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Holiday Special: Day 4 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

Day 4 in Bangkok, Thailand! Here I have my forth day of my Bangkok holiday that I took with my mom earlier last month! It was trip that was basically all shopping, eating, walking everywhere and great foot massages! For those who haven't visited Bangkok it's one of the best cities to visit in south east asia for food, modern malls and historical places!

On day 4, we basically visited MBK center and then chatuchuk market, however although it was a friday there were only about 20% of the stalls open! Our flight back was on Saturday evening and hence we decided to just drop by around 6 when there were some shops open to take a look!

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Continue below for the day out!
Holiday Special: Day 4 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)
Waiting for the BTS skytrain! The weather was windy and a super cool and crisp non-humid 21-23 degrees! It was sooooo amazing! I wish we had weather like this in Singapore!
Enjoying a delicious, fragrant and amazing ice thai coffee from a drink stall just outside the train exit/entrance!
For lunch my mom and I ate at a local small food court in a mall and we had a simple bowl of mince pork and meat ball noodle soup! Delicious hot and tasty!
We shared a pack of these freshly made stuffed rice skin wraps! Stuffed with shrimps, mince pork, tofu, mushrooms, lettuce and it comes with a savory sweet sauce all on a bed of fresh basil!
The small food court! All the food is freshly cooked and patrons and office staff and tourist as well were all lining up for hot food or buying the pre pack cooked hot/dessert items!
Besides packed cooked food there was also a bunch of yummy local desserts! Jellies, egg yolk sugar desserts, moon cakes, steamed sweet dumplings, cut fruits and more!
Different packs of stuffed rice wraps and bowls with stewed items and soups for sale!
This small food court was opposite the local medium sized supermarket on the same floor! I loved being able to see all the fresh produce right there!
Finally after walking around for almost an hour we found the Thai snack shop that I was searching for! It's called "Thai Fruit" and sells all kinds of dry, fried, roasted and cured snacks made from fruits, seafood, meat, vegetables, nuts and more!
Here is the section of roasted, dried and fried fruit chips like jackfruit, banana, mango and prunes! Below on the shelf in the front are packs of candies made of reduced fruit!
Dried and roasted forms of squid/beef/pork. On the left are crispy glazed roasted squid, soft chewy squid floss, beef floss and then sheets of savory/spicy squid and beef floss! On the extreme right are packs of roasted cashews both plain and with tom yum spices!
Lots of sugar preserved fruit like plums, sour mangos and kiwis! In the back there were bottles and jars and packets of fried and baked pastries and on the bottom are rolls of durian paste cake! My favorite!
From the top row from left to right: Dried squid floss, Dried beef floss, Plain fried pork skin, fried spicy fish skin, glazed fried cuttle fish with tom yum spices, soft chewy sweet/salty squid floss, spicy tom yum fried pork skin, fried anchovies with herbs, glazed roasted cashews, mini durian paste cake!
Chatucak weekend market! One of the largest open air markets in south east asia, it's best to visit during the morning on the weekend as that's when all the stalls are open but we visited on a friday evening at around 6pm.
Although it was a super not busy time and day the streets inside the enclosed market compound were lined with cars and shop holders were getting ready their stock for the weekend!
All the gorgeous types of fried snack foods along the streets at the market! Fried fish balls, wanton looking things, french fries, squid and more! All items are about 70 cents to about a dollar!
There are lots of shops that sell whole sale items like this! Tops, shorts, jeans, skirts dresses and more! However for better quality pieces and more modern chic trendy ones do look towards the smaller stalls and expect to pay a bit more than the standard 100-250 baht per piece.
Chatucak market sells pretty much everything. From clothes to toys, pottery, art work, food, dried goods and much more! Here's a glassware/pottery shop that was open!
Looking for trendy, hippie type prints, animal faces, typography, galaxy print? You can get it all cheaply and also in pretty great quality depending on the shop you visit!
So many shops selling simple, pretty tops! This one was mostly cotton pieces, there are some shops selling nothing but chiffon tops or stretchy polyester pieces and so on! Loved the quality and designs I saw, there's so much variation and getting a wardrobe here isn't like in a Cambodian market where I could tell your stuff all came from the market!
A delicious tender, chewy piece of sweet marinated BBQ pork! Love how all meats/seafood on sticks are BBQ over charcoal in Thailand! The flavor is so good!
A snack vendor before Chatucak market! Pick your meat/fishball and she cooks it or heats it up on the charcoal grill on the side!
Fresh thai strawberries! Beautiful large red berries, sold fresh and sliced, sold with the spiced salt dip mixture!
As mom and I made the several hundred meter walk from the nearest BTS skytrain station to the market which was about a 10 minute slow walk we saw this single line of people that snaked around the block, on the side of the main road with at least 200 people waiting to board the local buses!
Siam square! If you're not keen on the high end shops and luxury malls in the heart of Bangkok then step outside to the square area which is made of smaller malls and lots of individual stall holders that set up temporarily at times around certain areas or there might be a bazaar sale!

