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Review: Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care (Swatches)!

It's been a while since my last review but for the sake of my internal need to share the products I've tried and tested I decided another lip product would be a good step forward since I wasn't in the mood for a mascara review (although I'm dying to do one!). I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly how much they were but they were in the same group as the cheapest lip balms. Between 4-6 singapore dollars I think.

Today's review is on.....Maybelline's "Lip Smooth Color & Care" tinted lip balms!

I'd actually gotten the pink one about a year ago and loved it, I'm currently on my second tube because I rotate between many other lip products. Just a few days about I was at NTUC, never being able to avoid the cosmetics section (although I don't like buying make up at the supermarket) and I decided to get the other two colors. Initially one was for my mom but I ended up taking both for the time being. =d

Getting on with the review!!

Left to Right: Mandarin, Strawberry, Cherry


First off, much like any other lip balm from the supermarket or pharmacy they are your typical twist-up tube plastacized (is that a word?) against a card piece. It's quite informative and I like how the color of the tube matches the packaging and reflects the color the balm should be. It's indicated that the product has SPF 16 which was very appealing, has been dermatologically tested (not approved!) and will provide color and moisturizing care for the lips. All in all, informative, sort of cute and very practical. I've had no trouble with the typical twist tube packaging and I don't think it should be for most people.

Here's Mandarin and Cherry side by side

Made in Thailand! 


Firstly, the product is true to name, as it feel very moisturizing and hydrating. Although I'm saying that from applying it on lips that aren't very dry. If your lips are very chapped I've recommend more water and a product specifically for chapped lips. Below: The three colors and as you can see I was quite pleased with how pigmented the balms looked out of the tube. However just like any "tinted lip balm" the color comes off as sheer, never opaque

The feel of the product is very smooth which I liked, however it catches on bits of skin which looks unsightly if your lips are peeling at all so make sure to exfoliate before applying any type of lip color to ensure a smooth finish.

Mandarin, Strawberry and Cherry!

Color pay off isn't too bad, eh?
In terms of color I'm very impressed for the price and type of product. In comparison to the fairly pigmented color in the tube the colors do come off as visible on my arm but are of course not as visible on the lips. I've got very pigmented pink lips that can look as if I have lip color on so I did not think of including an image. 

Mandarin is a light orangy-red
Strawberry is a medium rosey pink
Cherry is a light scarlet red with a warm base

I'd think that all the three colors are universal and would not clash dramatically if you have warm, cool or neutral undertones in your skin. For fair to medium lips I believe all three colors would show up nicely, Mandarin has the most natural look on me, whilst Strawberry and Cherry are obvious on the lips. If you are medium to tanned/darker lip color I'd go for Strawberry and Cherry.

The Pros...
  • Affordable (at around $4-6 SGD)
  • Color shows up (depending on lip color from sheer to medium)
  • Convenient and cute packaging
  • feels very moisturizing
  • SPF 15

The Cons...
  • Color does not last 
  • moisturizing feeling fades quickly
  • limited colors in singapore
  • will be too sheer on medium to darker lips

Conclusion: This is a great product of from Maybelline! Very affordable for anyone on a beauty budget and who needs some quick, natural color on the go. The product is not very long lasting so I'd suggest a lip stain beneath for longer lasting color.

If you are someone afraid of bright, strong colors on the lips, give this a try! The sheer colors will work nicely with other make up on the face or boost a bare face.

I'd give this product a 4/5!

Do you use tinted lipbalms? What shades do you prefer? Let me know!

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