Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Review: Barry M Dazzle Dust in 92 Aqua gold and 97 Dark chocolate!

Dazzle me please! After having had a taste of Barry M Dazzle Dust with the help of my lovely friend Becky (check out her blog here!), I knew I wanted more! I managed to get two more shades when I met up with Pam from "The Jade in the Palace" Beauty blog (here!) and so here they are!

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Barry M Dazzle Dust in 92 Aqua gold and 97 Dark chocolate

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 92 Aqua gold and 97 Dark chocolate
Packaging & Product!

In neat little glass jars, I really like how tiny these are and yet so full of product that I don't think I'm going to finish these anytime soon! These have their number stickered on the bottoms but I wish they names were also on the bottom or cap somewhere!

These two shades were brought to me when I met up with Pam from "Jade in the Palace" blog! I actually wanted far more shades including Coral and Winter Berry but seemingly 70% of their shades are sold out online! I think the popularity of these are just through the roof and I hope they restock these in the next few months!

Aqua Gold is a very neat shade, in person its very blue teal with a fine coating of golden shimmer through it however when applied on top of a base it turns out to be very green turquoise!

The Dark Chocolate is a very special shade! First in the jar when you tilt it around it looks like its a duochrome of gold and brown, the golden shimmer is so fine in the product its such a beautiful quality. I've yet to use it but I'm sure it'd make an amazing dark neutral eye.

Swatches of Barry M Dazzle Dust in 92 Aqua gold and 97 Dark chocolate
Aqua gold looks like a brilliant teal shot with golden shimmer! However when used wet it comes off as very green!
Dark chocolate, looks like a charcoal deep brown with a slight golden shimmery quality. Looks like a green duochrome at first glance!
Using Aqua gold on top of Maybelline's Tenacious Teal cream shadow with Bad to the Bronze! Check out my look here!
Overview of all my shades!

My Barry M Dazzle Dusts collection in 92 Aqua Gold, 97 Dark Chocolate, 98 Petrol Black, 89 Oyster Grey, 51 Mushroom!

Paid: £4.59 or about $7 USD

Recommend: Yes! I really really want more shades! But I've recently received a huge order from Shiro cosmetics of a bunch of loose pigments that I chose in sample sizes!

Repurchase: Yes! If the shades I want come into stock I will try to get them!

Bottom line: These are amazing. In terms of their pigmentation, how so many of these are almost duochrome with the golden/silver shimmers in them. They are so smooth and easy to use, they work best on a base of some sort and layer well with other shadows!

Do you have any loose pigments you love using?
Tried any Dazzle Dusts before?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. glad you like it!! the teal one is so gorgeous! btw sharlynn, you can start sending me the list of the products you want :D I already have my list as well ;)
    I'm still in the middle of exams but will be finished by the end of next week ^^

  2. I loved that Aqua Gold color on your eyes! you did the eye makeup beautifully!

  3. These pigments are gorgeous, I love the colour payoff of them :) They are so affordable too! I'm really loving the Aqua Gold colour :)

  4. I havent tried any yet, but they look amazinggg!!!



  5. The teal one looks so pretty! :) where do you get your Barry M from?

  6. They look amazing! *Q* Like Sleek eye pigments but they don't look as crumbly! I love the green duochrome and the petrol black the best. :D

  7. Oh my gosh dark chocolate is beautiful!

  8. hiya
    I love Barry M, I've never tried its makeup range, only nail polishes.
    I loved this colours and your eye makeup is beautiful.
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  9. Aqua Gold is gorgeous! I'm not much of a loose pigments girl though. It just gets all over the place and I'm TOO lazy, hahaha.

  10. So pretty! Love the bronze and chocolate one

  11. gorgeous! love the dazzle dust!

    Check out my latest post - Monthly Favorites | June 2013

  12. For a second they both looked exactly like the two Sleek Eye Dusts I got in the pot, colours and all! I didn't expect dark chocolate to look so dark, almost black in the swatch, but it's a gorgeous shade! & of course I love my teals so Aqua Gold is too pretty xx

  13. my gosh!! that aquamarine color is stunning!!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  14. Amazing is this one on the left. i love it! I will be really happy, extremly happy if you will join my first contest on my blog, there you can win clothes from online shop, I will be verry happy if you will join it. Have a beatifull day! :)

  15. I saw Lisa Eldridge use one of these in one of her videos where she used model Amber Anderson. The teal colour is especially gorgeous :)




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