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Review: Que Origin Shower Bath Gel in Lavender, Lemongrass and Rose Geranium!

"Embrace Earth's Essence" with Que Origin! Last year was the year of shower gels for me! I've never been one to bother much with body washes, lotions or scrubs but last year I really made an effort to try out new products and I've come to find body gels as a treat I like having around for the days I need a pick-me-up. I'm a huge fan of 'natural' scents such as fruits and herbs so when a new brand here in Singapore called Que Origin contacted a few weeks back about trying out their all natural bath products formulated with natural oils I had to say 'yes'!

To get to the point, Que Origin's philosophy and products are all natural. They are all formulated with natural oils, infused with botanical extracts and are most importantly free of many types of known harmful chemicals. Products are also not tested on animals and do not use animal by-products. The oils used are from Australia and the products are manufactured in Korea. 

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Que Origin Shower Bath Gel in Lavender, Lemongrass and Rose Geranium!
How my package arrived from Que Origin! This simple printed detail really makes the box feel special! You can customize your box by clicking on the 'customise' tab on the site which allows you to choose from pre selected templates/images or you can upload your own image to be used!
A gorgeous surprise lay inside my package as I was asked to supply a photo to represent my blog and this is what the company did! They printed my photo onto one of the bottles as well as on a little greeting card, what a lovely touch!
I definitely love my showers and couldn't wait to try the shower gels out once I got them out and started smelling them!
All three bottles of the three scents they currently carry! Lavender, rose geranium and lemongrass!
The regular bottles without the customized photo/template is the bottle in my hand. All very clearly labelled with both ingredients and information.

I also must mention that I'm a huge fan of these snap lock caps. Who also hates fiddling with a screw off cap only to drop it at some point? I much prefer this type although the hinge may break over time.

First impressions of the box and presentation of the products is that everything is very pleasant, clean and give a sense of 'natural goodness' might I say. I also really do enjoy the small touches as well as their website allowing customizing of bottles for a more personal touch. The bottles themselves (250ml) are made of a sturdy but slightly soft plastic. There may seem like a lot of text on the labels but it's organized, clearly flows and gives you want you want/need to know.

The bottles I have are the 250ml size although they also come in a larger 730ml size which come with a pump. One thing I noted straight away was the difference between the packaging for the bottle with the customized print, as the back of the bottle essentially has the same information as the regular ones with sticker labels although it looks different. I do find the printed label more succinct in terms of presentation of information and a touch 'cleaner' looking but this doesn't really matter as both layouts are clear and logical.

The back labels of the regular bottles. All the various scents have raspberry, grapefruit, aloe vera and argan oil properties besides the oil which gives them their scent!
The side label of the regular bottle where you find the ingredients list and a list of chemicals the product is free from such as various sulphates, fragrances, preservatives and mineral oils amongst many others.
All three bottles of Que Origin's Shower Bath gels, in lavender, rose geranium and lemongrass!

These shower gels are almost what I expected but actually just a bit better! As someone who uses LOTS of body washes and gels with natural herb/plant and fruit/floral scents I'm quite able to detect a more natural oil extract scent versus something artificial or mixed with something else. The scents of these products are really gorgeous. Just as claimed, the three scents have a very essential oil type of smell which for some may seem very concentrated but to me, I love it.

The lavender is just like the waft of fragrance you can smell a distance away from an opened bottle of essential oil. The rose geranium at first smells of light roses but then there's a slight citrus and apple smell at the back which strangely reminds me of the singaporean drink called 'bandung' which is an artificial rose syrup drink with milk. Lastly the lemongrass does not smell like the fresh herb but more of a lemongrass tea that's been steeped for a long time with sugar syrup added. All three scents are really therapeutic and I really love the lemongrass the best of the three.

