Sunday, 12 May 2013

Haul for May 2013: Sandals, punkstar t-shirts, hair care and make up!

Happy mother's day! I made my mom a breakfast of mixed fresh fruits with yoghurt and a toasted croisant with cheese, ham and cucumbers! I also trimmed and painted her nails with one of my favorite OPI polishes! Hope you've found some time to pamper or gift your mom something as we all tend to forget how much mothers do in our lives.

I'll be on my way out in a few hours to see my boyfriend for our belated day of celebration for his birthday which was two days ago!

I've unfortunately been doing some shopping, of nothing too special but still the bills have been adding up! I am buying shampoo for a few months and I did get these shirts at a good price...or at least I think these are good enough reasons! I know I don't need a new wardrobe or too many new make up items! I've been using my palettes and having great fun!

Continue below for the haul!
Haul for May 2013: Rubis Sandals, Punkstar T-shirts, Herbal Essence Shampoo, Maybelline lipsticks, L'oreal lucent magique foundation, powder, mascara!

Swatched new gelpresso eyeliners from Clio at Watsons, I wanted the peachy pink shade badly!
My collection of Maybelline lipbalms. They are all clear lipbalms in Singapore, no color except for the Mixed Berry one which stains a bit pink!
Two new pairs of sandals from Rubi by Cotton On, been wanting a pair of Jellies ($9.95) for a while. I had to punch 3 extra holes on each side so I had a better fit. Had my eyes on these super soft nude studded slip ons $19.95) for a while!

Make up haul madness! Believe it or not, this is what $120 SGD ($97 USD) of make up looks like here from the drugstore.
I actually went in just wanting a back up of my Holy grail mascara from Kiss me Heroine (my review here!) but saw that the new lipsticks from Maybelline were in and on an introductory sale at $14.30 each! I ended with four and a bottle of foundation I really wanted to try which was on 20% off as well as another back up of my HG powder from ZA.

New lipsticks from Maybelline! Bold Matte and NeoNude line! Got a pinky and brown nude and the pink and red matte shades!

My holy grail powder, affordable, high coverage, smooth, long lasting and great match. I'm a ZA OC10 or 22!

Purchases from Punkstar at Ang Mo Kio hub! It's a single shop that sells home drawn designs on its t-shirts. The normal male /unisex line of shirts are $25 SGD and there's a 20% on the second shirt you buy. The quality is very good and is likely a polyester blend with cotton. They also have a bunch of female cut t-shirts that are usually at $12 or $10.

They have some other tops for guys and some simple sweet peter pan color tops for ladies but I'm just interested in the t-shirts!

Free sized girls panda assassin shirt! $12 on sale!
Fits so well on me! I love it!

Kitty shirt! Unisex size S! Cotton polyester blend!
Fits nicely, I prefer to roll the sleeves up!

For my boyfriend! Size M
I just know he will love this!

Raided the skincare/haircare section of the supermarket yesterday! I've been finishing my shampoos and conditioners recently so I stocked up on shampoos and conditioners from Herbal Essences! Johnsons baby bath for washing make up brushes, Pantene conditioner, Bifesta make up remover and 3 bottles of my HG eye make up remover from Pink Beauty shop in AMK at only $5.80
My favorites are the red raspberry and honeysuckle and silk but I decided to try the mandarin and pearls as well this time!
This sells at $13.90 a bottle at the supermarket/drugstore. In a pack of 2 it sells for $ smaller beauty shops it sells at $5.80-$6! So I had to get 3 to back up as I only have half a bottle!
In all, I think I've done all the needed shopping for this month! I really do not want to pick up anything extra although my eyes are on getting some more easy to wear t-shirts or dresses!

My wardrobe is always summer ready for I'm not looking for anything for the coming months! The new sandals will do with my existing slippers and sandals!

What do you think of my shampoo and t-shirt choices?
Would you get the same?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. Amazing haul, you have got some fantastic things! Can't wait to see some detail reviews of these products!

  2. Wow cool hail Sharlynn! I like your sandals! The minty feel in it! Woot :)

    Hope you can visit me too dear and maybe follow back. FOllowing you dear, will keep in touch! Happy weekend! :)

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    ♥♥ Learn to Love ❤ Again with Edressy ✻✻✻
    Product Review post as well for nz

    ❤ ~Chai
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  3. Nice haul, at least you are stocked up on some things for a loong time! I'd love to see what the maybelline lipsticks look like, although I'm sure I will get to soon ;)

  4. amazing haul!!!
    I am so jealous at the maybelline lippies and loreal lucent magique foundation! i have tried the lumi foundation from loreal and I love it ^^

    we celebrate mothers day in indonesia every december 22nd, totally different with the international one :D

  5. Makes my knees weak with your shopping haul. Lol! Can't believe that pair of Jellies is only $9.95! Nice sharing, dear!

  6. Aww amazing haul doll! Need to try these Maybelline lip balms , they look delicious!!

  7. Love your haul!! ^_^ U got lots of essentials!!! How long will this bunch last?!

  8. You bought a lot of stuff. Makes me want to go shopping as well. :)


  9. lol that is a lot of shampoo you bought all at once, I do it too though when things really go on sale haha

  10. Love the haul! So much new stuff! I love red raspberry too!

  11. Those lipsticks look fabulous :D




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