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Rave Review: theBalm's blush in Cabana Boy! (FOTD and day out with friends!)

Soo...Doomsday went real well! For those who were aware of the 21st December 2012 Mayan aapocalypse prediction and how absolutely nothing usual. This fictitious prophecy stuff has to go!

I was thinking about posting some hauls but this blush by theBalm just couldn't wait, some of you have already asked or mentioned how you liked in on my last post (check out here!) where I was wearing it with the Red Earth eyeshadow!

So happy that I spent some time this afternoon doing a very fancy Japanese looking dramatic eye...I wanted something Arabic and sexy and I think I did it! It will be coming very soon!

Continue below for my review of 'Cabana Boy' blush from theBalm!
theBalm blush in Cabana Boy!
UP was $30.90, there was a 20% off when I snatched this baby!
theBalm blush in Cabana Boy paired with a very simple eye and bold lip for a day out!

theBalm blush in Cabana Boy!
theBalm blush in Cabana Boy!
theBalm blush in Cabana Boy!
Packaging & Product!

Let's be right to the point! Yes, I am enticed by the vintagey, sexy old fashioned ladies and art work on the packaging but on the other hand, theBalm products are very well packaged. Space efficient, not bulky, lots of product, fun to look at, strong magnet and very well labeled. The packaging alone is perfect in my books!

The product itself after reading so many reviews and having swatched and seen the products in store at Sasa here in amazing!

For those who don't know, theBalm has very limited range of blushes/bronzer/lip/eye colors but everything is of very high quality. This shade seems to be a near dupe to my favorite and only rosy blush from Lancome called 'rose subtil'. There are only 3 shades of blush I believe and this is the one that I knew I wanted the first time I saw it more than a year ago.

The pigmentation of this blush is very high, it has a satin finish and can be built from very natural to dramatic. I love how smooth and silk like this blush is and an extra plus is also the huge 8.5 grams of product I'm getting!

Simple FOTD wearing theBalm's Cabana Boy blush and NYX round lipstick in Eucalyptus!
I also wore this blush in this FOTD here!

Paid: UP $30.90 SGD or  $25.30 USD (I got this on 20% off at $24.70!)

Recommend: If you've got the budget for this pricier blush from theBalm, I totally recommend it! It's amazing!

Repurchase:Yes! But not the same shade of course! I'm looking at the other face products from them!

Bottom line: It's a bit pricey but in terms of amount of product you're getting this blush is amazing. Quality too of course, smooth, beautiful and long wearing, if you love rosy shades this will be LOVE!

Photos from a day out with friends!

With my favorite college from my part-time work at Universal Studios, Charles!
We took this for another friend at work, she loves Pooh bear! I thought this was soo cute, we took in a rush but it looks like the bear on the far right is getting to hear a secret from the bear on his left!
A maple biscuit and black sesame ice japanese soft ice cream!
Think I'll get this for my boyfriend next year!
Next to one of Takashimyas teddy trees!
Or maybe this for his birthday? Haha...I can't choose!
Super decked out three storey christmas tree in Takashimaya, they put it up every year!

An old good friend from my 5 years studying in ISPP in Cambodia, it was so nice to meet up with her since she's now studying in singapore!
Indonesian fried catfish!

Besides more make up and skin care...this is what I want for Christmas...!
Hope your end of year is going well! Whether you are busy or taking it easy, do take time to relax and love yourself. 

I've been very busy with school and I know things are going to get more tough. I miss my boyfriend right now, we aren't going to have much alone time and I really miss that.

Will be spending my week plus break on doing make up looks, checking out some places around time, getting kitchen equipment and contacting friends!

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  1. The Cabana blush looks gorgeous! I love the vintage look as well- I'm such a sucker for packaging! I like the bear and panda plushies as well, they are so cute :)

    1. Oh haha! Now aren't we all? Luckily for us, its a great product too! :)


  3. Looks like you had an amazing day, like I said before, this blush really really suits you. The lip color is just fantastic!! <3

    1. It was a great day but so long ago now...a few weeks! thanks, I really love bright shades but they are such a pain!

  4. Cabana Boy is so pretty<3 It's the perfect pinky plummy shade~ & how cute are those Pooh bears? Love them ^.^

    Happy Holidays~

    Holiday Giveaway

    1. Perfect or not... its the exact type of shade i go for! Rosy and could end up buying the same shade again and again! thanks for stopping by!

  5. wow the blush looks amazing and so pigmented!! I love the vintage looking packaging as well!!

    btw, the indonesian fried catfish is also one of my fave food! in indonesia, we call it 'pecel lele' heheh ^^

    1. I knew I loved it before I ever bought it! I'm so happy I was right with everything about it! AHH, okay! Thanks pam, its a fave of mine! ^^

  6. This blush is so pretty on you, it reminds me a little bit of Bourjois Rose Ambre, but a bit more plummy. I love how flawless blush always looks when you apply it - it looks so smooth, well-blended and perfectly positioned.

    1. Thanks! I do sure love love love plummy, rosy shades! Thanks! I take the time to make sure I blend and pull up for that lifted sculpted look!

  7. That blush is so purtty~~ I also really like the overall look! Oh how I miss SASA.. I used to spend a lot of my shopping time in there! Lol.

    Looks like you had an awesome day out with your friends~ ^_^




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