Friday, 12 October 2012

FOTDs: 4 looks for fall! (rosey cheeks, bright/ smokey, dark lips!)

Finally after compiling I've got several looks here I've done which seem quite fall appropriate! Not that it matters with the weather being the same during summer here in sunny Singapore!

I've enjoyed doing more dramatic brown eyes, smokey looks, lots of blush ( I love blush!) and maybe some bright and deep lipstick! I've got plenty of dark lippies but rarely reach for them! Such a shame I know!

I recently met up with an old school friend of mine, she's here studying and it was a great evening. We both got new ear piercings! Photos maybe to come soon!

Continue below for the looks and products used!
Four looks for fall! Blush is a must along with an easy eye and maybe a touch of lipstick for drama!

look 1- Fresh glowy skin and strong cheeks with a very neutral simple eye!
Milani blush in fantastico mauve (my review here!), theBalm Highlighter (my review here!) , Missha perfect cover BB cream, the face shop lovely angel skin foundation, maybelline magnum mascara ( my review here!) , peripera eyeliner ( my review here!) and kate gradient shadows

Completely lined my bottom lash line!

My outfit, love the print on the top, can't close the buttons thanks to my chest! There was no bigger piece!

Finally caved and with the encouragement of my boyfriend got a magnetic polish! It's awesome! And picked up a tiny eyelash glue for future make up looks!
Milani fantastico mauve with a very light hand!
What I wore before I decided to change!

A darker rose taupe lipstick and done
Changed my top!

I used MUFE aqua eyes in black and maybelline sensational lipstick in tinted taupe
look 2- Purple eyeliner and a peachy lid!
Simple and yet fun!
A dark fuchsia lip to add with the simple eye...this look is done!
Thefaceshop angel skin foundation, theBalm Shelter tinted moisturizer (my review here!), Missha perfect cover bb cream, Bourjois pot blush ( my review here!), thebalm single shadow in luscious lani, Bourjois mineral powder in vanille, Neutrogena mascara, NYX lipstick in Chloe (haul here), essence gel eyeliner in rockstar

For some reason I ended up mixing three bases! It didn't turn out that well, the differences in the finishes made my base a bit patchy throughout the day!

Simple eye and dark pink lip!
look 3- Smokey purple and gold!
I was having a lazy day, no base color to intensify my purple!
The completed look with a slick of nude lipstick and sweep of peach blush!
look 4- Bronzey taupe warm eye look!
A pop of bronze, darker brown above the crease and a touch of highlight and slick of liner!
Clinique powder, theBalm highlighter (my review here!), Kate gradient shadows, theBalm single shadow in Mischevious marisa, Bourjois healthy mix foundation, Missha perfect cover bb cream, Bourjois blush in rose de jaspe (my review here!) , kiss me heroine mascara (my review here!), peripera eyeliner (my review here!), kate gel liner (my review here!)

My outfit! loving the shorts!
Fitted shirt for ladies! love it!

The simple bronzey warm eye I wore to meet my old school friend! I love how this look goes with everything!

Hope you guys haven't been too busy since the start of October! I really need to hurry up with somethings. Want to get more done and feel more accomplishments!

I'll be having reviews of the Missha perfect cover BB cream, bourjois healthy mix and majolica majorca shadows and more blushes I picked up!

Need to start a serious ban on make up purchases for the next 2 months at least! Spent too much out today!

Hope you're all doing well and thanks for stopping by!


  1. You look stunning in all the pics! I especially love the 1st one. You've got gorgeous hair!


    1. Aww, thanks for stopping by! My hairs grown really long now! loving it!

  2. pretty looks! look 1 and 4 are my fave!! I love how you dress up, btw!

    1. Thanks! look 4 is something I love to do for a 'bright' eye look! Thank you! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, I try, I have an excuse, its fall time! But not here though! xp

  4. You look so wonderful!
    I love your makeup and your Look!
    great pics!

  5. I love that lip color! it looks so good on you :)

    I am now following your blog :) check mine out




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