Sunday, 20 January 2013

Haul: dresses and tops! (December sale)

Affordable online pieces from ASOS! Dresses and tops! I've never been someone who thought I'd enjoy online shopping. Afraid about getting the wrong size, the wrong color and cutting...I caved in since I now know my size for dresses and tops for sure with UK sizing!

When I browsed after a while during October, november and december I really was impressed by the discounts and combine with free shipping...the price of three dresses would have been the price of one in singapore which is between $60-100 SGD whereas online on sale these dresses are between $15-35 SGD!

Continue below for the pieces I picked!
Gorgeous casual and dressy dresses and tops purchased online from during their sale period in December! I got everything on sale!
Gorgeous casual and dressy dresses and tops purchased online from during their sale period in December! NOTE:  I purchased all the dresses in size 12 UK!
Warehouse- ruched one shoulder dress
River Island- Peplum square neck dress
ASOS- Crinkle cut out dress
Glamorous- Fit and flare mesh V-neck dress

Glamorous- Mesh sleeved and aztec print dress
ASOS- Cream lace top prom dress
Dresses on!

A bit difficult to put on because of my chest, the material is slightly rough although the ruching makes the silhouette very smooth. I'd love to pair this with a softer thin sweater.

 Up close the material has horizontal crinkles, its a medium thick cotton material with a satin lining inside. The cut outs are on the sleeves, the sides and by the side of the thighs, I do like it, although it feels a bit like I'm wrapped in a sweater!

One of the most flattering cuts for all body types, I love the deep V chest which is covered by a mesh! The back is all mesh too! It fits tightly at the wait and flares out to above the knees! I love the material, its just like the stretchy, thicker fabrics that topshop and miss selfridge dresses are made of...any bulges are concealed!

From the ASOS home brand, this beautiful lace sleeved puff skirt dress came in three colors, red, cream and black. I was tempted to buy black but it would've been so common! The lace top of the dress is so supple and soft, the skirt is not to prom like either and I would wear this out for dinner!

My favorite buy of the bunch, this is the second exact design I bought but in this medium bright pink shade! I bought this in navy and got it in december, the fit and material and everything about it I love! Easy to wear and so flattering! I got it at about 50% off!

Love the design but wish the material was thicker. It's very thin but smooth and not fragile. The print and mesh sleeves are so flattering! I would wear this with a nice jacket and some heeled booties!

ASOS- Regular fit t-shirt size 10 UK
ASOS- Peplum scoop neck top size 12 UK

I love the rose gold print all over the top...its so pretty and feminine!

Oh My Love- Mesh and peplum turquoise top! I got this in a size 12 but I wish I got this a size up so it would be a bit longer. I'm going to have to pair this with high waited shorts!

I ordered this T-shirt in a size 10, a size smaller as I've ordered one regular fit shirt before in size 12 and found it a tad bit too loose for my liking! I love the fit, simple prints and how its so easy to work with!

One of my favorite pieces! An oversized t-shirt from ASOS! I love the drippy heart design! This was on sale when I bought it in december but in size 12 it was way to big and I have plans to send this to a friend. I re ordered this in size 8 and its perfect!

That's all the online clothes shopping I'll be doing for a while! I'm putting a limit of $100 dollars a month on clothes! Both online and locally, I think I've crossed that mark already for this month! I only will buy things online if they're on sale!

Did you pick up any nice bits of clothing in December? Pre or post sale? 
Which dress is your favorite of the six? 
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. You look smokin'! Definitely going to be checking out ASOS!

  2. WOOO! Lovely haul girl. :D I want to steal the aztec dress and the ying yang shirt. :D Sucks that the blue top is so short. >.< One of the follies of online shopping I guess. :/

  3. Lovely dresses <3 <3 The peplum one is soo pretty!

  4. you bought a lot of gorgeous clothes!! my fave one is the pink peplum dress, it is so flattering ! the black V neck dress also looks fab!
    I love asos too, though without sale, the stuffs are usually quite expensive :/

  5. How cute is that pink peplum dress! Love!

  6. Nice haul! You got a lot of cute dresses and tops. I like that bleeding heart t-shirt. This is giving me some ideas :D

  7. $100 a month on clothes is very reasonable! :D You'll be having a ton of things if you shop smart ^__^ Loving the oversized shirt!

  8. That crinkle cut out dress is gorgeous!

  9. Hii...

    loveee the collections! so cute! i like the ASOS peplum top..thats so cuteeee

  10. all the clothes are so pretty! I love the dresses so gorgeous!! ^_~

  11. Loving this! That pink dress is sexaaaaay! Get it girl! I also love all the peplum in this post! Looks great on you.

  12. ASOS do have some really great deals from time to time. The oversized t-shirt is really cute!!


  13. Haha well some one has done a lot of double clicking at asos!!! Man you have been shopping a lot!! I hope you get opportunitys to wear them all!!! My fav was that black crickled one, it suited you so well, and i'm kinda weak for asymmetric things so put that on and a hell load of make up and you'll be the bestest there is!!/Azure

  14. Your favs are mine too, the oversized "drippy heart" tee and that peplum dress which looks gorgeous and super flattering on you :)

  15. Oh I loveeeee Asos too!!!! My favorite picks are the black dress with the deep v neck, the pink dress and the peplum top. These are just gorgeous on you!!!!

    you make me regret not buying these when they were on sale -_-" lol

    And yeah, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can see what's this is about on

  16. Unbelievable prices!! That's such a bargain! Thks for visiting! It's really nice to get connected to another S'porean :) I'm following u @ GFC & would love to have u follow me too! See u there @ Shirley's Luxury Haven!

  17. wow you did have a good shopping spree didn't you :D I loove the third black dress with the mesh, it is the most flattering for you! I also like the pink peplum, I have a similar one in blue and I love peplums internally for hiding my stomach!

  18. the coral dress is my favourite, the color suits you and you look adorable! asos is awesome cuz of free shipping haha

  19. Love your purchases... want to try ASOS so bad

    Also, I am holding a Soprano Racerback Tank "GIVEAWAY" on my blog.
    I would love for you to come check it out and enter for a chance to win, as I am picking TWO winners!

    Have a lovely day :)



  20. I love that drippy heart shirt and the yin yang one!




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