Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shimmery Bright Blue Mermaid Eyes! (Lunch at Siam Kitchen)

Shimmery Bright Blue Mermaid Eyes! When I think of Mermaids I think of different metallic and shimmery shades of blues, greens, purples and a bunch of reflective scales! I totally need to do a look with blue, green and purple in the future with mermaids in mind! Here I've created a light-medium tone bright blue look! I brought the shades much higher above the crease than I normally would with bright bolder colors but it turned out great!

Continue below for the full look!
Bright Blue Mermaid Shimmery eyes! (Urban Decay, Sleek, Sephora, 4u2 shadows)
Bright Blue Mermaid Shimmery eyes! (Urban Decay, Sleek, Sephora, 4u2 shadows)
Bright Blue Mermaid Shimmery eyes! (Urban Decay, Sleek, Sephora, 4u2 shadows)
Definitely one of my more bold blue eye looks! I figured since I wasn't used dark navy blues I would bring the color higher up above my crease!
Eyeshadows from top to bottom: Sleek's snapshot palette, Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette, Sephora block buster kit 2013, 4u2 Impressionist palette
Products used: Boots Tea tree and witch hazel moisturizer, ZA Perfect Fit concealer, Sheene powder,  Shiseido cream eyeshadow, Maybelline colorsenational lipstick, Brigitte lipgloss, Art Deco brow gel, Heavy Rotation eyeliner, Maybelline falsies Big Eyes mascara!
For the eyes I started off by using this incredibly pigmented, creamy shadow from Shiseido! I love how the finish is a gorgeous fine satin!
The finished shimmery bright blue mermaid look!
I used the yellow toned blue sleek shadow in the crease! That's what extending above on my lid!
At first I applied a mix of P2 Pure color lipstick in a creamy pink shade Pont Neuf mixed with Lime Crime's Coquette a flesh nude, this gave me this creamy pink lip but it clashed with the more yellow tone in my eyeshadow look!
Hence I switched it up for a layer of my favorite nude lipstick Totally Toffee from Maybelline with a layer of lipgloss from Brigitte!
My mom and I both had ice lemongrass tea! This is super easy to make at home here as we grow lemongrass at home and it's sold in supermarkets!
Thai Fish Cakes! Delicious juicy, tasty and fragrant cakes! These are suppose to be chewy and soft, not crispy!
Thai Fish Cakes! Made with fish, chilli paste, bits of long beans, shallots...it smells delicious of herbs too!
Seafood Tom Yum soup! A great spicy, tasty, fragrant soup filled with fish slices, squid, prawns, chunks of tomatos, red onions and coriander! Perfect eaten with jasmine white rice!
Seafood Tom Yum soup! Filled with yummy bits of seafood!
Thai green mango salad with prawns and squid! Mixed with a delicious dressing of fish sauce, soy sauce, chilli, shallots, garlic, lime juice and sugar! Garnished with roasted crushed nuts! So appetizing and refreshing!
Finally, the dish I was anticipating the most, seafood Pad Thai! I love Pad Thai fried with rice noodles! Their version is so tasty, enough sauce, lots of toppings, seafood and is perfect with lime juice squeezed over!
Seafood Pad Thai! Mix all that goodness up! The beansprout, crushed peanuts, chilli powder, lime juice...everything culminates to mouthfuls of delicious hot fried tasty wholesome noodles!

What colors do you think of when you hear 'mermaid'?
Are you a lover of Pad Thai Noodles?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. love the shade of blue on you :)

  2. love love this look, I don't really like blue on myself but looks good on u:)

  3. Gorgeous! I love that shade of teal - it's always so cheerful and totally like a mermaid.

  4. Love the inspired mermaid makeup look c:
    And now I'm totally craving for good Thai
    food :c those fish cakes looks good! Xx

  5. I want Pad Thai so bad right now, yuuuum

  6. Oh man, that blue is so bright. I love it! I also loveee that lip combo you created!

  7. Love your post title, Sharlynn! Don't know why but I kept imagining you in a mermaid suit after seeing your mermaid eyes. Hahaha! I think you make a beautiful mermaid, sweetie. xoxo

  8. Hi Sharlynn,

    The combination of pink and mermaid kind of blue looks stunning on you. You do look like a pretty mermaid but without the tail :D


  9. (Blogger keeps eating up my comment??)

    LOVE! If you don't do a mermaid look by Halloween, you should definitely do that for Hallowween then! Would love to see scales and all on you, and your use of purplish tones!
    UGH, literally just made mac n cheese from scratch (it's sitting in the oven as I type), BUT NOW I WANT PAD THAI. It's just something I can't make as well at home!




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