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Holiday Special: Day 2 in Bangkok, lunch in Siam Square, Beautrium and the Gourmet Market! (March 2016)

Siam Square and visiting the Gourmet supermarket! Day two of my trip to Bangkok with my mom back in March consisted with having a huge delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant in Siam Square and then shopping around the area! Ban Khun Mae is a very popular and well known restaurant serving Thai food in Siam Square, they are opened all day and we headed for lunch. While in the heart of town, we spent most of the day at Siam Paragon and the amazing large gourmet supermarket there that has EVERYTHING!

Continue below for day two in Bangkok!
Holiday Special: Day 2 in Bangkok, lunch in Siam Square, Beautrium and the Gourmet Market! (March 2016)
One of the main streets near the service apartment we stayed at! This one didn't have many shops or stalls, the other side had much more!
Mom and I getting a seat in a small local shop for a bowl of noodles!
The roast meats! Pork belly, char sui, roast duck!
The chef preparing the noodles for us, we were their only customers at the time, it was a quiet morning and they had just opened soon!
Our delicious bowl of mixed roast meat wanton noodles! Roast pork, char sui and roast duck with a delicious soup! The thai version of roast meat noodles has a very different but delicious soup to the same dish in singapore!
The yummy chewy egg noodles! It's a vice, I can't live without noodles like this!
Along the sides of the streets in Bangkok, checking out all the glorious food carts! Selling stir fries, noodles, grilled meats and more for a few dollars a portion!
Some interesting shops nearby! Really wish we had some pizza!
Inside a pet store! Home made dog friendly macaroons!
The pet store! It's half a clinic and half a shop selling lots of fun doggie accessories!
One of the cool shops just outside the sky train station. This one sells lots of fun colorful sushi and sushi sets!
Dropping by a very established restaurant selling local food in Siam Square popular with expats, tourists and locals! Ban Khun Mae!
Mom trying to be all cute posing for the camera!
Their tom yum goong soup! So delicious, the soup is perfectly balanced of sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Filled with so much straw mushrooms and juicy prawns! Their is the best!
Thai prawn cakes! Juicy, crispy, hand made and so good!
Nothing beats fresh prawn cakes, so juicy, so tasty and piping hot! Great paired with the sweet dipping sauce!
A delicious appetizer, rice skin parcels filled with mince pork, mushrooms and coriander! Topped with yummy local chicken ham!
For dessert to a very filling meal, mango and stick rice! Oh so good with a good dollop of coconut cream on top! When in Thailand, you must eat as much of this as you can!
Mom and I sharing our glorious lunch! Oh everything was so good at Ban Khun Mae!
The main street around Siam Square, part of it usually is closed off or has traffic police helping the large amount of foot traffic to cross around.
Basically the one stop beauty shop for beauty lovers! Beautrium carries local brands, American drugstore brands, European drugstore and Japanese drugstore brands along side Indie brands and trending Korean products too!
The many local thai brands of pressed powders! This is a heaven for me!
Such a large spread of American drugstore brands! I wish we could even have a fraction of these products in Singapore!
A really cool looking Indie brand I've never seen before! I was SOOO tempted to buy one of the eyeshadow palettes!
Lime crime lip products! Amazing that they stock Lime Crime! I just oogled but had no interest!
The japanese drugstore brands! Freshel and Kose Fasio were fun to browse, so many options you can't find in singapore! I stocked up on my holy grail two way pressed powder from ZA, as it's cheaper in Bangkok!
The HUGE range of face masks products! From Japanese, Korean and other Asian brands!
Around Siam Square, we came across this super cute "Duck Cafe"! The food and drinks all are duckie themed!
A really posh coffee shop! In Bangkok there are so many of these mobile type of food/drink carts!
The start of the small maze of shops around Siam Square! You won't get the cheapest things there but quality is pretty good for both bags and clothing!
Taking a drink break into a cafe called "Mango Tango", they sell all sorts of desserts and drinks made with fruits, especially the local thai mango!
Our drinks! The funny thing was that neither of us got any mango products! Mom got a kiwi smoothie and I had a mango and melon smoothie, they were really good though!
Visiting our favorite Gourmet Market supermarket in the basement of Siam Paragon! It's the most amazing supermarket with everything!
One of the many cafes and food stalls on the same floor as the large supermarket! This one does seafood hot pot!
A stall selling delicious fresh soft steamed rice skin wraps filled with prawn, pork and vegetables with an amazing dip!
Another stall selling local curries!
An array of fresh seafood, mostly giant prawns for you to pick to be cooked or put into a steamboat!
Beautiful big fluffy decorated cakes! Love all the strawberries and chocolate shavings!
Smaller fat pretty little cakes! I wish cakes sold in this cute size more readily in singapore, it's perfect for just 2 or 3 people!
Baskets of melons, pineapples and more fruit! Love super sweet honey dew melons!
A center piece filled with drawers and packets of dried and preserved fruits! From ginger, to mango, to dates, apples and more!
The HUGE range of boxed teas. I was so in love of the variety, they had so many special and premium teas that singapore doesn't carry!
The awesome range of charcuterie, preserved hams and more!

