Friday, 25 March 2016

Special: My Grandma's 81st Chinese Vegetarian Birthday Dinner!

Bold make up and delicious vegetarian food! This post is sooooo late! It's from last July when my family had a delicious chinese vegetarian dinner for my grandma's birthday. Her birthday fell on a friday which is a day every week that she takes fully vegetarian so we ended up eating at a popular vegetarian restaurant in town. Some of the dishes were so good I still can't stop thinking about them and would love to go back to have them again.

Since this dinner was for a special occasion I wore a new blue and white cheongsam inspired dress and matched it with a simple blue smokey eye!

Continue below for my make up and the dinner!
My Grandma's 81st Chinese Vegetarian Birthday Dinner!
My smokey navy blue eyes using shadows from the coastal scents smokey palette!
My smokey navy blue eyes using shadows from the coastal scents smokey palette!
Wearing sleek's true colour lipstick in Vixen! A gorgeous true red that's neutral.
My complete look! A cool toned smokey blue eye with a bold red lip!
Red and blue! A pairing I rarely do but it works.
Close up of my eye look! I kept the shadows all quite compact and didn't bring the color too high up above the crease! Complete with a blue and navy eyeliner in the waterline.
The completed look and my pretty dress!
Shadows used: Catrice highlight shade and dior cannage eyeshadow on my inner lid.
The three shadows I used from my coastal scents smokey palette.
Products used: ZA true white foundation, Brigitte BB powder, ZA perfect fit powder, Shiseido shimmery eye color, Gino McCray eyebrow pencil, Art Deco brow gel, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Abyss and Perversion, Canmake eyeliner, Maybelline the rocket volume mascara, Kiss me heroine mascara, Sleek true colour lipstick in Vixen
The first course of the dinner! Traditional lotus paste filled buns shaped like peaches!
A super refreshing green mango and mock chicken salad! The dressing with sweet, sour and so yummy!
Super tasty rich thick mushroom soup! It was so good it seemed like it was seafood based!
The lovely pieces of mushroom and melon!
Meat free 'satay'! This dish was AMAZING. The textures of fried mushrooms, beancurds, chestnut and vegetables with the super tasty peanut sauce made this so damn good I was happy there was no meat!
Deep fried yam ring! A favorite in Singapore, unfortunately the yam itself wasn't seasoned enough and the crispy coating could have been more the ring was filled up really well with lots of wok fried vegetables!
Delicious house made wheatgrass tofu! This is quite a common dish found in chinese restaurants here! The tofu had a gorgeous texture and clean taste, love the crisp outside!
Deep fried crunchy crispy monkey head mushrooms with broccoli! The texture of the mushrooms were amazing! So crunchy, meaty and the slightly spicy and savory sauce made this so damn good!
Noodles in a light broth! This was the most 'MEH' course, not much taste in the soup and they shouldn't have used button mushrooms which doesn't go with the asian flavors.
Dessert! A sweet fruity soup with crunchy bits of fungus and fruit!

What was the last vegetarian meal you had?
Anything you'd like to try?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow, you look breathtakingly beautiful, love your makeup honey, kisses <3

  2. Your cheongsam is sooo pretty!! I love cheongsam <3 <3
    I love your make up! It's lovely as usual :-) bold lip shade suits you well ^^
    and the food looks delicious!! :9

  3. First of all.... I LOVE your outfit and the makeup is so stunning.. you are so beautiful :)
    Second of all... THE FOOD LOOKS SO YUMMY!!! Sorry for the caps... it just looks so darn delicious :D
    The last vegetarian thing I ate.. well me and my fiancé... were some vegetarian tacos :)
    We put lots and lots of vegetables in them and instead of meat we used black beans :)

    P.S I have sent you an e-mail
    I´m not sure if you got it but I sent you one :)

  4. Your eye look really complements your striking dress! Plus red lips always add the drama for a special occasion. Those buns that look like peaches are so realistic and cute :) The meal looks like a really filling and tasty one!

  5. Love the dress and makeup, very cute!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your grandma!! You look beautiful as
    always and the veggie foods here looking GOOD!! Xx Ice Pandora

  7. Oh I miss you Sharlynn!! Delicious food as always ~ lovin' your dress and your eyes makeup totally match, so pretty ^-^

  8. You look so beautiful! Like a piece of exquisite China with your dress!




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