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Food Post: All things eaten during the January 2016! (Home BBQ, local delights, Thai food)

Fresh, chunky, colorful FOOD! Those who have been following me for sometime would definitely know by now that I love sharing things I've eaten! January was an amazing month for food for me and the boyfriend. We had some great variety although we didn't eat too many new things. I love a good back yard BBQ, meat that has been cooked over charcoal is just far more delicious than something from the oven. Here are snapshots from January, they aren't from that many meals but I've got multiple photos for you to drool over!

Continue below for the delicious shots!
All things eaten during the January 2016! (Home BBQ, local delights, Thai food)
Every year during Lunar New Year MacDonald's has a beef and chicken 'prosperity' burger which has a yummy black pepper sauce with sweet onions! Also my boyfriend's and my favorite curly friends are available as well as the most delicious pineapple pie with a lychee fizz drink!
One of super delicious and hearty meals eaten at a coffee shop a short bus ride away from my estate. Salted fish fried rice, claypot tofu with seafood and salted egg fried squid!
Tacos at home! Mince beef and lamb with home made salsa!
My boyfriend and I really love fresh salsa. Chopped tomatos, peppers, coriander, onions, white vinegar, sugar, salt and fresh lime juice for perfection!
A huge dish of braised red wine beef stew at my boyfriend's house! I love whole red onions and how the carrots and potatos are so flavorful thanks to the stock and wine.
Backyard BBQ time! All the ingredients all ready for the grill!
Getting the grill on with different vegetables and pork belly with korean bean paste!
Giving the pork a finishing char and our chicken satay reaching perfection (hopefully before the sticks got too burnt)
Pineapple rings getting grilled! Perfect complement for all the juicy meats!
Delicious lime and orange juice marinated prawns getting grilled to perfection. Love prawns!
The finished meats! Cut up wagyu steak, pork belly and chicken satay! All so damn good and tasty! Best when fresh off the grill!
Platter of lime grilled prawns and sambal squid! Oh the bold flavors!
Finally for dessert we had grilled marshmallows with bananas and chocolate sauce on crackers!
A delicious cold chinese tripe dish with crunchy cucumber and carrots!
Grilled sticks of pork intestines and mutton!
A simple meal at home, fried sausages, firm tofu and fish balls!
Home made fish and chips! Breaded halibut, french fries and buttered mixed vegetables!
The most succulent plate of roast pork, duck and char sui rice! Tender, tasty and saucy!
A gorgeous meal at The Soup Restaurant at the airport with the boyfriend! Eating their most popular samsui chicken with ginger sauce with crispy cold lettuce and sambal kang kong!
Also we had this amazingly crispy tofu covered in a mince meat sauce and fried shallots!
The tender chicken with the cold lettuce, sliced cucumber and fragrant ginger sauce!
Enjoying a takeaway Nasi Lemak with addition of cucumber and fresh spicy otah!
The gorgeous colorful desserts from ABC Cafe at the airport! I HAD to get a lemon curd tart!
Up close....I still want to try their lava cake and caramel tart!
Love the curd, tangy, sweet, fresh and so lemony!
Thai food! Pineapple fried rice, delicious beef basil stir fry and a gorgeous mango salad!
A feast for two! Tandoori naan set! A favorite for my boyfriend and I. Love the various curries you get, vegetable curries, spinach curry, lentil curry, briyani rice, and a nice amount of raw salad all of which I eat up!
Char sui, wanton noodles!
Home made vietnamese bahn mi sandwich. Toasted baguette, liver pate, ham, pickled raddish/carrots and coriander!
Cheap and not very good tasting thai food at 2 am in the morning at Orchard Towers...the soup was too sour and the rice meh...the worst was the dusty tasting lime juice!
A chocolate lava cake to satisfy my cravings afterwards despite being dead tired!
QUACK! We headed straight home after this late night supper after I had finished work and literally showered and died in bed!

Hope everyone enjoyed the yummies in this post!
When was the last time you had a late supper?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Yesss for home BBQ. I love getting together with loved ones and just grilling up some serious eats. And it looks like you have a great selection there!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  2. Glorious food! You're always travelling to Thailand & Indonesia; they're like your 2nd home. Happy weekend, my dear! xoxo

  3. Holy FOOD PORN!!!!! omg salivating while I scroll!!!!
    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back to check out my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog




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