Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Haul (from Nov 2012): La Senza lingerie lovelies~!

Sophisticated, cute and sexy...oh I love La Senza!

Hey my lovely girly followers! I've been trying hard to post a few times a week, a minimum of two as I also am busy and quite tired some days from school. I still take time to check out your blogs and those of who I follow.

I buy almost all my bras, panties and lingerie from La Senza, they are an amazing brand. They fit amazingly, they have awesome designs, their pieces are comfortable and practical and sexy and special at times.

I have not frequented other brands like Triumph or Wacoal ever since I started buying from La Senza now almost two years ago. La Senza has better designs and fit for asian ladies with larger chests and they cost about the same or less than bras from well known brands.

Continue below for the haul of goodies!
Super fun and sexy haul from La Senza! These things were picked up back in October from the newest La Senza outlet at Vivo city near my old part time work place!
These items were purchased before and after a day of work where I was oggling at the new designs that came in but didn't have much time to shop although I had spare as I was way to early to work so i looked around!

I absolutely love this bra, its sexy, fun and yet practical, the fit is perfect and this is my favorite design, it has great support, is comfortable and something I will continue purchasing from La Senza.
La Senza Dream Legs Stay Ups Stockings, above the knee stockings!

This night top was on sale! Sheer and comfy!

Cute, comfy satin shorts! Easy to slip on and off!
A mix of boy cut and mid cut panties, my favorite cuts from La Senza! I love their seamless panties too! They have great deals on panties if you want to get more than a few pieces!
I love the stripes, just something about stripes I love. I wanted the matching panties to the bra but it was sold out of sizes!
A quick FOTD: I wore three things, a powder, blush and mascara! That's all! Check out my overview of all my (Canmake blushes here!)
My not so even skin !
Just enough to look fresh!
Wearing the sheer top, its still dark enough to wear out!

Looking geeky with my specks, apparently my boyfriend quite enjoys this easy look!

Bottom line: La Senza isn't cheap but they do have good deals and have lingerie that is practical to overly sexy that fit so well. If you're large or small and have trouble with getting comfortable panties and bras, if you have the budget check out their large range of products.

There's something for everyone and it is a great investment to buy from them. I will go back for more purchases when something stands out. I've never been so comfortable and yet didn't have to compromise with design, although I still don't have access to 60% of their designs because in Singapore sizes A, B and C are most popular, anything larger is a bit more difficult.

Hope you ladies do treat yourself to good and pretty undergarments! 
It makes a huge difference to my mood and comfort! 
Do check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You look so cute in those glasses, they suit your face really well! :) The sheer top is lovely and those stay up stockings are really fun and sexy ;)

  2. I adore the shorts, so cute :) I agree that pretty undergarments makes a difference to our behaviour :)

  3. All I can say is ooh la la! Love the bra and the stockings too! But the bright neon and camo is kickass! :D I'm so jelly of the cute makeup you have! The compact is so pretty! *o* And you look great with glasses! Not geeky at all. :)

  4. I don't think we have senza in the u.s. I always go to Victoria's secret.

  5. The striped bra + shorts pairing is super cute!
    And yay for Heroine mascara! The canmake blush looks really good on you too. :)

  6. Those stockings are super, super cute!

  7. These things are so wonderful and so cute <3 <3 <3

  8. wow, what are you sexy stockings! I have such a revelation ....... but without the white ribbons :)

  9. I LOVE La Senza! Lately all the lingerie I have been buying is from them- I definitely agree with you that the quality is amazing, they fit so well and are super comfortable! Oh, as well as being super pretty :) I love the little spotty bags and bright pink tissue paper they wrap the lingerie in- it really gives it such a luxurious feel. The satin shorts you got look so comfy!




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