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Special: Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!

Castles, rides and toy shops! Nothing brings out the inner joy and child in most of us like a good day out to a theme park like Universal Studios. In Singapore, this single theme park is located on sentosa island which is the south of singapore which can be reached either by a bus, from a mono rail train ride or by sky luge. Some months back my lovely friend and I had a chance and we both went to the park together! We spend a whole day from morning till night ending with a delicious dinner at chilli's after our long day at the park!

Continue below for the photos from the day!
Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!
We started off the day late at Vivo city by having a late breakfast at the food court. My friend had a plate of vegetarian prawn noodles with mock char sui, fried beancurd skins and fishcake and I had a big plate of plain fried kway teow and a spring roll. Ironically these vegetarian meals are full of carbs and not healthy but we were craving!
Tadah! A short while later after stopping by the supermarket for some snacks and drinks and we made our way to the entrance of the park. Of course I had to take this classic shot!
A gorgeous shot of my friend and I in front of the Universal Studios Globe! It was a sunny sunny morning and we knew it was going to be like that for the rest of the day!
The main 'street' when you first enter USS! This has great memories for me as I worked a 6 month stint which was amazing work experience when I was younger.
What once was the movie stars souvenir shop is now the Minion Mart! My friend and I both hadn't been inside it before and we were so excited to check it out!
YES! I took my soft toy Doodoo along for our day out! Here I am with doodoo in front of the minion mart!
Inside the mart! Omg, the things were so cutesy! Loved all the packaging!
Trying to fit into the two "glasses" rings in the mirror but this angle wasn't cutting it! Haha! Cute anyway!
The tiers full of minion plushies! I thought this on with the seaweed skirt was so damn adorable!
Other monster toys inside the minion mart! Colorful, scary and cute!
My friend modelling this crazy fat unicorn back pack! Oh it suited her so much! Haha!
Unfortunately the current musical show is a sesame street one which neither of us could care for watching.
Posing with the multiple cars around USS!
Posing on the Police car! Whoop whoop!
One of my favorite shops, The Brown Derby! Absolutely love everything inside at all times.
I couldn't stand how they had these elmo toys that looked like dogs...little bolsters but I say they look like dogs! Even Doodoo wanted a ride on it!
The Brown Derby! Always one of the more lovely shops filled with childhood goodness. My friend and I spent so much time in here compared to the other shops just browsing and oogling!
From the New York section of the park we enter the Sci-fi city section! That's where the 3-D transformer ride and the two simultaneous roller coaster are located! I'm so glad we've both ridden the roller coaster before as they've been shut down the last few years for repair work and recently had a malfunction leaving riders stuck for 20 minutes!
Another shot with the Human and Cyclone roller coasters behind us! We wanted to ride at least one of them but the waiting times for both were so long we skipped them and took other rides multiple times!
After Sci-Fi city...we enter Ancient Egypt! Oh we ended up taking the Mummy roller coaster at least 3 times! It was so good and we loved the cold aircon inside while waiting for the ride. It's actually one of the scariest ride behind the two coasters at Sci-fi city.
Absolutely love the look of this area but it definitely seems quite a bit warmer, I think with the pavement and stone architecture absorbing the sunlight!
Here Doodoo was posing at the foot (heheh no pun intended) of a statue in Ancient Egypt!
Another pretty shot of us while passing through Ancient Egypt!
Hahah, my friend being cheeky with her finger on T-rex's butt hole! Here we walked past the Discovery Food Court. The local would know like ourselves, not to eat your lunch or dinner inside the park as food is over priced. The day pass allows you to renter until 6pm and there are lots of eateries just outside the park to choose from!
Here is the rear view of Doodoo getting ready for the water show!
Everyone getting into their seats! We of course strategically sat high up as we did not care to get wet or even slightly dewy!
A scenic shot of the 'castle' at Far Far Away across the man made water way!
Doodoo taking a rest with our back packs!
Since we both had such a filling late breakfast we had a mid-afternoon snack platter! Nothing beats having fried food with a friend! Oh everything was so tasty while we cooled off inside a small restaurant just outside the park.
Haha! The two of us posing with our hands "presenting" our jugs under the "Milk Bar"! Looking all cute and crazy.
Inside the second most awesome souvenir shop which is in Far Far Away! We both regretted only getting to this shop later in the day because their slushies were done for the day and we both needed more time to oogle over the cute gingy bits and bobs!
Basically my favorite wall in the entire park...GINGY!!! I love everything about his character and how cutesy he looks! I would have gotten the tote bag but I rarely use them and I didn't want a soft toy so I got a kitchen mitt!
We just HAD to go back into the minion mart before heading out of the park! Those unicorn back packs were just to cute not to have more photos with!
DINNER TIME! We both knew in advance that we were going to hit up Chili's for dinner! My friend really wanted these buffalo chicken pieces but unfortunately they turned out not crispy at all and the sauce was quite on the sour side.
The main that we shared! Steak and shrimp quesadillas! I really loved it, the meats were tender and there was lots of peppers and onions and I liked the assortment of toppings. We ended up getting another round of wraps too!
Lastly we shared Chili's massive molten chocolate lava cake! It was sooo good! Gooey in the center, nice and warm and spongey and the big scoop of ice cream on top and the caramel sauce all over was the perfect touch! We were so stuffed after this!
After a good leisurely dinner and completely stuffed we walked around both the chocolate and candy shops that are open till late. Check out that range of reese's!
Check out all those pretty wrapped up and packaged goodies! There's no lack of gifts and goodies at the sweet shops while on Resorts World Sentosa!
Pretty large mugs filled with chocolates! My friend ended up getting a really pretty sleek mug sans the candies!
Check out all those chocolate plushies! My main comment to my friend was that those toys just look like black face to me. HAH!
The Herseys kisses section!
A beautiful corner of Hershey's with everything glided in gold! It looks so royal and so sleek!
Let's not forget the wall of colorful hard lollipops! Every kid's dream to just pick one and go! Not for me though!
Finally after a very long day out I got home late to celebrate my mom's birthday with a gorgeous cake I had bought her a few days before!
A family shot with my camera perked on a container!
The four items I got during the day out! A pot mitt just because I needed SOMETHING with gingy, an awesome large mug with several sesame street characters and two packs of jelly beans for my boyfriend!

When was the last time you visited a theme park?
Are you a sucker for souvenirs?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


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