Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Haul: Fashion buys from the last three months!

Summer shopping! I can't let you know exactly how much I've been spending because I'm going to be so ashamed of my recent spending habits! I went out clothes shopping with my mom a few weeks ago and this is the haulage of my items!

I was hoping to find lots of goodies at New Look, one of my favorite places to shop for clothes here but I was a bit dissapointed. In the mean time I've been buying way too much clothes and make up online, bad me, I think I should never own more than 1 or 2 credit cards!

Continue below for the haul!
Summer Haul: Top shop, New Look, G200, DMK sandals, summery dresses and tops!

This soft, flattering cotton top was on sale at a shop called "Nichii" here in Singapore. It's full of fun, office, casual and going out clothes that are cheap and affordable, there's nothing over $60 in store. I had to grab this top in all 3 shades, cream, seafoam green and black!

My mom encouraged me to get this gray long sleeved cardi type of coatie. I really have been enjoying it, it can help dress up a casual outfit and keep me warm!

My buys from New Look, I really thought I'd get way more but there was nothing really that appealed to me this summer! Last summer I went way too late at the end of summer and all the sizes of their colored jean shorts were sold out! This year they aren't selling as many shorts so I'm dissapointed!

The black and white patterned cotton dress is so lovely. It's padded and cut so well that I can wear this without a bra and feel so comfortable.

These two extremely well cut and silky smooth tops were from G200. In person the coral is such a perfect blend between a pink and orange, they fit very well and are so flattering however even their largest size is not large enough for my chest so I bought the size that fits my body and I have to wear a tank top beneath with the buttons down! Big boob problems!

These two dresses were from Forever 21. I've seen so many colorful chiffon tops the last few months but I'm in no mood for chiffon tops! I spotted this beautifully made coral lace dress with a sweet heart neckline. There were only L sizes left but I think it was because other girls busts wouldn't hold up!

The blue dress has a band under the bust and it has small pockets, this came in peach as well and I also wanted it but stuck to blue! It's light weight, silky and so comfortable!

The lace layer on top is such a pretty doily  looking scalloped design!
Mini triangle print on a simple bold blue piece, so summery!
Panties from Topshop! I love buying underwear from them! They've got cute patterned, colored, fun wearable and also slinky sexy lacy pieces!
My three mid rise, slightly higher bum cut pairs of cotton panties!
Three super silky, soft pieces, two lacy pieces and one leopard print thong!
From Forever 21 as well! I've been searching for tank tops with simple stripes or designs just to pair with denim shorts for the hot and wet months!

A bunch of T-shirts from Punk Star, the owner designs and hand draws all the clothes! I love his quirky fun designs and I just was in the mood for t-shirts!

These two simple cotton dresses from Cotton are some of my favorite buys this summer! I went back to get the orange too! They look very plain but worn on, they look so shapely on me and the sweetheart neckline is so snug and girly!

These two one shoulder dresses are from Kitschen! I They are of a smooth, thick material and it feels so comfortable and because of the peplum part any tummy bits are covered!

From DMK, I love this malaysian shoe outlet, they have such wearable fun, dressy and sturdy plats and sandals! These sandals just grabbed my attention! I knew I had to get a pair and I had to start with a black! There were two other shades too but black will go with everything!
This pair came in three shades and this coral is just amazingly soft and snug!
Simple sandals! The bright blue is just such a great pop of color! I've been wearing two pairs of sandals form them for almost two years and they are still fine!
What my mother got, a sturdy wedge pair of strappy heels! This is soo her style!
A coral pair of sandals! The straps are different from the blue pair which I quite like! This was the pair that caught my eye when I walked past the shop!
All my lovely new pairs of shoes for the summer through this year! It's hot all year round so nothing beats a good pair of sandals or comfy flats!
I'm now officially on a shopping ban! Nothing of clothes or cosmetics is to be bought until september! I have spent far too much the last few months and I don't need anything else!

Have you been spending this summer?
What have you got yourself?
let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Whoa whoa, so many nice things here! I especially adore the lace top. I need one for myself!

  2. Oh really nice haul!
    Really cute shoes!

  3. Oh you did haul a lot!!! I love new look very much esp the jeans. they do plus size range here in europe and the jeans are the best I've ever encountered , perfect for plus size girls with not so long because all jeans here in europe are far far too long for me >.<

    the dresses from forever21 are so cute! I love the blue one ^^

  4. Nice haul!!! :) cutest shoes!

  5. The one shoulder dress is pretty ...loved the shoes :) Great haul dear

  6. nice haul <3




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