Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things to trash! (last months of 2011)

Similar to local blogger Haru of Rouge Deluxe she has a post called 'operation use it up' and I'm going to start a 'things to trash' post. I've taken photos in the past few months of things I've used up before throwing them away. Since then I haven't posted about them yet, most are skincare/hair care.

Here's a bunch I've collected from the last quarter of 2011...short rants on the products are attached!

All 14 items shown have been finished by this post!

st ives apricot scrub, Previa shea butter treatment, the body shop rainforest shine conditioner
  •  $5-6  Love the scrub, I've had times when I use this almost daily for bumps on the sides of my face. No so much anymore as my skin's improved. This is great for oily and bumpy skinned days.
  • Handed to me by my mother for dry hair, although it smells like chocolate it didn't soften or change the texture of my already normal hair.
  • $16.90 - Had to use a lot of the conditioner to coat my thick hair, I didn't get any scent/soften from it, would not buy this again.

Got it when there was an's meant to increase shine...didn't do it for me.

Nivea extra gentle eye make up remover
  •  Great make up remover for non-waterproof products like powder shadows/foundation, it does fine if it gets into eyes even with contacts! (not recommended) I would repurchase but for now I remove all my face make up in the shower with a mild scrub/ need for this.
St ives apricot invigorating scrub
  •  Minus the salicylic acid this scrub does just as well...i use a small amount concentrated on my nose, forehead and sides of my face for clogged pores and bumps...
Fruitrience mango & passionfruit shampoo
  •  Bought this when I lived in had such a delicious scent but over time the shampoo seemed to become stale. While it was good, a small amount lathered up really well, great for oily days.
Fruitrience peach & kiwifruit shampoo
  •  Same as the one above, this line really is great at removing all grease from long hair and it smelled amazing.
Avene Cleanance gel cleanser
  •  Pricey french brand my mom uses...I got this for the days my skin didn't need to be stripped of extra oil. It has a nice mild smell and you don't need much. I have a back up of this but won't be repurchasing. It's expensive in singapore! (about $S40)
Herbal Essences dangerously straight shampoo
  •  Classic brand, anyone else remember the old bottles with the black snap caps? The pink shampoo was rose and hot oil? Still smells amazing, packaging looks great but you get less product. The herbal essence line does not fail to lather up amazingly, smell great and gets rid of all grease! $7
Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser with salicylic acid
  •  I use this only in the morning for a quick way to rinse off the residue of products from the night before. I've got a back up of this...but will not be purchasing this afterwards. $S8-12
L'oreal perfect clean foaming gentle scrub (exfoliating)
  •  My favorite fine scrub/cleanser product, it's sort of two in one and I use this for removing foundation in the shower...the scrub bits are hard but small and the cleanser smells of peaches. The foam is very light and clean and not rich and creamy. Love this and I've got back ups.
Dove Damage Therapy straight & silky treatment mask
  •  $S7-9 Smells amazing like their shampoos/conditioners and it really makes my hair feel like silk afterwards...need to get this again after finishing my Pantene hair mask (it doesn't work as well as the dove)
Aiken tea tree oil spot away facial cleanser
  •  Sort of an unknown brand, I've used this on and off for the last two years. It works at times and is not too strong but I won't be repurchasing this after my last back up as I'm using other products to clear my skin when needed.
Simple soothing facial toner
  • Simple is known for having no colorants, no perfumes and great for sensitive skin. However this toner didn't do much rather than being a regular toner. I need to alcohol sometimes in toner when my skin gets very oily but I've finished using this as a make up remover! Not repurchasing!

What products have you recently finished? Any worth repurchasing? Or not? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. congrats on finishing everything!!! i love the St. Ive's scrub a lot. does a great job =]

  2. hello, please where did you buy the aiken tea tree oil...thANKS




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