Saturday, 13 February 2016

Day out: Admiring pastries at MBS, visiting the Hermes exhibition and a Thai meal at Bugis!

Day about town with a gal pal! Here is a post of a totally fun and girly day out. We spent time at Singapore's famous 'Shoppes' at Marina Bay Sands just looking around, window shopping, making comments, looking at pretty cakes and so on. We ended up having a really filling tea time break before my girlfriend brought me to check out a free exhibition by Hermes and then to Bugis (which everyone knows about and has gone to but me) where we checked out lots of the shops and had a delicious Thai meal!

Continue below for my fun and yummy day out!
Admiring pastries at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, visiting the Hermes exhibition and a Thai meal at Bugis!
A super pretty salted caramel cake at the High Society at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes!
It was sooo hard to resist any of these slices of cake! A beautiful rose cake, red and blue velvet cakes! I totally plan to go back just to try their sliced cakes!
Frosted gorgeously and then covered with rose petals and gold leaf!
The large, colorful and quite affordable macaroons at High Society! My girlfriend was contemplating getting some but decided not to!
Side shots of the pretty cakes! Check out those frosted cupcakes so fluffy and pretty!
Colorful, simple and eye catching...although I don't care for cupcakes...just cakes!
Another shot from the large display case! Eclairs and tarts! Yummy!
Mid afternoon tea at Din Tai Fung which is known for their xiao long bao...however both of us agreed that their food is truly sub-par and we've both tried much better elsewhere! I'm not bothering to go back to them again...except for their hot sour soup.
Checking out the Hermes Leather Forever exhibition at Marina Bay Sands! All those types of leather, all out for people to see and touch!
An array of their colorful and gorgeous bags on display! Loved how colorful the entire exhibition was!
Blue and green clutches, pouches and wallets!
A selection of the yellow, pink and orange pieces! Love the little horses and rat near the bottom!
A shot of the space when you first enter...just check out all the pieces of dyed many types and color and some felt so interesting!
An installation section meant to look like a horse ranch? Loved the floating fun and creative looking!
A blurry shot but CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THOSE BAGS! They could fit children inside!
The infamous 'orange room' in the exhibition where everything was orange including the walls, ceiling, everything and lights!
A short of the wall that curves up! Love the optical illusion at this installation!
The shot from the Hermes Leather Forever exhibition which everyone had taken and posted on Instagram!
A case just to carry an
This case filled with pretty heels and boots? All meant for CHILDREN. These were made for those with feet sizes for those under 10 years old?
The most delicate and pretty collection of TINY handbags! Each one is only about and inch wide!
A really cute and interesting bag that was part of a mini baby rocker!
A very interesting installation space filled with stones, greenery and it was cool, misty and had an almost creepy delicate music going on in the background.
Deep fried pork with garlic! This was amazing! Crispy on the outside, juicy, tender and mixed with lots of fried garlic!
Seafood Pad Thai noodles! Authentic, tasty and so good! Want to eat this again! Especially with a good squeeze of lime juice!
Seafood tom yum soup! Spicy, salty, sour and so good! Loved how this tasted, it was so authentic!
The dinner we shared! Noodles, soup, spicy bean sprouts and the crispy garlic pork! We chatted, ate and still shared a yummy cup of ice cream later! Hah!

What did you do the last time you went out with a friend?
Could you have resisted those cakes and macaroons?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Whoaaah that deep fried pork looks so yummy!!!
    The Hermes exhibition is interesting! I've been to one before, but it was a different one judging from your pictures. Those birkins are giants! xD

  2. As usual I always end up hungry and/or craving something sweet after I´ve read your posts where you talk about food :D
    That Hermes exhibition looks amazing.. all those fantastic bags :O
    I would love an orange room... orange is one of my absolute favorite colors :D

  3. ***drools*** over the deserts, the salted caramel cake looks delicious, loves the gold leaf design, it's my first time seeing gold leaf on food, it's always been in beauty product heheh. OMG LOVE THOSE BAGS!!!!

  4. Those cakes and tarts look so amazing, but I definitely would have preferred to try the yummy savouries you ate! YUM!

  5. Oh wow, just look at those Hermes bags on display! Thanks for the tour, Sharlynn! Awesome picks & happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  6. That leather exhibit is pretty cool! Looks like you had a fun day!




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