Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Bourjois Brush Foundation in shade 34 Beige Rose!

Brush my foundation! This was a lovely free gift with purchase when I made my big Bourjois haul two summers ago! Yes, that means this foundation is at least two years old but that didn't stop me from trying it out! They only had one shade for me to choose from and I thought it was too light at the time but it turned out really well.

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Bourjois Brush Foundation in shade 34 Beige Rose
I got the only shade they had, 34 Beige Rose which turns out to match me amazing well now!

My first brush/pen sort of packaging for foundation! I've never owned a foundation packaged like this, its very convenient of you're the kind who wants super quick application without using another brush/sponge or your fingers! It even is slim and neat enough to carry around without worrying about spilling or breaking as its made of plastic and the cap is very tight!

In my own experience the brush itself is not good enough to apply straight onto the face and blend. It's a very chunky brush although has very smooth edges it applies streakily and will not blend with the applicator brush, you must use your fingers or another brush to finish off nicely.

Besides application difficulties this is very unhygienic, you will never be able to fully clean the brush as its connected to the tube and the foundation comes through it. I'm okay with this packaging on smaller items like concealers and highlighters and eyeliners but for foundation I'm not keen.

The shade is a really good beige neutral, I was afraid 'rose' would mean pink undertones but it lacks any pink! This is applied straight from the brush onto my face, not yet blended out!
Wearing Bourjois Brush Foundation in shade 34 Beige Rose

The product itself performed fairly well! I got this as a free gift and unfortunately the girls couldn't find any other shades I could choose from and at the time this seemed way to light for me so I didn't use it for a year until now! I am pleased to say this foundation lives up to all the expectations or Bourjois foundations. Good coverage, match, lasting powers and great blendablity. 

This shade is a really good beige with a cool tone and it works perfectly with my complexion. I've used this foundation a few times and it's been perfectly fine however I have decided to trash this as its not hygenic and I've got so many newer foundations to use and I just don't reach for it very much.

I don't believe this is selling anymore but I would have recommend the foundation but not the packaging!

Bourjois Brush Foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix (my review here), L'oreal True Match (my review here), Missha Perfect Cover (my review here)!

The first 3 foundations match me best, the Bourjois Healthy Mix being the best match. The Missha no longer matches me and even when blended out thinly is way too dark. I use it to mix with my lighter BB creams!
Paid: Nothing! This came free with my other Bourjois purchases!

Recommend: Yes, if you are someone who wants something to carry around easily and apply quickly with good matching and coverage this is not bad. However it's not very hygienic and I rather have foundations in other packaging!

Repurchase: Nope, although the product is of good quality the packaging is just not working for me!

Bottom line: Interesting product, not much, good match, coverage and all that lovely stuff from Bourjois foundations but the brush can never be fully cleaned and would breed germs! No thanks!

Have you tried any foundation 'pens' that you like?
Would you want to try this?
let me know!

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  1. it appears a bit matte which is good, such a novelty! thanks for sharing <3

    Carla Cee

  2. it looks like the foundation blends well and yaa def a good match!!

  3. Thanks for the honest review hun!the package looks to me like you so and prbably I won't purchase it.Bisous!!

  4. the finish looks matte which is good for oily skin I guess.. I am not really keen with the built in brush but maybe we can remove the brush and just use proper foundation brush instead..^^

  5. Looks so nice, shame about the packaging. :/ Wonder why'd the make it like that.

  6. I can definitely see them taking it off the shelves because of the packaging. What a shame! The color suited you so well. =(

  7. I am not a fan of this packaging. it is very difficult to use and a lot of product is wasted to! It's a perfect match for your skin!

  8. I love foundation with brush, it's very helpful especially while travelling. I have Ellis Faas foundation and I love it! By the way Sharli, your skin is beautiful even without any foundation!

  9. wow great post...I want to try healthy mix one...
    following you dear

    my recent one :




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