Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Empties for March/April!

Empties for the last two months! I just love knowing I've finished and chucked out products. Here's the bunch I collected from the last two months!

Trying really hard to use skincare as my skins been good but having a few mini blemishes here and there from late nights and slightly irregular eating!

Anyone interested in an overview of my skincare products do check out here!

Continue below for the empties!
Aqualabel enhance white up emulsion, Nivea roll on deo, Clean & clear oil control toner, Neutrogena deep cleanser facial cleanser
Aqualabel enhnacer: Honestly nothing special to my experience, it's like a water solution that smells like the softener product which is suppose to have extra whitening qualities. I don't keep tabs on my freckles so I can't tell if its really helped!

Nivea roll on deo: My favorite one by far, I've yet to buy a different type although I should try something new! I love the super sweet flowery smell!

Clean & Clear toner: This is a good oil striping toner, I use this when my skin is feeling 'normal' or a bit oilier than normal. I will continue using this in my skin care.

Neutrogena deep clean cleanser: This is a great oil striping cleanser, it has a very clean smell that borders on being chemically clean. I don't mind it actually. This bottle actually smells funny and I'm afraid the product may have turned bad in the heat of my bathroom so I'm chucking it!

NuFresh facial cleansing wipes, Jergens Original Scent moisturizer
NuFresh facial cleansing wipes: Having first found these when I was living in Cambodia at the supermarket, it had a different name but when I found this in the supermarket in Singapore they were exactly the same from the same company just named differently! Proudly made in singapore too! They have a pleasant smell, remove face make up well and feel so refreshing. It's a bout $4 or so for a pack at NTUC.

 Jergens Original Scent: This moisturizer dries to a nice matte touch which I like, I can't stand any type of greasy left over feeling. Huge fan of the smell as well! I use this mostly on my legs and arms!

Biore mild cleanser, St. Ives Apricot Scrubs

Biore Cleanser: Super soft, foamy and mild, this is use and mix of the scrub for a softer scrubing! I love the smell and feel of how gentle this is!

St. Ives Scrub: A very rough apricot seed scrub, this is great for those days you really want to get off grim or want to smooth down the sides of your face if you've got oil bumps!

Organix macadamia oil conditioner, Pantene beautiful lengths frizz control conditioner

Organix macadamia conditioner: Amazing, smells beautiful and really does soften and make my hair feel like silk! I've repurchased this but in a different scent!

Pantene conditioner: Like my experience with other Pantene products, this did wonders for my hair! It has a purple color to it just to mention. I got this in cambodia, this line isn't found in singapore! That's too bad because I'd buy it again!

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day conditioner
Besides the 'eh' ness of the aqua label special enhancing water, this conditioner from Soap & Glory was such a let down. It smells like an awesome blend of citrus fruits and flowers but it did nothing to my thick dry ends. My hair felt as if I didn't even condition! That's too bad but I will be back for more products because I want to try everything from them this year!

Hope you enjoyed the things I trashed for the last two months! 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Even I like that Neutrogena deep clean face wash. It works great for my skin!!

  2. oh I am so bad at emptying things, I really need to train myself to finish a product first before trying the new one.. T.T
    I received a sample of the Soap and Glory conditioner and I didn't like it either! I usually like Soap and Glory products but this conditioner was just meh T.T

  3. You've given a fresh twist to product reviews :) Nice post!

  4. So many empties!! Good job :) I use that same St Ives scrub, but only for my body now, because I feel like it is too harsh to use on my face. The organix macadamia conditioner sounds amazing! xx




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