? 

NOTE:  (I DO NOT use glue/tape...my lids tend to become double after using certain mascara)

Here are photos of my eyes with double lids...they were this way before testing (this mascara would never be able to make my lids double, its too thin)


right eye...thin wispy lashes, naturally curly...

Left eye...

My thin little lashes....

1 coat...barely any difference...

The watery formula does not curl/volumize at all.

Two coats...tiny bit more length, it is not a buildable formula what so ever.

Looks okay but it will smudge/smear with the lightest touch!

Before and After!


Although there is visible difference, the thin formula is horrid! It will smear and comes off with the smallest bit of sweat, water or touch! 

I don't dare to wear this out at all!

Bold things are the ones that matter most to me!

The Pros...
  • Maybe a bit more length...

The Cons....
  • Expensive!
  • Too watery formula
  • Smudges and comes right off too easily!
  • brush is too soft to apply properly

Paid:$26 SGD ($21.5 USD)

Repurchase: No! Even if it were free! No thanks!

Recommend:Not at all! Anyone looking for a 'mascara' in general should look at other mascaras!

Bottom Line: This watery mascara is a dupe for maybellines Great Lash (which I hated and threw away both tubes I purchased in Melbourne) 

 This would be a light glossy coat for anyone with long, thick, lush lashes but for asian lashes that are shorter and finer,  SKIP!

If you have monolids this would smudge and transfer very easily... it rubs off with the tiniest bit of sweat or water...this is a lousy mascara!

Overall I'd give this product a 2/5!

Have you tried any of Bourjois's mascaras? Bad/good experiences? Let me know!

(Just to mention, Cynthia from Indian Vanity Case also had a lousy experience with this mascara and I've heard the same from other bloggers!)

Feel free to leave me comments/questions!


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