Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Holiday Special: Day 3 in Bangkok, Siam Square, Street Food and Central World! (March 2016)

Siam Square Street Food and dinner at Central World! Day 3 in Bangkok with my mother earlier this year was basically a day of lots of food and walking around from mall to mall! We started off our day at Siam Square which is in the center of Bangkok and our favorite place to get lunch and to shop before walking to the malls near by and then talking a longer walk to Central World mall where we had dinner at our favorite hot pot thai restaurant.

My favorite part of the day as you will see below was checking out all the street vendors outside the large malls. Especially outside and along Central World mall! Freshly grilled, deep fried and cooked snacks from late afternoon till late at night!

Continue below for the foodie focused day in Bangkok!

Holiday Special: Day 3 in Bangkok, Siam Square, Street Food and Central World! (March 2016)
Gotta start the day off right with a simple face of pretty make up! Teal eyeliner is my favorite so I paired it with my go to winged eyeliner and pink blush from Marc Jacobs!
My mom in Som Tam restaurant which is near Siam Square, it's a super popular spot selling Thai food! First time trying and it was amazing!
Som Tam means papaya salad in Thai, a dish Thailand is famous for. The menu is full of gorgeous local dishes as well as some special regional dishes which I was so glad to see!
The menu at Som Tam! So many awesome dishes but we couldn't try them all sadly!
The spicy pork rib soup, clear, spicy as hell, tasty as hell and filled with gorgeous small juicy pieces of pork ribs and loaded with fresh straw mushrooms! So damn delicious!
Fried sea bass with sweet and spicy sauce with fresh onions and mint! My mother loves fish and this dish was what she was looking forward to, we didn't expect a full small fish so she was really happy! This was delicious but so much!
And of course, how could we visit Som Tam restaurant and not try their payaya salad? So fresh, crunchy and the seasoning so good, a bit too spicy than I'd like but it was so yummy!
Fermented Chang Mai sausage served with a green chilli paste and fried pork skin! So tasty, so herby and so meaty, these sausages are beautiful for the meat lovers!
All the food vendors, carts and stalls along the main streets in Bangkok outside the malls, these are outside Platinum Fashion Mall!
Bangkok's famous deep fried chicken! The seasoning is amazing, the meat is always juicy and the outside so tasty. Here this stall selling chicken skin, the entire thigh and the wings separately!
Turkish Kebab! Not very common in Bangkok, these kebab stalls are literally everywhere in Phuket!
Local dishes like bowls of noodles and take away hot food for only two Singapore Dollars a pop!
A shoe shop near Platinum Fashion Mall! So many sandals, slippers and more! For those looking for cheap colorful and fashionable feet wear, you're in the right city!
A stall making japanese style tonkatsu pork chops! After frying, they cut it up and then put on the mayo and various sauces before serving it to you with fresh salad!
Crossing the bridges between the large malls in Bangkok! Walking everywhere!
All the gorgeous food trucks and stalls! There's such a mix of stuff, from ramen to local noodles to gelato pops and more!
Pick a stick and they grill it fresh!
An almost complete bar on wheels! It was still early and there weren't any customers yet.
A mango shop! Mango with stick rice, mango shakes and mango just as it is! Thai mango is the best!
A gelato pop truck! Oh can you believe these are all about $3.50 each!? Crazy and they were all so fun and creative!
Gorgeous local thai sausages and marinated chicken parts like heart and intestines slow charcoal grilling till perfection!
A stall making noodles, you choose the different ingredients including fresh seafood on the left and vegetables!
A stall selling only deep fried battered things! Everything from chicken liver, gizzards, wings, drumsticks and other bits and bobs!
Fresh sticks of seafood. Pick what you want, they boil it and slather it with sauce!
This man was grilled the juiciest bits of pork with the most delicious sweet and savory marinade. I bought a few sticks and would have eaten a whole stack if I didn't already have dinner!
A favorite restaurant of my mom and I in Central World. They have great hot pot dishes and lots of local dishes. Great prices and all so tasty and authentic!
A stir fried mix vegetable! Fresh, crunchy, sweet and lovely sauce.
The most gorgeous seafood fried rice, lots of egg, lots of seafood and the chilli soy sauce makes it perfect!
A spicy seafood hot pot! We got it in the smallest size but it was still A LOT! The soup was spicy and tasty, love the sour flavor too and it was packed with crab, mussels, prawn and squid! Gorgeous!
Mom and I! Both so stuffed by the time we were done with dinner but it was so good. That luggage under my mom, was filled with shopping goodies from the day! Heehee!

Day 3 was pretty much shopping around the most popular malls in the heart of Bangkok and lots of eating and snacking along the way. We always hit up these particular areas as they are our favorite and we also visit the pharmacy in Siam Paragon as well as they fancy supermarket too. I will simply never get tired of visiting these malls in Bangkok.

Do you also love shopping and eating around Bangkok?
Have you got a favorite mall in Bangkok?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Siam Square & Central World are 2 of my fave places too, Sharlynn! You look so pretty in the photos, dear! xoxo

  2. love your makeup look, those cheeks are poppin' ! all the food looks delicious.




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