Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Special: Valentine's Day Fuchsia Pops look 2015! (Korean BBQ lunch and dinner)

Valentine's look, day and food! Hope everyone who spent valentine's either alone, with friends, family and your significant other had a great time! I saw plenty of ladies posting up valentine's look before the day itself and I had planned to but unfortunately fell sick on the day I wanted to do my look and therefore here is the look I did for the day itself! 

I knew I wanted to incorporate straight up bold hot pink in my look but I decided I'd do it in pops of color on my lips, nails and hand bag instead of it being on my eyes as I usually would. My boyfriend and I visited for the first time a popular affordable Korean BBQ restaurant and then for dinner with spent out time at my place eating hams, foie gras, cheese, grapes, bread and sweet wine!

Continue below for my look, day out and dinner!

Special: Valentine's Day Fuchsia Pops look 2015! (Korean BBQ lunch and dinner)
Mauvey pink smoked eyes with fulled lined winged eyeliner! (using Urban Decay's smoked palette and 1028 Brownie Eyes palette)
On my inner lid is a pink shade and the brown on my center lid from the 1028 brownie eyes palette. In my outer v and crease is the purple from Urban Decay's smoked palette and a touch of the mauve brown from the 1028 palette in and above my crease!
A natural looking brow with my light smoked mauvey pink look makes for an easy look to wear day or night! Here I haven't yet lined my lower waterline!
On my cheeks is my new blush from Addiction cosmetics in the shade romantic! A beautiful cool tone pink that has a super fine multicolored shimmer, the finish is a translucent glow and when layered the pink looks more rosey!
On my lips is my new and already freaking favorite lipstick! Nars lipstick in Funny Face! My perfect blue toned bold hot fuchsia shade! LOVE IT. Searched all over duty free and finally found this shade from Nars!

My completed look with my messy natural hair! I literally almost NEVER style my hair, it takes too long and too much effort! I wore a long body hugging maxi dress with a cardigan! I was about to wear a soft pink dress but decided to go black and white with accents of hot pink!

Products used: Urban Decay Smoked palette, 1028 Brownie Eyes palette, Maybelline color tattoo, Brigitte BB powder, Addiction blush, Kate powderless liquid foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Sleek contour kit, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara, Maybelline the rocket mascara, NARS lipstick
On my nails is the most awesome hot pink fuchsia from Clio in the shade Disco red! It's opaque in one coat and has an amazing shimmery finish! (see my review and more colors here!)
The entrance of I'm Kim Korean BBQ at night! (Photo is not mine. Link to source here)
Prices of the buffet lunch and dinner prices! Taken from their facebook cover photo! These are really great prices compared to lots of other similar type of BBQ buffet restaurants in singapore! Totally worth what they have!
Their salad, fruit/dessert, sauce/condiment bar! Pick up containers with sesame oil, korean bbq sauce, bean paste and more! (Photo is not mine, link to source here!)
The cooked dish buffet section! With korean crispy fried chicken, roasted sweet potatos, kimchi soup, gingseng chicken soup, steamed rice, potato wedges, nuggets, spicy rice dumplings and more! (Photo is not mine, link to source here!)
The vegetable counter! Typical korean BBQ vegetable items like pumpkin, mushrooms, onion rings and raw items like lettuce, sliced green chilli, garlic and also on the left were small hot dogs and fresh prawns! (Photo is not mine, link to source here!)
Our favorite and most visited section, the meats! Different cuts of plain and marinated meats! Pork belly, pork shoulder, 'volcano' chicken, beef slices, beef short ribs and more! (Photo is not mine, link to source here!)
A long strip of beef short rib and some marinated beef slices! The short rib was one of the best cuts of meat, you didn't need to cook it very long and it was so tasty and so tender!
The first round of our BBQ! I heated up a piece of fried chicken and sweet potato, we had some delicious spicy and sweet chicken, pork belly strips (one rubbed with korean bean paste) and some mushrooms and onion rings!
Fresh mozzarella slices with balsamic glaze and foie gras mi cuit with sweet green grapes!

