Monday, 13 July 2015

Warm purple eyes using 1028 and Nars shadows! (Vietnamese snacks, chinatown dinner)

First look using Nars dual intensity shadow! For those who have had the privilege to own high end products, Nars is a familiar name! Known for their blushes, lip pencils, sheer glow foundation and now their dual intensity eyeshadows and audacious lipsticks! I've yet to buy anything from nars despite the brand becoming available in Singapore in recent years. The products are really marked up, with many items more expensive than similar items from Dior or Lancome. 

During my time in Bangkok's cosmetic duty free back in January I took the opportunity to purchase a dual intensity single eyeshadow and a lipstick from Nars! I never leave Bangkok's duty free section without less than $200 of products! I totally don't regret the splurges at all as they've all been great!

Continue below for the gorgeous look!

Warm purple eyes using 1028 Brownie Eyes palette and Nars Phoebe eyeshadows!
This is how I like wearing color on my eyes with neutrals in my crease and to blend out with! I'm wearing Beaucon Shimmer Gray lenses which I ordered from!
The lenses in person are super natural looking yet give dark brown eyes a great pop!
Warm purple eyes using browns from 1028 Brownie eyes palette and Nars dual intensity eyeshadow in Phoebe!
On my cheeks is this gorgeous plum blush from Milani, their baked blush in Fantastico Mauve! It looks super dark in pan but lightly used it's the most pretty bright wine flush!

My completed look is super simple but super pretty! For the girls who aren't sure how to wear green, purple, blue or anything bold colored shadow, this is how I'd do it! Use your neutrals and make the look a subtle pop on the lids!

Products used: Kate Mineral Loose Powder, Cyber Colors Natural Powder, Biore UV Aqua watery base, 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, Maybelline Color Tattoo, Nars dual intensity eyeshadow, Revlon Matte (for brows), Milani baked blush, 1028 Brownie Eyes palette, NYX butter gloss, Kiss me heroine long & curl mascara, Kiss me heroine smooth liquid eyeliner
On my lips is one of my favorite lipglosses! NYX's butter gloss in Raspberry Tart which is beautiful purple tone fuchsia!
A mid afternoon snack at the affordable vietnamese Nam Nam Noodle bar! Yes, I brought my soft toy "Doodoo" along! he's trying to blend into the table in this photo!
We both had ice coffee with condensed milk! Although I really enjoyed this, the portion really is tiny now compared to before and the bamboo straws are not the most hygienic. It's so much cheaper to buy instant vietnamese coffee or ground coffee powder to make this at home!
We ordered two portions of pork spring rolls which at Nam Nam was AMAZING. The rolls are huge and the rice wrapping was perfectly fried till super crispy, the mince pork filling very flavorful, with different vegetables and the texture was lovely!
Posing with my iced coffee! See how my eyes just glistens but the colored lenses aren't so starkly obvious? Love them!
Posing with my 'child', my DOODOO CHILD! If you see me in person with these brown toys of mine, you might think I'm some crazy lady! I talk and play with them like they're real things!
Later for dinner we visited another restaurant in Chinatown for our proper chinese food fix! We had crispy chive/pork pancakes!
Stir fried cumin and chilli lamb! This was super fragrant and delicious!
A plate of crispy meat dumplings! This was lovely but it was too much for us to finish! We also ordered a portion of marinated pork ear with cucumber (not pictured)!

The day of this look and dinner, my boyfriend and I ended up sharing a double table that was pushed together with another couple from south american who were in their 30s. They were having a bit of trouble communicating what they wanted to the server in english so I helped them out telling the server in mandarin what they wanted. After a short while the man in the couple starting speaking to us and they were an incredibly friendly couple. 

We spent dinner eating and speaking to them the entire time, asking each other about our travels and I had also asked them how they felt about being in Singapore and we touched on issues of attitudes in Singapore about work and lifestyle. It's a very unusual thing in Singapore for strangers to just strike up conversation in public but it was nothing from uncomfortable and I hope the couple is doing well.

Have you tried any of Nars' dual intensity eyeshadows?
Are you a fan of vietnamese springrolls?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. your make-up is stunning! I love your cheeks and lips! they looks so amazing <3
    love everything <3

  2. The plum blush from Milani is so pretty! I love purple eyeshadow looks, they are elegant and mystical on the same time. And the food looks so yummy!

  3. The bamboo straws are a bit odd, huh? I usually find Vietnamese and Thai coffee styles too sweet, but here you can usually get bubble tea at these places and I love that.

    That gloss shade is GORGEOUS, as well! I used to have a shade like that but used it up.

  4. Hi Sharlynn,

    The food at this Nam Nam Noodle place look really nice but I think they look more Chinese to me rather than Vietnamese :p Nice that you get to know and chat with the South American travelers during this dinner. Sounds fun! :D


    1. Hi Sharlynn,

      Pai say pai say... I got confused :p Before your clarification, I was thinking Vietnamese food can't be dumpling leh... hee hee Good that I have sorted out that there are actually two places that you went. My apology :p


  5. I LOVE NARS. It's such a shame that it's marked up big time in Singapore, because it really shouldn't be as expensive as Dior, etc.

  6. Phoebe is a stunning shade x

  7. The purple gloss looks so sweet! I didn't know how purple would pull when not completely matte but it looks gorgeous. Also, you go on the best food trips, have I told you that?! :))

  8. I've never had fried spring rolls like that before!! I've never even seen them fried like that. Oh man, I'm vietnamese and I'm jealous of the vietnamese food you have access to hahaha

  9. Love that berry lip color on you! Do you plan on reviewing the 3CE foundation btw? The packaging and product pics on the Stylenanda site always look so alluring, but I don't think it will do much for my acne prone skin atm.

    Hehe I am the exact same with soft toys! I love them and I sleep with my Pusheen plushie hahaa so cute :P

  10. The make-up is perfect for an evening date & any special occasions, babe! xoxo

  11. Gorgeous look, I especially love that beautiful colour lip gloss! The eyes and the lips tie together so well. I recently purchased my first NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadow in Pasiphae and they're really gorgeously shimmery. Not sure how I feel about the murkyish green colour though with my yellow skin tone.

  12. Ice coffee with a bamboo straw?! That's new to me ^^ hehhe so cool though ~ That blush color match your lipgloss, the overall look is pretty.

  13. I love the purple eyeshadow on you! The lips colour is awesome as well!

  14. I am IN LOVE with this whole look!! I'm going to america at the end of this month so I think I'll HAVE to pick up that mauve blush if i see it omg!!! That lipgloss as well?!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo




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