Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: Sleek MakeUp Glo face & Body Highlighter in 493 Bronze Baby!

Get ready to Glo! This multipurpose shimmer brick product from Sleek was part of my first purchases from Sleek which I ordered from their website. They have free shipping worldwide!

Check out my sleek haul here! I chose the shade in the middle of the three for this product so I can use it as a blush, bronzer and eyeshadow!

Continue below for the review!

Sleek MakeUp Glo face & Body Highlighter in 493 Bronze Baby!

Sleek MakeUp Glo face & Body Highlighter in 493 Bronze Baby! You get a heavy 8.2 grams!
The shade Bronze baby has a great selection of 'shimmer strips', shades that could be used in so many ways!
You get 5 strips of shimmer, the first is a DUPE for theBalm Mary-lou manizer highligher (my review here!), second is a pale pink lilac, third a warm bronze, fourth a mid cranberry, fourth a mid brown!
Packaging & Product!

Extremely sturdy, simple and easy to access I am a fan of how Sleek packages all their products. This comes with a nice big mirror which I can use for touch ups if I have this with me. Personally the multiple stripes of colors really grabbed my attention, I have five shades to choose from and they can all be used together, in combinations or individually!

The top shade is a DUPE for theBalm's famous highlighter the Mary-lou Manizer! It's my favorite type of shade for underbrow highlights for my eye looks. The pink lilac shade is great for on the center of the lid. The last three shades are just amazing! I love using bronze gold and shimmery browns for easy eye looks. It's the cranberry which is really amazing, its beautiful! 

Sleek MakeUp Glo face & Body Highlighter in 493 Bronze Baby! Swatched stripes!
All these shadows are very smooth and actually more pigmented than swatched before. I was rushing! It's sort of funny how the last three shades are almost dupes of a trio from NYX! 

I've used these individually as shadows and together as blush/bronze.

Sleek MakeUp Glo face & Body Highlighter in 493 Bronze Baby! All shades swatched!
Sleek Glo Face & Body highlighter in Bronze Baby used most recently on my cheeks as a contouring blush! (Check out my look here!) I did not apply contour, this is the effect from the product!)
Paid: $8.50 USD (free shipping from their site!)

Recommend: For those ladies who like shimmer, warm tones, multitasking shades that can be used as shadow or blush!

Repurchase: No, this is a great product but I don't need another variation of this!

Bottom line: Amazing shade choice, great in terms of being compact and easy to use. I love this as a blush/contour and the shades make very convenient shadow choices!

Are you a fan of shimmer 'brick' sort of products?
Like these warm shades?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you so much! 


  1. This looks soo pretty! Very similar looking to the Physicians Formula shimmer strips & Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. I actually really like it in the bronzed shade, I can't believe how contouring something so shimmery could be! Looks amazing on you xx

  2. oh this looks amazing on you!!! but i don't know if it would be nice on me T.T
    i have similar 'shimmer bricks' from MeMeMe ( a british drugstore brand ) but it is not as shimmery as this one from Sleek!
    have you tried sleek blushes? they are amazing!

  3. I have the Bobbi Brown brick which is a very similar product and I love it so much!!!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love how it has sort of berry tones in it!

  5. I recently purchased one of these , and love it.
    It's insainly pigmented , but the strips are so much fun for a bronzy eyelook and for contouring the face . This one looks very nice on you ;)

  6. Very pretty! I think you might even be able to use these as eyeshadow colours as it seems to be quite pigmented!

  7. I so love sleeks glo line!!! Specially the metallic sheen in these bronzers! I used mine as an emergency eyeshadow palette and man did that turn out super pretty or what!! Think i need to add yours to my collection since the one i have is more golden!!! Great swatch by the way!!/Azure

  8. Oooo that's gorgeous! Looks amazing on you! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  9. Nice to have it all in one Sharlynn. Nice review. :)
    Hope we can follow each other too dear! Already following you.
    Happy weekend :)

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  10. Wow, that palette really does give the contoured look! It also reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks!




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