Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Pretty Powerful Pink look! (lunch with the girlfriends and lobster roll dinner)

Pretty Pink eyes and food with friends! For me nothing beats catching up with friends and quality food. I'm someone who has a huge appetite and am literally constantly trying to loose weight I've gained from over eating. OH DEAR. Sometime ago I managed to meet up with two lovely lady friends of mine and we had a good lunch at my favorite Crystal Jade outlet in town. After our 'little' lunch later in the evening the boyfriend and I tried a new place which I specially went after in order to try their lobster roll!

Continue below for the wonderful foodie day!
Pink make up, lots of xiao long bao and lobster roll!
My bold pretty pink make up look!
Using shadows from various brands with a purple eyeshadow base!
Close up of my bold pretty pink eye look! A mix of urban decay and other shadows on top of a purple base.
On my cheeks a super shimmery pink blush and a dark brown gel eyeliner from Clio in my waterline!
The completed look! Pink on the eyes, lips and cheeks!
Doing that 'smile with your eyes' thing! Pretty and pink, love that gleam on my cheeks!
Girl time! Finally got to meet up with my girly friend again! We be all dolled up!
Just had to get this photo with the new mini trolleys at Watsons! Why didn't they have these years ago!? I needed one ages ago!
A delicious portion of mince meat la mian noodles! Just a touch spicy, I could really use a lot more spice personally but these noodles are always so damn good!
Us gals digging into a big spread of xiao long bao! The red is chilli crab flavor, the orange is salted egg yolk, the white is original and the green is ginseng! These purses of goodness are my favorite dim sum item and I think Crystal Jade's are the best!
Finally managed to meet up with this doll!
In front of my favorite Crystal Jade outlet! The La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Takashimaya!
For dessert we shared churros with banana ice cream from Mr. Churro! Fresh, hot and so yummy!
The menu at The Market Grill! We ordered a half dozen of oysters and the Charcuterie Connoisseur Board to start!
Then we ordered a Lobster roll to share for mains! Yes Lobster Rolls cost like $30-$60 in Singapore...it's not affordable for the most part!
My boyfriend's duck ducky face! We got seats outside since they were quite full inside and kitchen bar seats were quite warm.
Iced lemon tea and iced coffee!
Six fat juicy super fresh oysters with red wine vinegar and chopped shallots! They were so good!
The oysters were such a treat! It's such a rare thing for us to eat in Singapore so we keep it for special occasions.
The duck rilette and pate were my favorites! Omg, I can eat duck rilette all the time with toasted bread!
The lobster roll! The roll itself was perfect, the meat, the sauce, the butter toasted brioche...the only downside was the tiny sides of fries and salad. For a $45 price tag, I would like to see more sides!
Decided to get dessert, caramelized banana wrapped and baked in pastry with crumble and a rum raisin ice cream!

Such an indulgent day! Meeting up with friends is such a treasure, I realized that I need to plan better to be with friends! to catch up! It was also really nice to try out a new fancier place. The Lobster Roll and Oysters were great, the boyfriend and I totally thought the food was great overall. Definitely pricey but very worth it. I've basically been doing my best to try new things at new places the last year instead of constantly eating at the same places.

When was the last time you met up with friends for a meal?
Are you a lover of lobster rolls and oysters too?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Friends and food! Always the best ^_^
    The lobster roll looks so so good! -drooling-
    I'm sorry to say but I don't like raw oysters :c
    xx Ice Pandora

  2. Love the colourful post! I've a Crystal Jade just a stone's throw away from my home but I haven't seen these salted egg-yolk siao long bao. I wanna try too!

    I've to admit the lobster roll is pricey even for me. Looking charming as ever! Have an awesome week, dear!

  3. I never eat things like this, you make me want to try so many new foods!

  4. Salted egg yolk flavour?! I haven't had salted egg yolk in so long, but you have made my mouth start watering and it's only 9:30am here!

    Pink makeup is also beautiful and fun as always!

  5. I had a friend over and cooked dinner for her a few days ago :)
    My fiancé was spending some time with his friends so we had a proper girls night with a lot of talking, laughter and tears (cause we laughed so much) :)
    I would LOVE to try lobster but I do not think I can eat it cause I seem to be allergic to seafood...
    I remember when I ate crayfrish for the first time.. I actually thought I was going to die cause my tongue got so swollen and it burned for several days in my mouth :(

  6. Oh and your makeup is so so beautiful :)

  7. I love this look! It looks so young and vibrant and it looks so great for a day out with friends! And yummy food pictures as always!




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