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Review: Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!

White up Emulsion milk! Aqua label is a brand I've loved and used for a few years now! It's a drugstore brand here in Singapore and is a brand under Shiseido hence the full name of the brand is 'Shiseido Aqualabel'. This brand sells three ranges of products, the bold blue line is for whitening/youth, the red line is for mature skin/anti-aging and the teal blue is for acne/oily skin. Recently there's been an addition of products with a yellow packaging which all are formulated with golden royal jelly. 

Here is my review of their Emulsion milk! I've used and loved their cleanser, a spot whitening treatment and a concentrated cream. All of their products are light textured, liquidy and super gentle. All their products are intended to be used together, layered for the most effective results.

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Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!
Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!
Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!
Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!

Packaging & Product!

Like mentioned at the start of this post, this product belongs to the line that's all a bold blue color which part of the whitening line of products from Aqua Label. My holy grail face wash for the last few years which scrubs, deep cleanses, removes make up and keeps my oily skin balanced is from them, their Whitening Foam Cleanser (see review here). All of the packaging is gorgeously blue and comes in simple but very satisfying looking designs.

I like how their milk/moisturizer products have the main body of the packaging slightly translucent so you can see the product inside. The cap of this bottle is a twist and lock which I'm a fan of as well as the plastic being very sturdy and the size of the product compact. The only thing to note is that the bottle beneath the exterior plastic which has the full description/ingredients list in english, the bottle has only small amounts of Japanese text on the back. Hence if you're keen on the detailed information do take a photo or keep the label!

Much like the description on the back of the bottle and much like the rest of the line, this product is 'non-sticky', 'dewy textured' and has a light lovely scent. It's described as a 'lotion' which in asian skincare is a light watery texture and not anything thick or creamy. Just like the other products in this blue line, this product contains m-tranexamic acid which is suppose to help prevent melanin production as well as being an effective whitening agent. All the products in this blue line also contain hyaluronic acid which is an acid that can hold many times its weight in water hence being a supposed great moisturizing ingredient.

Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!
As seen above, this emulsion is a light milky textured product. For those who have normal to oilier skin, the consistency of all the products from Aqua label will fare very well for you. Their products have never given me any adverse reactions (with the exception of me being suspicious that their concentrated cream may have made my existing pimples worse).

I found that using this on a regular basis kept my skin looking radiant and bright in the mornings. These light textured moisturizers really do perk up skin that might look 'dull' and I find that due to the texture it's very easy to layer my skincare.  I can't be certain this has made a huge difference although I can say with certainty that this has seemed to prevent anymore light freckles from appearing on the tops of my cheeks the last half year!

Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S! It blends into a dewy non sticky feel and dries up pretty quickly if applied on its own!
Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!
Paid: $29.90 SGD U.P.  or about $22.40 USD 

(I purchased this when there was a 20% off sale)

Recommend: Yes, this product is best for those with normal-combi skin and who like to combine products. I find that this is a great moisturizer for those who don't suffer from dryness but you may need to alternate with more rich moisturizer if you have dry areas. This also definitely keeps my skin looking bright and healthy with long term use.

Repurchase: No, although this has been a great product I plan to try other products from them and am currently looking for my next milky moisturizer! Unless it's utter love I tend not to repurchase skincare products.

Bottom line: This emulsion lotion is a great alternative to traditional cream or thicker textured moisturizers. I really do feel that this is a solid product and I can definitely pin point that this has contributed to my skin's condition as I rarely use more than one or two products at night.

Do you like using thinner milky lotion type moisturizers?
Tried anything from Aqua label before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Do you have a review of that spot treatment somewhere? Also, I'm curious, as in Japan we only have 3 lines: blue, red and gold.
    I'm also curious if the formulations are different. Shiseido is notorious for doing that.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm a huge fan of milky textures AND I have normal-combinatin skin....I think I need to try this! I am using something similar from Laneige.

    Macarons and Mischief

  3. I'm a normal to combi type of skin person!
    Thanks for the review c: Xx

  4. This would be great for summer time. Although I have dry skin a lot of the time, I could definitely layer my products like you mentioned. I think I'd be more interested in the cleanser though since it's your holy grail cleanser! :P

  5. Great review Sharlynn! I love it when a product just works seamlessly with your skin. Ah I miss the days of being able to use skincare products regularly. I only allow myself a Neutrogena cleanser and a treatment oil, otherwise its organic hemp seed oil for my skin day and night.

    I also miss living in an Asian country where Asian brands like Shisheido are readily available!

  6. This sounds great! I really like the facial wash, the one you gave to me! but silly me I forgot to repurchase when I was in SG last month -___-
    I love using facial lotion for day time esp when it is too hot and humid for regular moisturizer.. My current favorite is the mango seed facial lotion from The Face Shop. It smells yummy and sinks into the skin very nicely. The Laneige facial lotion is also one good product!

  7. Oh, I love this line. Actually, I love everything I've tried from Shiseido drugstore lines (or the ones from Kose Cosmeforte).
    These watery emulsion works fine under my sunscreen especially in summer. If you look for something more moisturizing, their cream is actually is a gel-cream formula. You might like it!

  8. I don't actually know what emulsions are supposed to do hahahaha I guess in the states, we don't really have products labeled as emulsions? I think there's one from Benefit, but it didn't really do anything for my skin besides make it tacky.




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