Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Review: L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!

Fuzzy taupe lips! For those who know me in person, I rarely am seen wearing lipstick on a daily basis due to my dry lips and how they tend to dry out easily despite being the person who drinks the most water. When I do slap on lipstick on my free days or for special occasions I either go for nude or hot pink. Personally I always prefer a brown toned nude as pink toned ones simply look super red or rosy on top of my natural lip color. Hence when I found this baby at Watsons some months ago and swatched it, I just had to pick it up!

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L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!

L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
Swatches of L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
Product & Packaging!

L'oreal has really expanded, revamped, and repackaged all of their products the last five years and now they have a gorgeous lipstick line with sleek looking bullets that don't scream drugstore at all. To my surprise they have decent choices in every color category although I still wish there were more brown toned nudes. When I swatched this shade, I knew I had to have it, being someone with such rose colored lips it's hard to find a nude that looks nude on my lips instead of deep rose.

The packaging of the current line of lipsticks in Singapore are golden sleek shiney and come with a color patch in the middle of the bullet so you know what shade lipstick is inside. I do like the packaging and it's a new revamp of what the bullets used to look like. 

Fuzzy Taupe is a gorgeous taupe colored brown nude that is a very gorgeous medium type of brown nude that works very well on top of my deep rosy lips. The texture of the lipstick is also super silky, smooth and the texture is light and super comfortable worn. For someone with lips that dry out so easily no matter how hydrated I stay it's so important to get a creamy lightweight lipstick.

When this lipstick wears out, it's does so nicely. It isn't patchy or disappears very obviously so that's why I do like this very much. I don't pay too much attention to wear time but I think it's quite average but adding in that it wears off nicely it still looks fine after hours on.

L'oreal Lipstick in Fuzzy Taupe!
Paid: $21.90 SGD or about $16 USD

Recommend: Yes, there are plenty of varied shades and tones in L'oreal lipstick line and the texture of this product is light, smooth and great for those who have dryer lips!

Repurchase: Maybe, being someone who doesn't wear lipstick very much or very often I typically don't buy lipsticks but I totally would consider buying another from L'oreal!

Bottom line: This lipstick is a gorgeous brown taupe nude that would be great on light to deeper skintones. For those with rosy toned lips, this finally looks like a proper nude brown instead of a deep rose like many 'nudes' do!

What lipsticks do you have from L'oreal?
Do you like taupe browns?
Let me know!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous color! I've been totally digging Taupe lately, and I just ran out of my favorite lipstick. I hope they carry these at my local pharmacy!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  2. Gosh, the colour is so pretty! If I ever wear a lipstick, this would be my kind of shade. xoxo

  3. Hi Sharlynn,

    This colour looks so natural on you! I actually had the misconception that you are a lipstick person coz I always see your pouty lips in many lipstick shade. You're so lucky to have naturally coloured lips. Mine are just brown. I totally get you about why you seldom wear lipsticks. It's the exact same reason for me. My lips also tend to dry out a lot more if I apply lipstick which is completely weird. And yes, I drink loads of water too.

    I haven't noticed the packaging for Loreal's lipsticks so one look at this and they look like the more luxurious counter brands.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  4. Hi Sharlynn,

    I think that this colour does look a little pink in some picture but more brown in some...??? but you know what??? It looks good on you. You are really good being able to describe the product so well.


  5. I love these types of mauvey brown shades!

  6. This color looks perfect on you! It's funny how it looks more light pink on you but much darker in the swatch photo? Different lighting?

    1. I know what yo u mean! It's a bit because of the lighting but also because my natural lip color is very deep pink! So medium browns look lighter and pinkier on my lips! :)

  7. Lovely colour, it looks great on you!




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