Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fall FOTD: Rusty shimmery cranberry brown look!

Rusty, brown and shimmering!

Oh I love pinkish, brownish, goldish shades on the eyes, they are so flattering for brown eyes! This is a look I did that I think is very appropriate for those of you enjoying the 'fall' or autumn season! In Singapore we shall stay hot and wet all year round!

Continue below for photos of the look and products used!
A rusty red cranberry brown eye look inspired for fall!

Rusty cranberry brown eye look!
Rusty cranberry brown eye look!
Rusty cranberry brown eye look!
Products used: NYX eyeshadow trio (my review here!), Wetnwild trio (check out here!), Body shop loose powder, Canmake blush (my review here!), theBalm highlighter (my review here!), maybelline magnum mascara (my review here!), theBalm tinted moisturizer (my review here!), Missha perfect cover (my review here!)

Completed FOTD, a rusty, red cranberry look with a hint of bronze color on the cheeks!

Butterfly chiffon crop top and high shorts?
Black shirt for comfort, periwinkle blue!

Negativity and my say....

A short while ago I had someone leave a 600 word rant comment about her experience with a skincare I reviewed and at the same time she critiqued my choice of pantene and herbal essence shampoo saying that I would be having intense hair damage and hair loss if I don't stop. 

I don't mind people having opinions, especially if it's from your personal experience but this is all subject to your own skin, hair, health and habits. I don't care if you are genuine, my blog is not a platform for someone else to leave advice for my followers and is not a place for people to say that, "only if you care" then listen to these steps...nothing like that belongs here. Start your own blog if you're so passionate. 

These are photos of my hair which naturally against black clothes looks very dark brown, not just in the sun. I've always had thick, oilier at the scalp, drier at the tips hair. I use regular shampoo, I don't need expensive stuff and it's been amazing.

 If it looks like I'm balding then I don't know what planet you're from. If a routine of exfoliants have ruined your skin, don't come and tell me that I'm being an idiot to do so because it works on me. I'd stop or change if it caused me problems.

I love my hair and I'm sorry for people who've had problems with regular products but for the most of us, they work and I don't need someone giving me patronizing advice.


Ended up going with this purple pair of ankle length pants, wanted to pair them with these heeled booties but I went with something flatter instead!

So I settle for this pair, covered in shiny and matte stones it's the most comfy I have another pair in a metallic taupe shade which I love to death!!

Have you tried any cranberry/brown looks yet? 
What do you think of people leaving rants for comments?  
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. Speaking as somebody who actually knows you in real life, your hair is fabulous! I totally agree, giving an opinion is okay, but forcing an opinion, not so great. You look great as always, I'll facebook ya later xx

  2. Don't mind negative people, Jia Lin! Do what you believe is good for you and makes you happy.. as long as you dont hurt anyone, it's your life, right? ;)
    your hair looks amazing! And I love drugstore shampoo!




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