Exactly as advertised these shower bath gels are soap free and have that typical very smooth serumy texture. The product lathers up lightly and leaves the skin super soft, I also have noted that the scent of each wash does linger just slightly afterwards which is really nice. These washes are also recommended to be used in a bubble bath and I can imagine how the scents would definitely have a good presence even when diluted.

 All in all I'm impressed that despite being a soap free product these washes still have a good amount of soapiness to their feel which makes for a decent amount of lather unlike most soap free products. Most importantly to me the scents are all super natural smelling, relaxing and leave the skin feeling soft.
All three washes are a light yellow transparent color. They have a light silky texture that suds up lightly!

Que Origins has 3 types of vouchers which are given depending on your purchase: HAPPY vouchers, LOYALTY vouchers and REFERRAL vouchers.

 1. HAPPY voucher:  Given with every purchase to be used on your next order! For orders S$10.00 and above you get a S$3 HAPPY voucher, any order lesser will earn S$1 HAPPY voucher. 

2. LOYALTY voucher : with every purchase, we will award user with Jigsaw pieces (4 pcs for 730ml and 2 pcs for 250ml) complete 20pcs within a year to receive S$10 LOYALTY voucher.

3. REFERRAL voucher: Upon first purchase, you will be able to view a unique referral code and link to your account page which then you can refer friends and help them save for their first purchase. In return, you will receive 50% of their friends HAPPY voucher and jigsaw pieces every time your friend purchases. The relationship between friends to friends referral is 1 year.

Que Origin Shower Bath gel in lavender, lemongrass and rose geranium!
Paid: Products featured in this review were sent to me from Que Origin!

The bottles for the three scents featured retail at $7.90 SGD (250ml) and $14.80 SGD (730ml).

You can also customize your bottles starting at $12.90 SGD for one as well as there being special sets and scents just for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year at $8.90 (250ml) a bottle.

Recommend: Yes! If you're in Singapore and are looking for a product free of harsh chemicals, that smell of all natural oils and leaves the skin feeling soft with a slight lingering scent, definitely give Que Origin's website a browse! (Check out their website here!)

Repurchase: Maybe, as I do take some time to use up my body products I'm not certain that I'd be repurchasing anytime soon!

Bottom line: A really honest and quality product, I really love the all natural essential oil type scent these washes have and the serumy texture along with the light lather. For those who particularly prefer buying products free of harsh chemicals, those who love true concentrated types of scents or those with sensitive skin, Que Origins' products would be great for you or your friends and family!

Lastly for my readers and fans, Que Origin has kindly given me a coupon code to share with you! Simply enter in 'TBMBeautyBox' in the check out to get S$5 off for orders equal or above S$10 and S$3 off for lesser amount for first time purchase!

What was the last scent of body wash you used?
Are you a fan of lavender or lemongrass?
Let me know! 

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. This is so cute!! I'd love to have my face on my shower gel's bottle. lol my boyfriend wouldn't like it I guess xDD
    I started to pay more attention to anything I put on my skin because I really notice the difference once I stayed away from harsh chemical products. This range sounds good and it's nice to see indie brands blooming everywhere.

  2. I love how the bottle has your face on it! I would keep that on my desk forever after finishing the product... haha These products sound really interesting though. I think I might have started to develop eczema recently or something but my body has been so itchy. I've switched to mostly all natural products and so I've gotten better and would love to try these products.

  3. I love that they made you your own bottle with your blog photo on it! Too cute!

  4. I love the idea of using a beauty product that has your face on it hahah it's totally a special thing!

  5. Aaw that bottle with your photo on it is so darn adorable :D
    I LOVE lemongrass... not particularly fond of lavender though but lemongrass is amazing :)
    The last scent I used when it comes to body wash is red orange :) I can´t get enough of it :D

  6. Oooh... What a special touch to the bottle with your face there. Almost like a brand ambassador! I don't like lavender but the way you describe them, I could imagine how I would love those natural scent... bandung... hehehe... I love bandung. It reminds me of Anna Sui. I love any bath product that linger!




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