Friday, 29 April 2016

Food Post: Things eaten during December 2015!

Crave, see and eat! It's time again for another late food post! This one's from December so finally we're out of 2015 with my collective food posts. The month of december was filled with familiar and some new eats. My boyfriend and I have made a steady habit to visit several Chinese restaurants in Chinatown for our 'proper' China chinese food fix as Singapore chinese food is VERY DIFFERENT. Also we dabbled and tried some new places and food which all went really well!

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Things eaten during December 2015!
A tantalizing appetizer of beef tripe!
The most delicious fresh udon, it looks plain but the soup and the tasty spicy mince meat makes this amazing!
A side of mixed tempura never fails to make me happy!
Pig's ear and cucumber appetizer in Chinatown! So damn yummy with more black vinegar!
Yang chow fried rice! I love my fried rice and could eat it all the time!
A big delicious bowl of tender mutton pieces, chewy potato noodles and lots of thick beansprouts!
Grilled sticks of beef!
A super refreshing salad with lots of prawns and smoked salmon!
A pan filled with roasted potatos! Covered in herbs, these were so yummy!
A super juicy, sweet and tender leg of boneless ham!
Angel hair pasta with prawns and mushrooms. Cooked with chilli oil and garlic!
The most yummy grilled fish set! The salad is soo good!
My boyfriend's grilled fish set! We both wouldn't ind if the piece of fish were bigger since it's so good!
Thick slices of beef tripe and meat! Basically my boyfriend's favorite appetizer!
Deep fried chicken pieces! So crispy, so tasty and so good!
A super delicious plate of friend sambal kang kong!
Home made vietnamese baguette sandwich! Filled with pate, home made pickles, coriander, smoked duck and cut chillis!
A thick stack of pancakes my boyfriend made me! I had mine with mushrooms, bananas and honey!

Tried a popular soft serve ice cream! It's really really good but on the pricier side.
Our table filled with our tasty thai meal! Garlic fried pork, tom yum soup, pineapple fried rice and pandan wrapped chicken!
And of course I always take a shot of my boyfriend! We left NOTHING!
A big shout out to all my followers and regular readers! I know I haven't been posting anywhere as often as I was the last year. My new job has really taken up a lot of time and energy and I've been sick too the last month so all efforts at writing and keeping up on my blog has been delayed! I'm still very much in love with blogging so do hang in there with me while I climb back on! 

I've finally gotten around to most of the blogs I usually follow and keep up with, I really hope none of you think I abandoned your blogs! I never plan to stop blogging or reading and leaving comments on your pieces!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you so much! 


  1. Love your foodie post!! never fail to make me hungry :9
    Your soft ice picture makes me craving frozen yoghurt hahaha, I think I will go have frozen yoghurt today :-D

  2. Everything looks so tasty! I am sorry to hear you have been sick. Sometimes a job can just suck all the energy right out of you, hang in there!

  3. You and your boyfriend must be so cute together, out and about! The last picture had me saying "awww" Some of these dishes look so weird, I won't lie! I ate a lot of new things in New York a couple of weeks ago and loved mostly everything! I think it will make me more willing to try new things, thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  4. Honestly, I haven't tried any beef tripes. I love those crunchy spicy szechuan chicken bites & I just had them yesterday. Can't never get enough of those.......... xoxo

  5. OMG! Your food posts are simply the best!! Love these clicks <3

    Get well soon, dear!




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