Thursday, 10 March 2016

Rave Review: L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!

Turbo Turqoise Teal! When it comes to eyeliner, two colors will always draw me in. Like most girls I love and appreciate a good solid rich black and then there's teal which I always grab to line over my regular eyeliner or for the waterline for a pop of color! When it comes to eyeliners which are in the pencil form I always stick to gel pencils as I've had no luck with other formulations no matter how "smudge proof" or "waterproof" they claim to be. Gel pencils have always been a winner for my super watery eyes so when I saw this gorgeous blue toned liner from L'oreal I had to get it!

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L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!
L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!

L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!
Packaging & Product!

This eyeliner comes in a very typical twist up pencil design. I do appreciate that the full length of the product isn't too much longer than the actual gel pencil inside so it's not too bulky. I also do like that the bottom end of the pencil has a color band which matches the color of the liner. There's also a mini sharpener on the bottom for those who wish to sharpen the tip of the gel pencil. For me, I rarely sharpen my twist up pencils as typically the pencils are slimmer than regular sharpening pencils and I don't need it very fine either.

Right to the pencil, it's pretty much perfect for me! The pencil has a nice slighter dryer type of feel but yet it draws very smoothly but isn't too soft. The color is a vibrant bright teal and has a gorgeous metallic sheen. I love how the pencil stays in my waterline without moving at all throughout the day and I don't have to touch up more than once throughout an entire afternoon.

For application on the lower waterline and lashline, it's very easy and smooth but do expect a slight drag on the upper lids as the gel pencil is on the less creamy side. All in all this eyeliner is a gorgeous one and for those with oilier lids this might be what you need!

Swatches of L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!
Wearing L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise in my waterline!
L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise! Just love that pop of color!
Paid: $18.90 SGD or about $13.50 USD

Recommend: YES. This eyeliner basically meets all my standards for a great eyeliner pencil and also actually lasts throughout a whole day! I love this shade and the formula.

Repurchase: No, currently I don't use up eyeliner very quickly so although this pencil has been amazing I won't be repurchasing it too soon.

Bottom line: A seriously great gel pencil liner for those who love their pencils vibrant and staying on until you're ready to take them off! You really can't go wrong with these eyeliners.

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How do you feel about teal?
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  1. Wow the pigmentation looks intense!!
    I am not brave enough to wear such a bright shade on the eyes, but the color suits you very well ^^It's not easy to find a nice eye liner esp in the drugstore, gladly this one performs well :D

  2. Such a beautiful color and so pigmented , wow !

  3. wow, the pigmentation of this eyeliner is so intense. And I love how you state that it stays superlong. That's perfect for an eyeliner.

  4. I just love how much colour you use on your eyes :D. I need to start doing that. Also I'm liking the liners you gave me! The tips were really dry and I was confused, but I just cut them off and now they're awesome!

  5. The pigmentation is fantastic. I like the mild shimmery feel it has.

  6. The formula and application sounds great, if this was in black, it'd be perfect ♥

  7. Hi Sharlynn,

    Yes! I like this bright and shimmery blue eyeliner. It looks very good on you :)


  8. Wowwww! love that pop of colour girl!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  9. So friggin cute for spring!
    Thank you for the visit hun, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. That liner looks amazing on you :)
    I love wearing a pop of color every now and then... I love teal but I always gravitate towards purple for some reason :)

  11. The liner is really impressive, you look so pretty in this makeup. Missing your new post <3

  12. Great pigmentation, love how it looks in your waterline! I am yet to find a formula that stays put in my waterline, have always wanted a black for it but no luck thus far




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