Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review: Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!

Powder me up with Mineral Powder! It's definitely no surprise to long time readers that I'm a powder freak! I must have pressed powder with me at all times. My favorite type of foundation is pressed and powder as I love being matte. Setting my liquid foundation with pressed powder is also a step I never skip unless the foundation truly has a dry touch finish, I find that most liquid foundation will eventually melt off, sweat off or fade due to my oils at the end of the day and powder keeps everything in place and looking great.

Currently there is only one pressed powder that I've repurchased year after year from ZA, their Perfect Fit two way foundation powder as it's been my favorite. However recently I've purchased  powder from many different brands, giving them all a go since it's the one product I really manage to go through and finish regularly!

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Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!
Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!
Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!
Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C! This is the middle shade of 3 avalible! OC-B, OC-C and OC-D!
Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C! You get more than the average amount at 11 grams!
Packaging & Product!

Kate's line of make up is much like ELF, NARS, NYX and many others that stick to plain black and white and clean lines and text. It's simple, nothing special, just functional and pretty much fuss free. As I am always using new and different powders I tend not to buy powders that come seperately from the case as it's a slim chance I would actually repurchase it. That logic applied to this powder which I just purchased the refill of as I didn't intend to bring this out for touching up. The case however is very compact, square with a mirror it just housed the powder and wasn't bulky at all.

Let's get into the product itself! Firstly, I'm a powder addict and I've tried and have gone through soooo many pans of powder it's not even funny! This powder has a gorgeous silky, slightly creamy texture that's super finely milled. Despite being so smooth and fine, the powder is heavy duty and by itself is good enough to even out the skintone and brighten up around my eyes and nose area. This powder used to set a liquid foundation is very heavy so I go with a light hand and fluffier brush.

In terms of shade, there are only 3 shades OC-B, OC-C and OC-D of which I use the middle shade. The funny thing is that the matching powder to liquid foundation in the shade OC-C matches me perfectly and yet is a touch light but yet the same shade of powder is just the tiniest bit darker than I'd like especially on top of a liquid foundation. Overall this powder is great if you want to only use a powder and it works well as a long wearing setting powder but you need to use a light hand and match one of the three light yellow based shades.

Bare face on the left and on the right wearing only Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!
Before my bare face up close!
Above you can see that my natural skin is usually very clear of blemishes although I do have lots of small moles and light pigmentation on the tops of my cheeks. The powder really is able to even out my skintone very nicely by itself so it's a very decent powder foundation!

After wearing only Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!
Paid: $25.50 SGD or about $18 USD (For the powder refill only, the case is sold seperately)

Recommend: Yes. This powder is definitely great for use on its own or used lightly as a setting powder that will keep your foundation set. If you match any of the only three shades, this powder is definitely worth a try.

Repurchase: No, although the quality of this powder was really good and I've already finished up the pan I don't plan to repurchase it as I've got plenty of other powders to work through and didn't like how it tended to oxidize slightly on top of a liquid foundation.

Bottom line: This powder from Kate is definitely one worth trying especially if you're keen on Japanese brands and ideally if you have a light yellow toned skintone. This is meant for those who like being matte and definitely want something long lasting. 

What brand of powder do you like to use?
Tried the brand Kate before?
Let me know!
Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. It is such a beautiful foundation! Honestly it covers really well, and evens out your already nice skin =)

    Rainy Days & Lattes

  2. Hello Sharlynn!!
    The powder queen is back xD
    Judging from the before after picture, it does look like it has a good coverage, and the finish looks natural as well. The color on the pan looks dark though, but once applied, I think it's a good match for your complexion.. Too bad it oxidises over foundation.. I hate it when base products oxidise :/

  3. I love your powder foundation reviews! They're not my first choice in foundations and so it's always interesting to read your experiences with them.

  4. You have such wonderful skin sweetie :)
    That looks like a very lovely foundation :)

  5. wow, absolutely flawless! I have saved many Japanese brands powders to my eBay watch list but never really actually buy any of them. I've been using the Charlotte Tilbury flawless powder (it's best) (on my 2nd compact) and ever since using that, I never want to use anything else haha




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