Thursday, 3 March 2016

Food Post: All things eaten at home and out in November 2015! (chinese takeout, Indonesian, Japanese)

Eats, eats and more eats! My food post have been quite delayed the last few months due to work commitments and having to slow down my blogging. Things are definitely going to be a slower on my blog but I definitely am not going silent for huge chunks of time! This food post is from all the delicious edibles I had during the month of November. It was a month filled with lots of new eats like having Dosai at a joint I've only patronized for prata, eating at a new Indonesian place, having a late night Japanese supper and having korean fried chicken with my brother!

Continue below for all the yummy food shots!

Food post for November! Indonesian goodies, japanese, indian, local and more food bits!
From the top we have a home made plate of mee rebus (yellow noodles with sweet potato gravy) garnished with eggs, shallots, bean sprouts, coriander, stir fried kailan with pork, seafood horfun noodles, sweet and sour pork.
Soy and garlic korean fried chicken at Chicken Up at Tanjong Pagar! This was soooo good, loved the crunchy skin and sauce!
Bulgogi fries! Big fries covered in korean stir fried beef with shallots, mayo, cheese and spring onions! This was sooo yummy!
Matcha and red bean bingsu, shaved milk ice, red bean, matcha ice and whipped cream!
A bowl of my favorite ban mian noodles (chewy wheat noodles with a meaty clear broth, mince meat and vegetable), a plain chewy dosai and a crispy 'paper' dosai with extra orders of butter chicken and palek paneer (spinach and indian cheese)
A gorgeous Omu rice (fried rice wrapped with egg) served with fried chicken! My girlfriend ordered this off the menu at a little joint she brought me too for supper!
My huge fried oyster set! Super juicy and yummy with braised vegetables, a salad, soup and of course japanese rice!
An afternoon snack of honey lime pop eye's chicken, seafood pad thai, pork kway teow and a packet of local thai pancakes with desiccated coconut!
A set meal for one at a cheap Thai chain. Pineapple fried rice with fried fish, pandan chicken a green chicken curry and a spring roll!
I felt it wasn't going to be enough so I added on a delicious green mango salad which was so good, crunchy, refreshing and spicy!
A super filling late afternoon 'tea' with my mom and grandma. We had a bowl of congee, wanton noodles, xiao long bao, prawn filled beancurd skin, mango/prawn rolls and chee cheong fan with shrimp and one with char sui!
A super delicious and simple dinner after work! A bowl of the softest, freshest air flown udon noodles (the soup is so damn good although it looks normal) and a portion of mixed tempura (crispy and piping hot)!
Trying out Indo Box! Grilled chicken, a fresh fruit salad with a delicious dip, chicken rice noodles, whole fried fish (super fresh, sweet and crispy)
My brothers' delicious fried chicken set served with a side of stewed vegetables, sambal, peanuts, fried anchovies and egg!
My delicious ayam penyet set which is fried smashed chicken with came with a side of soup, tahu telor (fried egg battered tofu with sweet sauce) and crackers! We all shared the fruit salad and tried each other's food!
Home made japchae! Korean stir fried potato noodles with pork slices, bell peppers, fish cake and bean sprouts!
A huge portion of waygu steak for dinner with fries, corn, broccoli and carrots! The steak was huge 300-400 grams so we cut it up!
A DIY ice cream counter! Dried fruits, sweet toppings and all!
A container with marshmallows!
The gorgeous modern interior of Makan@Jen restaurant!
The salad counter with lots of different dressings! I didn't touch this but I did have some rojak with pineapple, turnip, fried fritters and peanuts.
A shot of the buffet display, these buds in the front are ginger flowers, cut thinly they are super super fragrant and are used in rojak!
A sirloin steak with wedges! Super tender and yummy!

There you have it! Another delicious and photo packed food post! I've been making it a huge point towards the end of the year to eat at new places or to try out different things rather than just always eating and ordering the same things! Can't wait to share December's food post in the near future!

Have you eaten any of the food I've featured in this post?
Craving anything recently?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I looooove foodie post!! Good thing, I am in the middle of dinner prep, so I can fulfil my appetite after looking at those delicious food picts!
    The fried chicken looked so yummy, Sharlynn! I love fried chicken so much :9

  2. I'm craving steak and fries so hard right now. I have to cook dinner soon, but now I'm thinking of making another trip to the grocery store!

  3. I love how diverse your food tastes are! Everything looks amazing. I love Korean fried chicken, and Indian food, and Japanese food, and OMG, those bulgogi fries look amazing. Need to try something like that someday! Sorry to hear about work piling up - I know the feeling! Just take it at your own pace, we always love seeing your updates! :)

  4. OMG, you certainly got us all with your food shots! I've yet to visit Jen tho. Awesome round-up of different cuisines, dear! xoxo




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