A plate of cold cut/cured meats! Chilli chicken ham, apple chicken ham, air dried pork and salami slices!
My Valentine's dinner! Simple and put together at home, we just wanted to eat slowly, enjoy the flavors, textures and complimentary components! We also had a delicious moscato from Deakin Estate which has the scent of fresh crisp green apples but taste of over ripen melons!

Yes! So this basically is how I spent Valentine's day! Mostly eating, walking slowly, chatting as usual and realizing that everyday can be Valentine's but if you can spare the actual day itself why not celebrate in small ways! There's no need to have a special valentine's meal that will burn a hole in your pocket! 

I'm so sorry that I actually didn't take most of the photos of the buffet as my boyfriend and myself were quite enthusiatically eating and chatting and we didn't go back more than 3 or 4 times only taking exactly what we wanted to eat and no more as to have no waste. I didn't even think of taking a photo of their entrance! Dear god my brain was elsewhere! 

Both of us really enjoy sweeter wines and cold items like hams, foie gras, cheeses and bread so dinner was a great option for us! I can't wait until we both go on a holiday to Bali in a few months and celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

What make up look or outfit did you wear on Valentine's day?
Did you have a special meal to celebrate the day?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love the lipstick you wore! Looks like you had a yummy Vatentine's Day :D
    I am soon craving Korean BBQ right now!! It's quite expensive in the UK and there doesn't seem to be buffet options here :(
    I actually nearly went for Korean BBQ with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day too but we both suddenly had a craving for Italian when we walked pass an Italian restaurant haha! It was quite a spontaneous choice (we usually research our restaurants before we go) but the food was great and satisfied our cravings ^^

  2. Awww bummer to hear you were a little bit sick on Valentines day :c
    Hopefully the hot and spicy food made you feel better ;)
    The price sounds decent as the their food does look good!
    Anyway, you look great as always and love the lipstick color! The
    blue shining on it is really nice! Xx

  3. I love Korean BBQ T-T I didn't really do much on actual Valentine's day because my boyfriend and I went to eat dinner with his sister and her boyfriend. She was visiting and so we pushed our plans for another day. I ended up going to Downtown Disney the day after. hahaha

  4. That sounds like a wonderful time! I'm glad you two had a great time! Also I am in love with your nails and your lipstick since they match!

  5. OMG, Korean food. Ugh, I miss it so much - it's hard to get where I currently live.

    And Funny Face looks AMAZING on you! Totally stunning!

  6. Amazing Look my dear <3 and #foodporn OMG <3 *lol*
    kisses :****

  7. I absolutely love that lipstick you're wearing! NARS Funny Face is LOVE!!!

  8. ohhhh my! that lip color!!!! gorgeous!! adding to my wishlist haha!

  9. Sharlynn, I think that's a stunning shade for V-Day & I love the shocking pink! You look perfect; can't believe you weren't in good shape.

  10. Oh it's so bad that you were a little bit sick on Valentines day, hope you are feeling better now, now about your look. I must say 'WOW' what a gorgeous look honey! I totally love your makeup and the way you applied the liner. The fuchsia lipstick suits you sooo well. Have a great day honey <3

  11. Looking gorgeous! The winged eyeliner and bright pink lip is definitely a great look for you!!

  12. That lipstick SHADE THOUGH. (Weird question, but do you take off your lipstick before eating? I always wonder if people do or not, because I'm just like, "Do....people eat their lipstick when they leave it on while eating???")
    That is one unusual kbbq buffet! Here, usually the servers bring the raw meat to your table, BUT WHEN I HAD HOTPOT IN ASIA, THEY HAD CLEAR FRIDGES AND YOU COULD JUST PICK UP WHAT YOU WANTED AND BRING THAT TO YOUR TABLE. So much more convenient, I think!




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