Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Haul: Things purchased over October and November! (Forever 21, H&M, Charles & Keith, Swatch, Asos)

Collective haul time! I've really done my best the second half of 2015 to keep shopping to a minimum as I do spend mostly all my own money on clothes/accessories. Here is a post consolidating all the things I've purchased throughout October and November! I had nothing in particular that I wanted to buy but I came across so many things that I loved and ended up buying.

Coincidentally I ended up getting quite a few things that were shiny and pretty that sort of when along with the year end as well as my love for holographic and duochrome things! There were a few items that really were meant to be mine and I'll be pointing them out down below!

Continue below for all my shopping bits!
Haul time! Clothes, shoes, bags and swim suits purchased the last two months!
Stripey purchases! A pretty peplum top with a key hole in the front, a simple cotton dress from Forever 21!
A super comfy and pretty top from Forever 21 and a stretchy flattering striped shirt from H&M!
A cute pair of pink panties from Forever 21! I wish I bought the black pair too!
Mom bought these for me! A holographic finish pair of sandals from Pretty Fit! My mom bought a hot pink pair of lambskin leather loafers!
Simple, elegant and pretty! These are of superb quality and I'm so excited to have these! Quite a few of my sandals will be ready to retire soon!
My new sturdy and functional black bag from Charles & Keith! An internationally known and popular brand which I'm proud to know was founded and begun in Singapore and is known for their affordable and quality shoes and bags!
This bag can also be buttoned up and turned into this boxy compact shape but I much prefer it unbuttoned!
A gorgeous teal rubberized strap watch from Swatch!
Close up of my watch! I love the simple design and durable material!
A gorgeous waterfall front cardigan with a marbled grey color from Bershka!
Close up! I love the material, it's woven but it's not warm, thick or scratchy!
The most captivating duochrome teal glitter mini skirt from H&M! The moment I saw this, I knew I was going to buy it if it fit well and I was so damn happy when I got my size and it fit and looked like perfection!
The color of the sequins shift so beautifully between a deep green teal to a blueish color! The skirt feels so soft on and there's nothing pokey or chunky as there's a great lining under!
A super cute simple top from Cotton On covered in donuts! I couldn't resist!
My new pair of shorts from Aeropostale! I was there for long jeans but didn't find anything suitable but tried these on and boy they were perfect and so comfortable!
A super cheap box of 10 pairs of lashes from a beauty shop at Bugis Junction!
Close up! This is the type of design I like besides the more natural fluttery design that's super fine and more hair like!
A brand new make up brush! I was actually looking for a small rounded brush for blush but then came across this in Bugis and knew it would make for a perfect smaller size powder brush! It even came with a brush guard!
The brush is super super soft and yet isn't too plastic and synthetic and blockish like.
My newest and favorite brush! I've washed it a couple times since I've bought and used it very regularly and I love it!
My new swimsuit from River Island purchased on! It's been more than 5 years since I've had a one piece. I used to hate swim suits because I was such a fat kid and teenager but now I feel so happy in a one piece and would love another in the near future!
Shots of my new swimsuits! A plain black top from (although I ordered my exact cup and band size it's actually too size and not very comfortable), the most gorgeous blue and rose printed top from H&M, a stunning hot pink and black top from Misguided (wish I bought it in a size up because it's a bit small) and the top of my new one piece from River Island!
The most beautiful holographic blue seashell bag! I spotted it on Asos months ago but never bought it and then when I went to make a purchase I realized it was on sale and got it!
How could anyone say no to this!!! The only issue is that the chain is damn heavy! Otherwise it's so pretty and is a good medium size!

Yup, so these are things I've hauled the last few months! I've been doing a lot less shopping but did induldge in some nice beauty bits in December as a treat to myself! Do look out for my beauty haul!

What have you been buying recently?
Clothes, bags or shoes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wahhhh nice haul girlie! Lovelovelove the shirt with the
    donuts ^_^ Xx Ice Pandora

  2. OMG the seashell bag!!!! reminds me of the little mermaid *___*
    The sequined skirt is also very 'Ariel-y', I'm sure you will look lovely wearing it!

  3. Nice haul! You got a lot of things! :) I love the beautiful swimsuits you got and the gorgeous clamshell bag! :D

  4. That is an amazing haul! I adore all the swimsuits, they all fit and look great on you. How was Asos shipping time and cost to Singapore? Are they expensive?

    Reflection of Sanity | StayLean Tea Australia Giveaway

  5. The shell bag is adorable! I want one!

  6. I adore the H&M swimsuit and the holographic/sparkly theme of your purchases :) It's like understated bling!

    I have so much love fopr Charles and Keither, everything is such high quality and so affordable! No other brands compare. I need at least 5 new pairs of shoes from there this coming trip.

    Where is your favorite area to shop in? Mine has always been Vivo city :)

  7. THAT HOLOGRAPHIC SHELL BAG THOUGHHHH <3_<3 (and the H&M sequin skirt is so ~mermaid-y~!)
    That donut shirt is flippin adorable (Imma need one of those) and that Missguided swimsuit top is bomb *-*. Can you still return the ASOS swim top? But yeah, one of the cons of buying clothes online is definitely sizing. I've bought a few ugly and wrong sized items from ASOS before...and though I should've, I never bothered to return them due to laziness LOL ;-;

    What have I been buying recently??? Socks. So. Many. Socks.

    Happy (Belated) New Year, Sharlynn!

  8. Wow, love the collection of swimwear! The shell bag is so cute, Sharlynn! xoxo

  9. Ooh what an amazing haul :)
    The holographic sandals, the sequin shirt and the seashell bag are all so darn lovely :)
    Oh who am I kidding.. I actually like everything you showed in this haul :)
    I have not bought any clothes in quite some time.. I have not found anything I like ;)
    I´m sure I will cave soon though and buy something... well only clothing related stuff I´ve bought have been some new underwear and socks :D

  10. I love holographic stuff ♥︎ especially the shell purse, it's totally adorable!

  11. Your taste is so cute!! I never go to the beach any more, but your bathing suits got me in a beach ready mood hahaha I personally like two pieces, but cut out one pieces are so cute and help me hide my stomach x)

    The clam bag is adorable!! Reminds me of the Little Mermaid.

  12. The Shell bag is so cute! how perfect for hot weather and all your new swimsuits!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo




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