Sunday, 30 December 2012

Boxing day dinner and steam boat lunch with family!

Family time and food! My last food post for the year! What happens when asian families get together on visits? Food, food, food! And this end of year was no different when my two cousins came to visit with their parents! I have like 10 cousins on my dad's side but only two on my moms.

Note: I usually love posting my food posts with extra large photos but these are smaller otherwise the post would go on forever!

Continue below to check out our great eats!
Everyone ready to dig in!

A very quick simple make up look I did before everyone came (not that quick as I forced my boyfriend to watch me as I applied and explained briefly what I was doing. Hehe)

Home made chilli crab with a thick eggy sweet spicy sauce, my moms special!

My artistically plated portion of yu sang!
A beautiful sweet potato souffle with a cobble stone looking marshmallow top made by my sis-in-law!
Home made yu sang!
Home made Black Pepper crab!

Photo of Sirius taken by my boyfriend! Aww...he looks so asian!

From proper and

 Lunch at Ling zhi vegetarian restaurant!

We decided to meet up two days later at Ling Zhi Vegetarian restaurant for lunch, we ate the buffet steam boat which also had some starters, dim sum and desserts. It's a vegetarian chinese outlet that has very good a la carte items for those wanting to experience delicious veggie friendly dishes.

Half clear soup, half tom yum!

Dim sum cart to help yourself to! Not much variety and they were only okay!

Spread of veggies, mushrooms, gourds, beancurds!
Fried and baked appetizers! Sweet char siu pastries, curry dumplings, taro dumplings, spring rolls!
Hot almond cream dessert with white fungus! I love this!
 Walking around Far East Plaza!

Cute shirts but not cheap at $20!
Fluffy pink coat much?

Such kawaii clothes and boutique stores everywhere inside!
Gorgoues peplum tops, dresses, studded pieces!
Quick easy fresh dinner I made for myself! Was soo full from lunch I didn't want anything too rich!
Gorgoues heels at New Look, Burberry single shadows (OMG I swatched the shades I'm after: rosewood, antique wood and tea rose!), hot pink kitchen appliances and silicone face brush back in stock at Diaso!
This is a special gift I made for my boyfriend, a custom photo album book which I arranged online before putting in the order!

After making him apply my make up to show how easy it is! Excuse my wry smile, my lips were very chapped! Doesn't he have the most perfect smile?
For the first time in months I actually ate so much at Boxing day dinner my stomach literally hurt for a bit! I laid with my head on my boyfriends lap for a good while after eating on the sofa!

The steamboat wasn't too bad either! I stuffed myself with mushroom! The most worth to eat at steam boat buffets, I love how veggies can fill you up like crazy but they aren't calorie and fat ladden!

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  1. Awww, you two are adorable. You have amazing skin! The food looks delicious, especially that crab :) And Burberry eyeshadows ... they're on the wishlist for sure. But totally out of my price range :p

  2. LOL so true that when asian family gather , it's all about food food food! I really miss the tradition since here in europe, they have more drinking culture and I am not much a drinker :/

    Oh I'm excited at those burberry eye shadows? how much are they in sg? here they retail for 23€ each..

  3. Wow wonderful I'm hungry :P

    Thanks for following, made my day and I followed you back..hope to stay in touch!


  4. My stomach ALWAYS hurts after eating on a holiday! The sensation is not old to me. Ahahahahaha...(I don't think my attitude about it is healthy...)
    Potato souffle?! It looks...absolutely amazing! I want it!

  5. Very nice post and I loved all the pictures.
    You look beautiful Sharlynn. :)

  6. Lovely photos! Glad you had a great holiday season!
    HAppy new year Sharlynn!

    The Misty Mom




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