Sunday, 16 October 2016

Special: Celebrating Grandma's 82nd Birthday at Corner House!

Happy birthday Grandma! My grandmother turned 82 earlier this year in July and to celebrate I brought the family out to have a fine dining experience at the much famed Corner House. Some years ago as part of my apprenticeship for my Hospitality Culinary Diploma I was a trainee at a fine dining place at the very internationally known Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The executive chef at the outlet I was at is now the chef and owner of Corner House which is located in the Botanical Gardens. It was only in recent months that Michelin Stars were given out in Singapore and Corner House was awarded one star! 

I'd actually been wanting to give Corner House a try for the last two years since it opened in 2014 but as time passed and I was so busy with life things that I didn't ever make it a reservation but knowing my grandmother's birthday was coming up I proposed to my family and we made it a date!

Continue below for our amazing and beautiful lunch!

Special: Celebrating Grandma's 82nd Birthday at Corner House!
The first sign that Corner House is nearby! Set among the gorgeous environment at Singapore's beautiful Botanical Gardens!
My gorgeous boyfriend just casually standing along the side of the path! He looks great in charcoal!
E J H Corner House!
My dapper brother with my mother and the birthday girl, my grandma in the middle!
We all went for the Business Luncheon set at Corner House!
Our cozy corner table for our family of 6! I really liked that the table and seats felt so homely like we were in our own dining room and not at a restaurant. The interior in general was of lights and darks and all neutrals. Elegant, clean and lots of natural light.
For the first course, we all went for the Foie Gras at Corner House! A cold terrine like foie with spanish ham, endive, citrus and honey mustard! Great combination of flavors and textures!
My grandma and mom went for the Hungarian Mangalitsa pork the second course at Corner House. Served with sweet corn, burnt leek, yellow mustard seed and red wine jus. A mild flavored option, super tender and with lots of natural sweetness from all the ingredients.
The other four of us went for the M6 Australian Wagyu at Corner House! Mine of course medium rare! Served with ratte potato, mushroom, soy caramel and buerre noisette. I loved the sweetness of the soy caramel component with the fried and pan seared mushroom.
Business Luncheon dessert course at Corner House! This is the Japanese cucumber sorbet, served with green apple, young coconut and gin! Super light on the palette, refreshing and airy in the mouth!
Business Luncheon dessert course at Corner House! Chocolat "Earl Grey yin zhen" which is 40% Jivara, 70% Guana, yuzu, pistachio and kamquat. This was a very interesting option of which my brother and boyfriend both felt conflicted about. There were many elements of citrus which seemed to clash greatly with the chocolate as it was not a rich chocolate and was very overpowering.
Business Luncheon dessert course at Corner House! Here is the very popular My interpretation of kaya toast! A very creative take on such a classic and regular favorite in Singapore. Comprised of pandan, coconut, gula melaka, muscovado sable and pineapple! It was fabulous! The familiar flavors of this local favorite are in different unfamiliar forms but yet if you close your eyes it's there in the various textures and elements!
During our lunch affair at Corner House, although it was for a my grandma's special day I was feeling terribly ill and went to see the doctor literally right after lunch. I also made a couple faces which my mother captured on her phone camera! I think this could be a very meme-able shot! HAHA!
The three ladies in one shot! Happy birthday Grandma!
Another great snap from my mother's hand phone...although she does not take great photos when I ask her too, the ones she takes without any direction always tend to turn out great. My boyfriend's expression while he purposely shakes my hand as I'm trying to take a stable shot and my face although I'm saying, "Stop it! You piece of shit! STAP". HAH!
Family shot! Enjoying our business luncheon celebrating my grandma's birthday at Corner House!

Out of all the food and drink we had, I unfortunately forgot to take a shot of something really important....the free flow of house made bread rolls! They were sooooo good and with the salt and butter my brother and father really kept the bread 'rolling' in as they supplemented the meal with it all the way until before dessert! 

When was the last time you had a fine dining experience?
Would you considering having one for an occasion?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I feel like I keep saying this, BUT YOUR GRANDMA DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SHE'S IN HER 80'S. I didn't know you were a trainee at the Marina Sands at one point!! That's amazing--ANY STORIES YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE? ;) DID THE EXECUTIVE CHEF REMEMBER YOU? DOES HE KNOW OF YOU??/ I HAVE V V V SRS Q'S
    All the dishes look so good (cucumber sorbet though?? Such a weird flavour but sounds refreshing) and that photo of you is definitely very meme-able. I think I'm going to save it (creepy?) for future use

    I hope being ill wasn't anything too serious after D:

  2. Gosh, your grandma doesn't look a bit in her 80s! Happy belated birthday, granny! Au Jardin used to be my fave hang-outs but I haven't been there since they changed hands. Your food shots are telling me I gotta go! xoxo




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