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Quick look: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lipguard!

Thank you to all my new followers the past month! I'd never thought my blog would have followers at all! I really enjoy blogging and reading others blog when time allows, I really appreciate the support!

I've been missing the last two weeks due to my final IB exams coming up next month! I hope to try to post once a week or whenever I can, but I might be missing for a while again!

This is a quick look at Thursday Plantation, an Australian brand known for Tea Tree and Eucalyptus products. I used to use their oil for blemishes but not so much anymore. This is a tea tree lipbalm my mother picked up when we were in Melbourne.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Guard (lip balm)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Guard (lip balm)

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Guard (lip balm)
The lipbalm with the cap off, quite a bit showing...
Fully twisted up...

It's quite a large tube for lipbalm. Size comparison (Revlon lipstick, NYX round lipstick)

Product & Packaging!

Having used this lipbalm for a short while I have to say that I do not enjoy it at all. I love tea tree products but the balm is very dry, waxy and matte. It's not good for dry lips or lips that need moisturizing. There's a slight tingle and smell of tea tree oil however the formula feels like candle wax being applied.

The size of the tube is also quite cumbersome, I usually prefer slimmer tubes but wouldn't mind Nivea for instant as the balm is nice to use. I find that because a third of the balm sticks out of the top, it's easy for mishaps and accidental knicking to occur, so thumbs down for that!

Paid: $2.75 AUS ($2.90 USD)

Repurchase: Nope!

Recommend: Not at all if you're looking for something moisturizing!

Bottom line: It's waxy, dry, matte finish with a slight tea tree scent. This is the opposite of what I'm looking for in a moisturizing lip product! I do love other Thursday plantation products but not this one!

Are you a fan of Thursday plantation products? 
Tried any 'matte' lipbalms? or do you prefer regular moisturizing types? 
 let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


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