Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review: l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara! (before & after photos)

Plush and lush! Who doesn't want long, thick, dark lashes?! I've yet to come across any girl who wants mediocre lashes...anything that does less than the best I've experience isn't good enough anymore!

My friend was moving away a few months ago and gave this mascara to me. I know it's not hygenic to share mascaras but she at most used it twice ever.

At a first glance, it seems pretty amazing but not really....up to my standards! I'll let you know why!

Continue below for more photos and the review!
 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara
 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara
 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara
 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara


Personally I find this tube a bit too large, I don't see the need for mascara tubes to take up so much space and be bulky when essentially they all have about the same amount of product! It's a very sleek black tube but it's not very special. The thick handle with the wand maybe difficult for some to maneuver around the eye as it's not as precise as a slimmer handle.

From the top this brush has a slightly pinched in middle, curving in on both sides which helps with fitting the curve of the lashline.
The side of the wand is much slimmer, I really love brushes with a slimmer side as it allows you to place the brush on top of lashes to add more volume without smudging the lid too much.

Before and after photos!

Bare lashes: Mine are naturally very curved although very thin and wimpy!

After mascara: At least 3 times in volume and a tiny bit more length but not much.
From the side, this mascara is very thickening and dark.

The consistency of this product is fairly wet and thin, this allows for easy building of the mascara but it tends to clumps lashes on the outer corners of my eyes a lot. I like that the formula is very black and thickening when applied in at least two layers like down in the photos below.

The mascara builds onto my natural shape very well, it doesn't make them strange looking but if you have normally straight or downwards pointing lashes this will not be good for you. For smaller hooded/monolided eyes with thin straight lashes this would smudge a lot if your eyelid folds under. 

The formula is wet and doesn't dry very quickly and the formula does not improve curl or length which I think is the priority for shorter, straighter lashes. 

On first glance, two layers of this mascara looks black and thick and quite nice on my lashes but I tested this at home first as it's NOT waterproof and I was worried about that. All the mascaras I trust to wear out for 4-20 hours are waterproof and last me as long as I need. 

After several hours at home, after cooking, gardening and regular house hold chores this mascara ended up smudging and getting messy as the formula is so malleable even after drying on my lashes for hours!

This formula gives very thick and black lashes although it does not increase curl that much.

 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara: The brush is able to get to the base of my lashes when applying!
My natural lashes are curved up and can be barely seen against my lid
With this mascara I have a lot of volume, there's some clumping and my lashes aren't much longer but it does look nice.

Paid: Given to me by a friend, believe the price was around $25 SGD ( 20 USD)

Recommend: Only for those with naturally longer, curled lashes and if you don't mind non-waterproof forumla. Not for Asian type eyes with straight, short lashes especially since this will smudge and not stay well.

Repurchase: Nope! Not for me! I NEED waterproof!

Bottom line: This mascara is thin, great for layering but absolutely can be a mess! This has not much lasting power and for those with smaller asian eyes, single lids and short lashes, don't bother your money with this product!

Are you a fan of any l'oreal mascara? 
I loved the 'Telescopic' one when it was selling in Singapore! 
Do let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the review dear!!
    I was thinking of purchasing it!!
    now, will stay away.:)

    1. Yeah, it's too bad it doesn't last the way I'd like it too!

  2. I love it. You have great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other?

  3. OMG the result is soooooo amazing!! I hope this mascara too here in germany, I'll check the loreal display at my local drugstore !!

    1. Glad you're excited but becareful, it can get messy after a short time if it's not all dry!

  4. Telescopic is my favorite Loreal mascara! :) This one is one of my favorites too although I haven't used it as of late. It makes your lashes look REALLY nice :) It is messy though, I agree!

    1. It was something that worked for me too, but I haven't had it in a while, it no longer sells here but my HG now is way better results wise. Thanks! I know, looks good but doesn't lasts that nicely compared to others.

  5. can definitely see the noticeable differences!! Shame nearly all non-Japanese mascars smudges on me >_<

    1. Yeah, I can understand, same thing happens to me here! No matter what I stick to japanese brand mascaras that are super waterproof! :)




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