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Make up Review: L'oreal Double Extension Mascara w/renewal serum/ Photos & Swatches!

Yay! Finally a mascara review!

Although there are many great blog photos of mascara and lashes...I get seriously cheesed when I see blurry photos that make it hard to even tell anything!

"If it is clear... post it! If not, take another photo!"
Pretty gold and blue tubes...the shape is however...a bit uncomfortable!!=d

I love mascara and have tried plenty, however I've gotten rid of quite a few in the past few months so I'm limited to the few that I've got. It's not easy to take a photo of your own eye surprisingly but I hope my photos fair well. I believe I paid about $24 SGD for this at Guardian Pharmacy. ( I've also gotten it  cheap together with some other things in a set on a flight before)

Firstly I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not possible really possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

My eyes without mascara are usually naturally like the eye on the left but sometimes can become like the 'after' eye without any glue or tape.

Left picture: People with eyes that resemble this...a medium to deep crease with the roots of the lashes visible tend to be able to have all their lashes visible without and with mascara.

Right picture: A lot of asians also naturally have double eyelids like those in the 'after' photo on the right, the crease being usually smaller and narrower ...eyelashes maybe more visible than complete monolids like the 'before' image where half the lash length is hidden underneath!

I can prove this with photos of my own monolids!

I have large monolided eyes most of the time, they have a tendency to become double lided if I use waterproof mascaras which changes how the mascara looks.When my eyelids are single, less lashes are visible as half are hidden beneath the lid. Otherwise when my lid is double more is visible and it looks like I have longer lashes.

If you are confused or what further clarification leave me a question or comment...I will be trying to make a post about eyelid types and mascaras in the future!
This is a review of...."L'oreal's Double Extension Mascara w/Renewal Serum"...

Pretty gold and blue tubes...the shape is however...a bit uncomfortable!!=d


If you are familar with mascaras that come with a primer such as the other L'oreal extend tubes or maybelline's XXL mascaras this is packaged in a similar fashion. The tube is fairly long, a bit longer than most normal tubes but has two ends.

You get two 6ml tubes of mascara, the lash boosting primer in the golden side and black mascara in the blue. The two sides are labelled with what's inside and have the numbers '1' and '2' to let you know what to put on first. I find the color of the tube quite nice and the design provides the minimal amount of information for a double ended mascara.

It's quite straight forward anyway and there's no real down side. The tubes do not create a mess on the opening like some and that's a positive. I only think the design would be nicer if the entire piece were not as long (doesn't fit into my slender make up bags!).


Firstly I'd like to talk about the brushes! This is the typical brush wand, a medium-large size but slender enough to maneuver below and above the lashes without touching the lids or eye area. It comes already bent at an angle.
The tip tapers to a point that helps with brushing mascara onto the outer corners in my case. The bristles are firm and wrap around the  length of the brush very evenly, with a constant space between rows from the base to the tip of the wand.

Usually I would avoid wands like these as they never seem to catch all my lashes without giving me serious clumps but this was a surprise. I was able to cover all my lashes, running the wand over and over to seperate and build up volume without getting super clumpy or getting messy.

The primer is a regular milk white color while the black is soft black.

Front view...

View from below...

(See!! I told you my lashes were all in hiding!)

My natural crease beginning to form when I look forward w/mascara!

View from below w/ two light show the entire length of the lashes

However for this review I did not use the primer, when I have used it in the past it does amplify the volume but I'm not all for "super volume" since it doesn't look that great on me. This mascara lasts for many hours, it does flake a bit after a while although the flakes don't leave smudges.

It's one of the few non-waterproof formulas I trust to wear out for hours. The formula of this mascara is wet and so I keep my head titled back for a bit and blink lightly for a minute or two. The wetness however keeps the mascara from getting clumpy. One of favorites for volume or for fuller looking natural lashes, this mascara builds up nicely if wanted. 

Before and After !

Here they are side-by-side...I really am not tilting my head back to make it seem like there are more lashes in the 'after' photo...I really get double lids when I use volumizing mascaras!

 Second photo was taken in the bathroom...hence the 'brightness'...hehe

As you can see the roots of my lashes are really 'plumped' up and there is good separation which I particularly look for in a mascara.

 I don't know if this mascara helped to make the lashes stronger or longer with its serum properties but I love how soft my lashes felt, the non-existent smudges and natural finish with good separation.

BOLD things are the ones that matter most to me.
The Pros....         
  • easy application
  • separation
  • soft lashes
  • buildable volume
  • natural looking

The Cons....
  • awkwardly long size
  • double effort (if you don't enjoy applying primer)
  • flakes towards the end of the day
  • Overpriced drugstore product! (much like almost all cosmetics in S'pore pharmacies)

Paid: About $29 SGD or 23.80 USD
Repurchase: Yes, but not very likely (i want to try new types)

Recommend: Yes

Overall I’ve give this product a 4/5!

Feel free to leave comments or questions!


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