Monday, 2 April 2012

Review: Covergirl Natureluxe mousse mascara! (before/after photos)

Woo hoo! I don't know why it took me this long to review this! Something I got late last year as part of haul of mostly mascara goodies from the States that aren't found locally in Singapore!

I heard so much about this mascara and loved the brush I saw! I wanted the waterproof formula as I don't trust non-water proof or smudge proof formulas at all! It's the only way to guarantee no smudging and a good curl but unfortunately my brother couldn't find the water resistant but I still had to try it!

Continue below for the review and before/after photos!

Covergirl natureluxe mousse mascara!

Covergirl natureluxe mousse mascara!
Covergirl natureluxe mousse mascara!

I've never ever in my whole life in asia seen a mascara with a wand separate when you purchase it!

I've never taken a cap off the tube before using the mascara! I was intrigued but like the idea, I think the mascara can last longer if you don't immediately use it!

Top: L'oreal Telescopic clean definition mascara        Bottom: Covergirl natureluxe mousse mascara

Similar to the L'oreal mascara I loved so much for light clean coats, but it was discontinued several years ago like many other products here! The covergirl brush is more tapered and has more rows of bristles.

The brush after being put into the tube!

Packaging & Product!

I quite enjoy the green tube packaging, it's a bit odd and different from the traditional darker shades around here. Packaging has never really been an issue when it comes to mascara unless it leaks or can't be closed properly!

First off, I love the brush! It's covered in lots of plastic bristles of various lengths and thicknesses, great for definition and going over lashes again and again without getting clumps.

The formula of this mascara is quite wet so it may take a while after opening it for it to become thicker and more buildable. This product has a slight cucumber type smell which I don't mind as opposed to the typical grease type smell.

I'm able to get a decent natural looking coating with this product, however because it's so wet, it gathers lashes together and does not add much length or hold a curl at all. It smudges very easily during application no matter how careful I am.

Due to how it comes off so easily with water or any liquid, I'd never wear this out for long period of time. I don't trust any non-waterproof formula with my life!

Before & After!

Before lashes!
After lashes!

Before lashes!
After lashes!

Multiple coats!
Here I've added one coat...let it almost dry and then went over my lashes again...
Pretty nice volume however it comes off so easily...I won't wear this out for more than a few hours!
Difficult to build evenly because of the formula...
Note: I do not curl my lashes, I don't even own a lash curler! I always clean off smudging on my lids with q-tips too.

Paid: $8.99 USD (from Ulta)      $11 SGD (Soo affordable compared to our regular prices!)

Recommend: Depends, if you already have lashes with some length and curl this would look very natural and would emphasize those things. However if you have single eyelids or very straight asian lashes I don't see this being of very much use. It won't help create much length or curl on thin straight lashes! 

Repurchase: Nope, this tube will last me and I've got no way to repurchase locally but don't intend to anyway!

Bottom Line: Nice for natural definition and some volume but not the best for those with straight thin lashes! I don't like that it isn't water proof so I don't wear this one out! If you want something gentle on the lashes and don't mind smudging a wet formula then maybe give this a try.

Have you tried Natureluxe mascara? Any other covergirl mascara? 
Waterproof or not? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. your lashes are looooong! mine are pathetic T.T

    1. Haha...thanks! Compared to many other people I know mine are tiny! We've all got our beauty issues I guess! I suck at using falsies because I've got no practice x.x




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