Lots of presliced beautiful meats and chilled olives, onions, fish, tomatos and more!
The fluffy buttery croissants at the bakery counter!
The sushi and sashimi counter! The thai really love sushi and making it fun and coloful too!
Again, the HUGE range of bottled beers! Only a fifth or less of the range is in this photo! Lots of foreign brands as well as asian ones!
Jellies and yummy mung bean dessert! The fruit and vegetable looking pieces are a delicious local dessert made of sweet bean paste!
The most delicious takoyaki balls, so filled with all kinds of goodness! I hate it when they are so stingy with ingredients!
Large crispy yummy local pancakes with sweet egg yolk shavings and coconut!
Delicious local thai style sausages, from the spicy, herbed to the fermented!
Various delicious dim sum!
Local delights! Mini fish cakes, sweet sticky pork, deep fried pork strips and garlic fried pork!
We decided to eat at a cafe in the basement along side all the food stalls! Mom had a teriyaki chicken with vegetables on rice!
I indulged in a tempura set! Oh I love my deep fried goodies!
All the cafes and restaurants in the large basement!
There was a 'piri piri' chicken, basically their version of Nando's!
Takeaway mango and sticky rice! Soooo damn delicious! When in thailand eat as much of this as you can! The mangos are always sweet and the rice always done just right, not too soft and slightly salted and chewy!
The most delicious and delicate steamed rice wrap rolls filled with pork, fresh vegetables and herbs! The dip was AMAZING!
Lastly here is an overview of the things mom and I bought to bring back to our apartment to eat! Cut fruits, steamed corn, pumpkin, mango and sticky rice, dessert and fresh spring rolls!

That was the end of my 2016 trip to Bangkok with my mom! Day two was basically full of feasting, food and getting pharmacy items and dog treats at the awesome gourmet supermarket in Siam Paragon!

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  1. eep! The pics look amazing :) hope you're having a lovely time xx

    ployvarn.com x

  2. I definitely need to have mango and sticky rice next time I go to Thailand, it sounds delicious! I can't remember whether or not I tried it last time I was there

  3. Ahh your post makes me recall my Bangkok trip many years ago as I went here too! That supermarket is so amazing. You could spend a whole trip just eating there lol

  4. OMG This post makes me want to go to Bangkok a.s.a.p!
    That beauty heaven! *__* I will have to write you to ask for tips before I'm going to Bangkok ( planning to go next year teehee ).

  5. What a day! Your mom is adorable :-)
    That beauty place had so many brands! How did you control yourself??

  6. I always enjoy your food pictures. Everything looks so yummy! Sheet mask heaven!


  7. Hi Sharlynn,

    Wow! There are so many interesting and delicious food to eat in Bangkok! Dog friendly macaroons!!! These pets are so lucky these days.

    I can see that your mum and you were enjoying this trip very much :)


  8. What a wonderful blog post :)
    It made me very very hungry :D
    Beautrium seems to be a wonderful place :) I would go totally bonkers in there :)
    Your mom is so incredibly adorable and you are beautiful as always :)

  9. You eat the most delicious stuff in Bangkok! I'm missing their tom yum, mango sticky rice and Thai iced tea right now. The wanton noodles look like it has a nice QQ texture to it! I know I love this sort of "mee kia". I'm SO hungry at 2:40am here. Macarons for dogs??? Wow... Lucky dogs... though I know they must be tasteless for it to be suitable for dogs.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  10. OMG, the tom yam looks so yummy! Love to try the prawn cakes too, dear! Yum! xoxo

  11. Seems like you're having a great time ! Everytime i visit your blog , i see such delicious looking food , Yum :D




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