Friday, 19 April 2013

Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make up Smooth Liquid Eyeliner!

Super Smooth eyeliner! Having used my very raved and loved Peripera liquid eyeliner pen for the last year, I'm currently on my second one I decided to purchase another liquid eyeliner from another brand to try! And wow, this one from Heroine make up is ever better!

Continue below for the review and comparison!

Kiss Me Heroine Make up smooth liquid eyeliner!
Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner (my review here!) and Kiss Me Heroine Make up smooth liquid eyeliner!
In terms of applicators, they are virtually the same, however over time the PeriPera brush tended to get out of shade more easily and now has a slightly flattened tip!

Packaging & Product!

Much like most Japanese brands and Korean brands of make up, I love the maroon packaging, it even has a slight shimmer to the finish. Very elegant golden script in the front and the very easy to use super fine brush tip that can give very fine lines and is still able to build up.

In terms of quality of the eyeliner itself and how it applies, this is a notch up from my past favorite the Peripera liquid eyeliner which is packaged the same and applies in the same way.

However in terms of why this is better, the applicator stays sharp after many uses, whereas the Peripera begins to flatten easily. In person when applying, the Kiss me heroine is actually darker and has a shiney finish even with one layer which I really like.

Overall the wear time of the Kiss Me Heroine is considerably longer as many a time I would bring out the Peripera to touch up the ends of my winged liner because it faded due to touching my face or sweat! Whereas with the Kiss Me Heroine, I'm usually very confident that the sharp and dark wing tip lasts all day or all afternoon!

Left: Peripera Right: Kiss me Heroine (Peripera is not as black in person and needs more layers)

After some water and rubbing, Kiss Me Heroine lasts a lot better than the Peripera
Here I've applied my regular winged eyeliner free hand and then put teal eyeliner on top of the black!
Paid: S$18.90 or $15.30 USD

Recommend: Yes! This has been the best so far (out of very few) eyeliners that are black, precise, long wearing and so easy to use after minimal practice. It takes me less than 30 seconds to line both eyes with wings!

Repurchase: Yes! However I'm looking forward to trying out Dolly Wink's version of this eyeliner (that is if it ever comes back into stock!)

Bottom line: Lovely packaging, easy to use, pigmented and smooth eyeliner that has the softest tip. This is a great one for those experience or inexperienced to pick up!

Are you a user of eyeliners packaged like this? 
Tried Japanese eyeliners? 
Let me know!

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  1. It looks fabulous <3 Love the effect it gives!

  2. Nice review! I have not tried the heroine eyeliner but I heard a lot of good reviews about the 24hr tattoo liner which I've been wanting to try. I am kind of confused tho which of them I'd pick. Btw, does it flake when it dries out completely?

    1. I've yet to try anything from that brand but its well raved about! When you mean dry out completely as in when it dries on the, no flaking at all throughout the day!

  3. finding a perfect black eye liner is really tricky! esp if we have oily lids.. I am currently using the one from silky girl and though a lot of ppl hate it, I kind of like it :)) i bought it when i was in Sg, 2 for 1 price ! :D

  4. Seems pigmented. I loved the name.:D

  5. The applicator brush looks just like the Physicians Formula Eyebooster liner, which I really love because it's easy to use and control. The packaging is so cute.

  6. The lasting power is so awesome! :o I need to get my hands on this too~
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. This looks so good, the brush reminds me of Maybelline's Master precise. Great pigmentation! Although I do like Master Precise I think I might go for something different next time. Great review xx




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