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Review: Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!

Step-by-Step Skincare! For those who are new to asian skincare products and routines, it's not uncommon that the 'normal' number of steps in a night time skincare routine can contain 6-9 steps! This korean skincare box from memebox includes 6 steps: Tone, essence, ampoule, moisturize, sunscreen and treatments! These steps are meant to be done one after another as layering skincare is very common in east asian routines as it's believed to help the different products absorb into the skin and to improve effective of how the products work!

"Korean skin care is a multi-step daily routine that sparks a ton of intrigue in the beauty world. Its billion-step regimen sounds a bit extreme to outsiders looking in, but it all boils down treating, hydrating, and protecting skin, and preventing damage before it starts."

-Memebox's summary of Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!
Continue below for my full review of the box!

 Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!
Review: Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!
Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare: Mizon Alcohol Toner Mojito 150ml, insobeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence 30ml, Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule 12ml!
Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare: She’s Uris Rice Water Double Action 80g, Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF35 PA+++ 45g, Taphre Special Care Mask 25ml
($22 full sized) Mizon Alcohol Toner Mojito 150ml (link to product here)

Mizon Alcohol Toner Mojito 150ml
Product Description & Directions!

"Fancy a bottle of mojito for your skin? This unique facial toner is formulated with all the ingredients found in a glass of mojito – lime, sugar cane, sparkling mineral water, apple, and peppermint leaf juice! The lime complex will prevent skin impurities from clogging up the pores and the mineral-rich components will refresh and deliver abundant nutrients to dry, tired skin. Apply to face with a cotton pad or with your hands. Use it right after cleansing as the very 1st step into skincare."

This toner was the product I looked forward to the most as I love using and use A LOT of toners. The scent of this is like a light fresh lime soda, it does smell like a mojito but a very light one, there is no scent of crushed mint though which is the only part missing in terms of scent. This applies and works just like a normal toner and to my surprise this isn't too astringent and drying (although I like it drying). 

This keeps my skin oil free for two hours or so before oil starts to come out of my skin on my forehead and nose, otherwise this performs really much like a regular toner that isn't too strong in terms of alcoholic content. I'd totally recommend for all skin types!

($78 full sized) Insobeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence 30ml (link to product here)
Insobeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence 30ml
 Product Description & Directions!

"An anti-aging facial essence made with a special idebenone formula for effectively treating fine lines & wrinkles as well as brightening up uneven and dulled complexion. After toner application, apply a dime-size amount of essence evenly over face and pat it in for full absorbance."

Next in the skincare routine is this essence. It's very interesting and I've never seen anything like this before. The color is like a creamy light egg yolk color and it has a thickened serum feel that blends out into a watery feeling. 

There's a sharp and slight herbal minty scent which isn't the nicest smelling but nothing unpleasant. I find that because the texture of this is so light and becomes watery it absorbs into the skin very quickly after being applied so the next step of skincare can be applied easily!

To test how this performed I used each product separately and then also together on some nights. My skin feels hydrated and in generally more plump, I definitely find that because this absorbs so easily any next skincare product I use absorbs into the skin very well too. I can't tell for sure that there's any great improvement in my skin but this does seem to make my skin more bright looking.

Insobeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence 30ml
($30 full sized) Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule 12ml (link to product here)
Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule 12ml
Product Description & Directions!

"A highly concentrated facial ampoule enriched with nutrition-rich royal jelly and royal honey extracts. It will soothe, moisturize, and strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier. After essence application, apply a couple drops of ampoule evenly over face and pat it in for full absorbance."

The third step in this 6 step routine! This one of my other favorite products from the box besides the toner! I was so glad to receive something with honey as it's really an amazing ingredient that makes great masks, lip balms and body care products. This ampoule has a gooey, slightly sticky thickened serum texture that has a light honey scent that's slightly woody and a touch alcoholic.

You need one drop of this ampoule and the product blends out very easily on the skin. It has a viscous feeling that leaves your skin feeling like you just applied a face primer! I love how this leaves my skin so supple, soft and silky. The smell also is very enjoyable and it's like having a liquid face mask.

Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule 12ml
($42 full sized) She’s Uris Rice Water Double Action 80g (link to product here)
Product Description & Directions!

"A moisturizing water-drop type facial cream. This Rice Water Double Action is a smart, multifunctional cream for hydrating, tone brightening, and wrinkle refining. Its formula includes rice bran water, adenosine, cacao extracts, and various herbal ingredients. Apply directly to face and pat it in for full absorbance."

