Monday, 19 August 2013

Summery Red Copper eye look!

Warm summery glow! Using a very inexpensive duo from an asian brand, I did this super quick and easy reddish copper eye! This type of look is perfect is you want something simple and effortless. Using other warm colors like a bronze brown would work too!

Continue below for the look!
Summery Red Copper eye look!
The completed look, pretty bare for the most part, its meant to just add a glow to the eyes!
Love the highlight in the inner corners really bringing light into the look and how well this shade blends out!
I used the lighter shade in the Sheene choco duo on the lid a touch of the dark brown on the outside!

This simple look is meant to be warming and blended out!
Products Used: Laura mercier shimmer bloc (my review here), Heroine make up Impact Frame mascara (my review here), NYX jumbo eye pencil in Yoghurt (eye base), Peripera I love BB cream (my review here), Missha perfect cover (my review here), Sleek Suede Effect Pressed Powder, Catrice Absolute eye quad (highlight shade), Sheene Choco duo eyeshadow
Just a touch of shimmer bloc blush from Laura Mercier on my cheeks! I mixed the brown and pink shades together!
I was going out in a super casual outfit, however this look would pair nicely with any outfit!

I'm a huge fan of mixing bb creams espescially if their too light, I have Missha Perfect Cover in shade 27 which is one of the deepest shades I've seen from any asian brands. It used to match me super sheered out but my tan has since faded and it's way too dark for my face. I use it to darken other lighter bases.

Are you sad Summer is officially ending? 
It won't be in Singapore though! 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. lovely! I love red copper-burgundy-plumy shades so much! it looks great agains your complexion and I think the color compliments your eye color! :D
    I should take a look at the catrice quad you use, the coral shade looks so pretty!

  2. I enjoy mixing bb creams too as most of them are way too white on my skintone ^_~

  3. The tones go great with your skin xx

  4. I love your eyeshadow! I think coppery shades match asian skin tones very well, they're one of my go-to colours especially for summer. And yes, I'm pretty sad that summer is ending soon. It feels as though time flew by and since I've been taking summer school I haven't had the time to enjoy a whole lot of it yet but it's going to be fall soon :( I do like fall though but I just wish the summer months were longer. I'll miss the sun </3

  5. I really like the red and copper tones on you.




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