A pancake house! OMG. We didn't go there but I totally would have if I was hungry mid afternoon!
A bag shop! For those ladies who love buying bags, Bangkok is a bag haven! In the stores like this in the regular malls you can bargain! Unlike in Siam paragon/Siam center!
Beautrium! A fantastic place to buy make up/skincare/perfume, one half is full of British/Japanese/American/Korean/Thai brands and the other half is where they sell the expensive brands like SK-II and perfume brands! I shopped here in 2013 when I visited Bangkok but I had already bought everything I wanted when we walked past this outlet!
Love the sheer range of cosmetics at Beautrium! If you need a one stop asian/western cosmetic store visit Beautrium!!
A large restaurant we had an amazing dinner at in Siam Square! Ban Khun Mae Thai Cuisin! There were two floors to this place! Through the windows we could see there was a buffet type deal going on at a section downstairs and they had regular ala carte too!
We were seated upstairs! I took so many shots of my mom like this throughout the trip! She's always checking e-mails and messages and replying to them when we're out eating!
We shared this delicious platter of thai dishes for two! We both had a rice and I had a fresh coconut while my mom had a lemon grass ice tea!
For dessert we shared an amazing bowl of red ruby dessert which basically is chunks of crunchy sweet water chest nut fruit covered with a thin layer of pink jelly in a sweet coconut milk!
For those who like sweet crunchy things this dessert is so refreshing and delicious!
Platter for two to share! Stir fried pork slices in oyster sauce with straw mushrooms, tender slices of char sui, fish cake, prawn spring rolls, fried garlic water cress and a mild red chicken curry! Served with steamed white rice, a sweet plum sauce and a spicy savory dip (not in photo)

Day 4 in Bangkok was definitely one of the most active days! Although I totally regret not doing more research in advance and booking our trip so we stayed over a weekend as I totally would love to visit the market on a busy weekend! We both did buy one thing each at the market but in the future I'd totally bring a butt load of cash and go early to pick up clothes/bags!

Our next day in Bangkok was our departure back to singapore! All in all if you visit Bangkok you totally need to eat lots of thai food, try some fried street food items, visit the market or chinatown and maybe a few historical places like the Palace or Reclining Buddha!

For those who missed or would like to see other days from holiday do click on the following links! Day 1 (see here), Day 2 (see here), Day 3 (see here) , my big make up haul (see here) and my skincare/body care haul (see here)!

When was the last time you visited Bangkok or Thailand?
Do you like shopping/visiting local markets?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. food food! food!! I want!! lol

  2. You sold me over to fly to bangkok once my savings are enough! It's a food heaveenn!! Oh god I'm super hungry now. :-s

    P.S. Your mom looks soo cute! But I bet she can also be very stern when needed.


    Adrian FS.

  3. Gosh, those snacks are making me dizzy! Anything for me, gal?? xoxo

  4. So envy of all your food post and I totally envy your holiday styles! Imagine if travelling with you, must be very fun and relaxing!

  5. I love street food. The lady selling tons of BBQ stick food would've been my best friend!! And your last meal looks mouthwatering. I like platters with lots of choices as opposed to one huge dish. Red Ruby looks delicious. SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!

  6. Love the street foods that Thailand has c:
    Squid floss <3333 YUM! And really great
    add for congee/rice soups :P

  7. LOVE everything here. I would love to visit Bangkok and try out all those food. I especially wanna try those street food as well. haha! And my mom would love those dried food. And oh, of course I'd like to check out the Beautrium!

  8. Beautrium LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN. I regret not getting some Catrice when I was in Europe, but we didn't have enough Euros on us! Ah squid floss. So good but so expensive. I'm actually not a fan of durian. My mom and brother on the other hand, love it. I haven't actually tasted it, BUT CAN YA BLAME ME? IF I DONT EVEN WANT TO SMELL IT, I DEFS DON'T WANT TO TASTE IT.

    ........And I want some Vietnamese spring rolls now




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