Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Special: late One Year Anniversary of my blog~! (ApriI 24)

Greetings to all my followers! Thank you so much for staying with me and tuning into my posts! I've never thought blogging would be as enjoyable as it's been the past year and this post is to mark my one year since my first post!

See my first post on blogger here!

This post is a week late, my anniversary date was April 24, last Tuesday, however it that was the last day of formal classes at school before our exams (which start tomorrow for me!) and a teacher of mine was involved in a traffic accident on the way to school which some of us learnt about only at the end of the day.

I spent four hours calling hospitals around Singapore inquiring as the school didn't release any details and my good friend and I wanted to visit him, after contacting a teacher and a friend of his we managed to see him in hospital at night which was such a comfort as he's been an incredible teacher and person.

This post however is important to me as I have my best friend Anna to thank. She was the one who got my started blogging last year and ever since things have taken off. I last saw her in January, she like my ex-classmates are graduating in Cambodia at the international school there whilst I'm graduating in an International school here in Singapore. I'll be flying over at the end of the month to visit her and attend their graduation before coming back for my own.

Here are some photos showing the recent and important things over the last month of my life. The last week in school was a senior spirit week hence themed dressing, I had my final art exhibition (Another special post for that which loads of photos!), I went sailing for the first time, lots of photos for memories to look back on in the years to come pretty much.

Please open up and continue below!

With my dearest Anna in school in Jan 2012
At my favorite Thai restaurant "lemongrass" in Phnom Penh
Anna and I earlier this year, I plan to be there for her until we grow old and crazy.

(on my temporary phone) The text message that made my day, I jumped out of my chair literally, knocked over a desk and ran out of the class (we weren't having class)...Anna was accepted into the University she was going after, I'd helped her edit her statements/essays

Happy post hair cut! Got rid of 3-4 inches!
My expressionless face...quite cold eh?

Senior Hoodie!
That's right...Senio12s!

Food party in our last english class
The last day at school in the dungeon aka labs...celebrating with more redbull in the morning

Post sailing pretty eye make up still on!
Still pretty looking too!

Wind surfing...the guy zipped by us in seconds when we were out there!

Resting on a large stone slab...which will later be how we got covered by sand fly bites! Grrr...

Evidence of a slight burn later that night! Now it's a lovely tan and I can't wait to get back out in the sun to even out my complexion!

Marina Bay at the Arts Science Museum for the Titanic Artifacts exhibition!
Marina Bay at the Arts Science Museum for the Titanic Artifacts exhibition!

Teh C with soft boiled eggs and kaya butter toast (didn't arrive yet)!

 House of Seafood Restaurant @ Upper Yio Chu Kang Rd

Kai lan with garlic

Oyster Omelette

Egg and tofu on hotplate

Fried chicken with prawn paste

Pepper stir fried venison

Yam ring!

My little cousin! Didn't see him in person for exactly 10 years! He's 16 this year! Handsome chap!

My auntie and my mom! Sisters of course

History class on neon day!

Just glowing!

Some students of him traced the QR code onto the board...after being scanned it reads...

His name! Mr. Marcos!

Nerd day!

Oh boy...!

Ex-student visiting! Friend of the lab is a friend of mine!

How interesting that these ideas get along so well side by side in the book store...
Silky new shorter and more managable hair!

 I may not be as active the next several weeks with exams and such...so do bear with me through this important, strange and scary phase in life!

 I hope you enjoy the photos! 
There's much more to come and please do stick with me and thank you again for following and sharing!


Thank you so much for stopping by! <3




  1. oh congratulation on your graduation!! mine was few years back then T.T yes I'm old. lol
    I feel sorry for what happened to your teacher. I hope he's doing well!!

    1. Thank you!=) Only a month left until I'm done! He's doing very well, he's a strong guy and won't be the kind who'll take leave for long even though he had surgery! x.x

  2. it was so fun to watch all these photos! especially that text haha, it was a blast!
    and you also reminded me that we have our anniversary soon! hm.... what to do that day? is there something special rule about anniversaries??/Azure

    1. You're welcomed! I thought a bunch of photos to show what's been going on would be how I'd do it! Umm...I don't think there's any set rule but alot of people seem to have giveaways but that's not something I'd do. Maybe a photo collage of favorite/special things? maybe some of the looks you've done? Other things you'd like to share with your followers? ^^

  3. happy blogversary! congrats to your friend - must feel nice that your effort also helped ^^

    1. Haha...definitely, I mean, the blog's all me but she was the one who pushed me to start it! :)




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