Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cotton Candy Eyes and Ramen Dinner at Ippudo!

Candy colored eyes and rich ramen! Having worn mostly neutrals the last year for work the times I was free and going out I would do either simple but bold looks or more fun colorful looks! Here I did a cotton candy purple inspired look with a touch of blue which I love when it comes to eyeliner. For dinner my boyfriend and I had delicious rich bowls of super authentic ramen at the famous and popular Ippudo which is an International franchise specializing in Japanese ramen noodles! Since this trip, we have gone back two more times and would love to go back again!

Continue below for my bright look and dinner!

Cotton Candy Eyes and Ramen Dinner at Ippudo!

Cotton candy eye look! Pink, purples and a slick of blue!
Cotton candy eye look! Pink, purples and a slick of blue! A pop of light purple on the bottom too!

Cotton candy eye look! Pink, purples and a slick of blue!
Cotton candy eye look! Pink, purples and a slick of blue! The purples were from my Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow box!
Cotton candy eye look! A light fresh pink on my cheeks and a bold pink on the lips! Super perfect eyeliner with the help of tape and pot gel eyeliner!
Products used: ZA powder foundation, Sleek contour kit, Addiction tinted moisturizer, ZA concealer, Addiction powder foundation, Clinique cheek pop blush, Kiko blush, Sariayu eyeshadow trio, Mistine eyebrow pen, NYX eyeliner, L'oreal gel eyeliner, Kiss Me Heroine mascara, Maybelline the Rocket mascara, L'oreal lacquer eyeliner, Addition cheek stick, NARS lipstick
My finished cotton candy look! I had returned from a trip my boyfriend and I took to Phuket earlier in the month, just check out that bikini tan!
My boyfriend's Akamaru Shinaji ramen at Ippudo! The original tonkatsu enhanced broth with miso and garlic oil, served with pork belly, black fungus and spring onions!
Akamaru Shinaji ramen at Ippudo, after mixing up the toppings into the soup!

My bowl of Karaka Chasu ramen at Ippudo! Tonkatsu broth with spicy miso, garlic oil, pork belly and cabbage!
Karaka Chasu ramen at Ippudo!
A pretty make up look to go with our pretty bowls of ramen noodles!

When was the last time you tucked into a big hot bowl of rich ramen?
Do you wear light purple eyeshadows for brighter looks?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Bruh, I don't even know how you apply 'neutral' makeup for work--on a good day when I had time, the most I had was winged eyeliner + base LOL ;-;
    I love that pop of blue eyeliner! Also, I genuinely thought that Sariayu eyeshadow palette was a blush palette! THAT DARK PLUM SHADE IS GORGEOUS.
    Those ramen shots look so good though, goddamn *-* I can't even remember the last time I had a bowl, and now I want some.

  2. Love love love this purple tone and hue on your eyes!
    And the ramen looks so good, ugh garlic oil I can't get
    enough of this stuff! Xx Ice Pandora

  3. I love your eye makeup. The colors you used are so pretty. :)

  4. Your makeup really do look sweet with all the cotton candy colors. :)

    I also enjoy eating Ramen at Ippudo. <3

  5. I love your eye makeup babe, so pretty.




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