Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review: Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3!

Brown shade eyes! Because there is literally no such thing as too many neutrals or variations of 'nude' shadows! This series of small eyeshadow palettes was available from the japanese drugstore brand kate the last two years but this particular design of shadow is no longer selling now in Singapore as I've noticed kate tends to over haul their small palette shadows every two years. I skipped the cool and warm toned palettes and gravitated straight to this gorgeous rose nude trio! All the palettes came with a 'fake shade' powder which is basically a small nose shading powder!

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Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3!
Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3! Asian drugstore brands tend to be small tutorial instructions on the back of the packaging.
Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3!
Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3! I'm a fan of simple shadow layouts like this! I don't care for fancy shapes and sizes.
Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3!

Packaging & Product!

Kate's eyeshadow palettes like most asian drugstore brands come in a small sized black plastic design. This particular line of shadows from them has a super simple design for the eyeshadows whereas there have been and are many designs from them which are more creative and unusual. 
I personally very much like the trio design of the shadows as I don't care for different amounts of shadows for each shades like some palettes have. Overall there is no fault with the packaging of this, it's simple and functional. 

The shades in this palette are so lovely. First off if you're into rose tones or rosy nudes this trio is a perfect way to start. The first shade is a light ballet pink, the second a pink toned medium brown and the third a deep brown with a purple pink undertone. The fourth shade is actually a nose shading color which I have used a handful of times although I find the yellow tone a bit unflattering although when used lightly it's not completely unnatural looking on me. 

All three shadows are shimmery and very smooth as well as being pigmented! I love that Kate's shadows are always very consistent in quality, they blend easily and look like a hundred bucks. I personally get plenty of use from the first and second shades as they are great to use all over the lid. Adding a slight touch of the darkest shade onto the outer V makes for a super quick and gorgeous smokey look and just add lots of definition and dimension just like that.

Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3!
Paid: $21.90 SGD or about $16 USD 

(this is the regular price but I believe I bought this during a sale)

Recommend: Yes! If you are all about a shimmery shadow that's pigmented and comes in easy to wear variations of neutrals the palettes from this line is totally for you! Kate also has shadows with greens, blues, purples and pinks that are gorgeous too.

Repurchase: No, I've got enough for now and really need to lay off anymore palettes if possible!

Bottom line: A really pretty and quality trio if you're looking into rose nude shades. You really can't go wrong with this little palette and it's suitable for day to night.

Do you own any shadows that are rose nude toned?
Have you tried any Kate eyeshadows?
Let me know!

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  1. Though all the shades are shimmery they are definitely pretty.

  2. I love the Kate eye shadows... well, I really like most of their eye products. The swatches of this palette are so pretty and romantic! <3




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