The 4th step and second favorite product from this box is this moisturizer! Exactly as described this product made from rice bran has a rice milk type color, feels like a whipped jelly cream that's super bouncy to the touch and watery on application. Not only is this product very light textured and absorbs easily into the skin but it smells amazingly of a sweet skimmed rice milk.

For those who have normal to oilier skin types this will be fantastic! I love textures of moisturizers like this as I've got slightly combo skin and this product leaves your skin moist, soft and feeling soothed. I would actually like if this was thicker in texture as the moisturizing qualities would go deeper into the skin and maybe last longer, otherwise this is such a great product to layer or use on its own.

($10 full sized) Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF35 PA+++ 45g (link to product here)
Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF35 PA+++ 45g

Product Description & Directions!

"A mineral oil free sunscreen that works to color control uneven skin tone and to protect skin from UV exposure. It’s extremely gentle and it leaves skin silky soft and smooth, with a healthy glow. Apply directly to face at the very end of skincare routine." 

Sunscreen is one of basic and most important parts of any skincare routine. For any skin type, for any age, using something that prevents sun damage is far greater than investing so much time and money in the future to repairing damaged skin. 

I do use a sunscreen under all my foundations and was very keen on trying this out! On first impressions it seemed like a thick sunscreen but actually it isn't at all! This sunscreen comes out of the tube with a medium liquid thickness and it has a light texture that blends out very easily. After completely blending into the skin there's a slight white cast on the skin but it doesn't effect the color of your base on top. I really appreciate that this sunscreen has a dry finish and it feels smooth.

My favorite part of this sunscreen is the scent! It's like a sweet light slightly floral soapy smell! So inviting and totally the opposite of the opaque white color I saw which reminds me of what thick sticky white sunscreens feel and smell like! This has a lovely texture and so I'd imagine most skin types could wear this easily without any issues!

Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF35 PA+++ 45g
($7 full sized) Taphre Special Care Mask 25ml (link to product here)
Taphre Special Care Mask 25ml
Wearing the Taphre Special Care Mask 25ml! (The holes in the mask were like this after gently unfolding it.)

Product Description & Directions!

"Enriched with propolis extracts, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and various fruit & nut extracts, this Special Care Mask helps replenish, repair, protect and soothe skin against dehydration and aging, for a much softer and more luminous complexion. Cleanse face and apply toner with a cotton pad. Unfold the mask and spread it evenly over face, aligning the eyes, nose, and mouth properly. Rest for 15~20 minutes, remove mask, and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance."

Much like most asian girls who love using face masks as an affordable way to boost a skincare routine I was totally glad to receive this in the box. The texture of the mask is like a super delicate jelly soaked thin cloth that easily stretches if you pull it in the wrong way. 

The liquid that the mask is soaking in is a sticky slick texture that dries out. It has a very interesting scent, it's like a slightly sharp, milky, woody spiced scent. It's very light, nothing strong at all. I find that this mask stays on the face very well although the eye/mouth holes are too large.

Upon first wearing this mask my skin tingled a lot, it feels also super cooling and maybe is so cooling it feels like it's stinging just a tiny bit. After removing the mask after 15 minutes, the gel cools on your skin and is a matte smooth feeling. The skin feels so soothed, cool and very fresh! I don't find that this is intensely moisturizing but it's great for brightening up and making your skin feel so cool!

Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare!
Paid: Sent to me from Memebox! (This box retailed for $29 USD and shipping is $6.99) This box is currently sold out on their site!

Recommend: YES. I really like how all the products in this box work together and I also love separate individual products and how they work by themselves too. This box would be best for those with normal to slightly oilier skins. Expect wet, watery, light milky textures, these products layer easily but are not very enriching or rich in terms of textures.

Repurchase: No, not this particular box as the product will take some time to use up as they are all full sized! However I'm always fancying and eyeing their boxes on their site!

Bottom line: This skincare box is absolutely fabulous, especially for those who have normal to slightly oilier skin and for those who are interested in trying out a korean skin care routine! It's super easy to create your own routine with one product in each category however it's so useful that this box has been put together!

Are you someone with multiple steps in your skincare routine?
What korean/asian skincare products do you use?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That mojito toner looks so cool!! Love Memeboxes!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. Everything looks so great! I would love to get it c:
    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  3. OMG, can't believe what I saw - Mojito?? Can I drink it up instead of using it on my face?? Hahaha! The bottle is charming!




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