Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Special 2013: New Years Indonesian lunch and Ham dinner at the Boyfriends!

Nothing beats home made feasts! These are photos from the lunch and dinner I had at my boyfriends on New Years day earlier this month. Indonesian food for lunch and then we prepared an easy dinner with my yummy made from scratch easier than nothing apple sauce!

Continue below for the food and look!
New Year day Indonesian lunch and a roast ham dinner at my boyfriends'!

The look I decided to go for, simple neutrals, a good taupe with my favorite bit of winged eyeliner!
I've just begun to do my eyebrows a bit with a shading powder I have, I went with a peach neutral blush and a brighter lip, all fresh and simple!
Using a eyeshadow palette from Kate Kanebo cosmetics! (review to come)
I'm in love with the metallic finish of the taupe and brown shades in this palette. It's very good quality!
My make up, up close...a taupe all over the lid, a touch of darker brown on the outside, a slick of eyeliner and a light coat of mascara! I used a shading powder through my brows! Using Kate kanebo eyeshadow!
A beautifully composed and delicious home made Indonesian lunch made by my boyfriends mother and visiting grandmother! It was all so delicious I had more satays, prawns and nut/ tempeh with my portion!
Potato and beef balls!
Butter fried prawns!
Juicy tender beef satay! Sooo much better than normal satay in singapore! They used steak cuts to make the satay!
My outfit! I wanted to be bright and not dull for the first day of the year! A one piece my best friend bought when she visited a few years ago! She gave it to me after I borrowed it while visiting her earlier last year! It's from Zara!
A show of my pretty nails!! Oh my, I love the blue with the layered glitter!
Preparing the tender ham with my boy...we basted it with a stout and honey reduced sauce!
Sauteed onions with potatoes!
Apple sauce I made with fuji was very good, I combined it with pears!
The finished glazed ham!
Carved up, the ham with precooked before we baked it and basted it with our sauce, it was very tender and soft....
My boyfriend going at it with their torch to caramelize more honey I put on it!
Oh just excuse his stupid face and mind my pretty nails!
It was a great way to spend the new year day, I had amazing food and love helping out. We also spent a bit of the day talking about things, the future and ourselves, I think it was a great day to start the year off.

I know we're half way into the month of January but I really wanted to share the awesome food and day I had in the start of this year! 

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Your brows look great! And now I'm super hungry D: that all looks delicious haha! And your hair looks so long and luxurious :P

  2. Wow, delicious food, I really love to see these food on your blog, you look so cute in wing eyeliner <3

  3. I totally agree, home
    made food are the best!
    I love Indonesian food!


  4. Oh my the foods looks yummy :) looks like you had a great time!

  5. Yummy. I'm getting really hungry as I read this post LOL

  6. yummy yummy :)
    I love your makeup! your eyes are so amazing!

  7. omg the 'nasi tumpeng' ( ask your bf what it is ;p ) looks sooooo good! ;)
    I just got back from work and now i feel so hungry!! >.<

  8. Ahhh that satay looks soooo yummm and that shiny and delicious. *_*
    Loving that taupe shade and your outfit! It looks so warm!

  9. The food looks amazing! You guys sure do know how to cook a real feast. I would have never guessed that it is winter over there. You guys still dress like it's summer.

  10. Ohhh very pretty makeup and outfit. Really like the coral on you~ And the food looks SO DELICIOUS! It's been glazed so well!

  11. i love your colorful nails!! so cute!! and the food! bam!! if you didn't mention I though it was dish serve in a classic authentic restaurant!! looking really yummy ^_~

  12. the satay looks amazing, I'm always a fan of satay stuff haha. and love your colorful nails!

  13. Food looks so yummy! I love Indonesian food! :D
    Your makeup is gorgeous! Loving the eyeliner!

  14. What a wonderful feast, and you look really lovely!

  15. All of that food is making me hungry! I love the way your skin looks in these pictures, so healthy and glowing! xx

  16. Wow, I am impressed! The food looks delicious and your makeup looks gorgeous.

  17. omg, all that delicious food. @0@
    I seriously wish I could eat things from my screen. ( - 3-)
    Love your eye-make and nails! ^^

  18. Your nails look so pretty.
    Sounds and looks like a great day. The food!!!

  19. Oh my goodness, all the food looks amazing!




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